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News and Information

Current News

Business Wire
PR Newswire
StudioBriefing at IMDb
Ultimate Collection of News Links
Yahoo! - News
Yahoo! News E-mail This Story To A Friend - Most Popular

Time and Weather

Daylight Saving Time - When do we change our clocks?
Official U.S. time
Perpetual Calendar
US Naval Observatory FAQ
Weather Channel
World Time Zones
World Time Zone Map

Maps and Geography

AFRICA by Friendless
Map Machine @
Test Your Geography Knowledge
Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions
Yahoo! Regional


InteliHealth - Home to Johns Hopkins Health Information: InteliHealth Home
WebMD - Health has a homepage

Money and Jobs
Motley Fool: Finance and Folly

Miscellaneous Useful Info

Incredibly Useful Site of the Day
25 Most Useful Sites
UPS Package Tracking


Urban Legends and Folklore
about chain letter frauds and the like...

Knowledge and Learning

(see also ``Philosophy'' and ``Books, Literature, Periodicals'' below)

Online Encyclopedias

Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001

Educational and How-To

Education Index
Teaching Company
World Lecture Hall


Atomic Bomb: Decision
about the decision to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki


American Memory from the Library of Congress
Census Bureau Home Page
U.S. Copyright Office, Searching Copyright Registrations and Documents
USPS - The United States Postal Service


Hardware, Software, Reviews, Shopping A Better Place to Buy Software - Computer Systems for Home and Office at Low Prices
now at
GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF) - Directory of /
Microsoft's Homepage
Microsoft Download Center
Windows 95: Download-Windows Update


Internet and WWW

Information Resources


Internet FAQ Consortium

Misinformation, Hoaxes, Chain Letters, etc.

Urban Legends and Folklore


Internet RFC/FYI/STD/BCP Archives
Search through RFC Database

Viruses and Worms

Symantec AntiVirus Research Center

World Wide Web

W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium

General Reference and Help (sm) - The Webmaster's Reference Library
WWW Help Page


Capabilities of different browsers (i.e., what HTML they can handle) - Browser Archive
massive archive of old browsers for download

Color Schemes

Brian Hall: ColorServe Java
Colour Selector Page
Non-Dithering Colors in Browsers
Palette Man
``Safe'' Colors for Web Pages

Markup Languages and Style Sheets


HTML 4.01 Specification

HTML 4.01 Specification

Quick Table of Contents
Full Table of Contents
Index of Elements
Index of Attributes
Index (a-z)

Beginner's Guide to HTML
Great intro to HTML; still pretty much everything I know about it
HTML Home Page
Previous Versions of HTML
W3C HTML Validation Service

Web Style Sheets

Web Style Sheets
Cascading Style Sheets
Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)


Extensible Markup Language (XML)

Cafe con Leche XML News, and Resources
SGML/XML: Using Elements and Attributes
XML Files

PICS Ratings Schemes Parental Guidelines
Safe For Kids Rating Description
SafeSurf - Making the Net Safe


HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Overview
Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1
HTTP Return Codes

Site Usability

ALT texts in IMG
Info about the proper use of image tags, for people with text-only browsers or text-readers
Best Viewed With Any Browser
About creating non-browser-specific pages
CAST: Bobby - Web Stuff
Tips for web authors using Lynx
Usable Web Jakob Nielsen's site (Usable Information Technology)
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
Webmonkey: design: Degrading Pages
Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer
ZDNet AnchorDesk -- Web Interoperability Pledge

Webmaster / Web-Based Courses

Webmaster Certificate: Program Overview
Webmaster Certificate Program: Austin Community College
Life-long Learning on the Web Courseware Home Page


DALnet Homepage
Mirabilis LTD. - Download ICQ
Take It Offline


Network Solutions - Domain Name Registration Services from the dot com people(TM)
NSI - WHOIS Lookup
ISO3166 Country Codes

E-mail and Mailing Lists

List Hosting Services

Yahoo! Groups

List Software

Support Forum - Documentation - smartlist

Lists of Lists

Searchable directory of e-mail discussion groups (help it grow!)
Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists



Fight Spam on the Internet! (
How do spammers harvest email addresses ?
Spam Recycling Instructions

List Opt-Out

The DMA's e-Mail Preference Service (entire domains)
The DMA's e-Mail Preference Service (individual addresses)
Opt-Out Information from Consumer.Net.  Credit Bureau opt-out.
Opt-Out Information from Privacy.Net.

Spam Blocking

MAPS Realtime Blackhole List
MAPS Relay Spam Stopper

ISPs and IPPs

CNET reviews - ISP review
9 N e t A v e n u e
The List
info about ISPs

Online Privacy

Analyze Your Internet Privacy


EFF Homepage - the Electronic Frontier Foundation
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium


Internet Traffic Report

Usenet's Usenet Discussion Service


Gratis programmeringssprog / Free programming languages


CGI FAQ: General Questions
CGI Resource Index: Programs and Scripts


Yahoo! Computers and Internet:Programming Languages:SQL:Tutorials
Perlguy's Pages
CNET - Web Servers - Spotlight on Web databases





General Info

Java Home Page
Java Tutorial
Writing Applets: Table of Contents
Java Series
Excerpt from The Java Class Libraries
Directory of /cp/jcl1_2

Technical Info

Deprecated Methods in the 1.1 AWT
How to Convert Programs to the 1.1 AWT API
Java Language Keywords
Java operator precedence


Java Development Kit 1.1
Gamelan's Java Software Directory

MS-DOS Batch Files


Batfiles FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Batch

Tutorials, etc.

Batch Guide
DOS Batch Language: A personal view
Batch Programming Elements

General Sites and Collections

Batch Programming Stuff
Gord's World of Batch Files


ActiveState Tool Corp. - ActivePerl
Perl Documentation

A Short Guide to DBI
Far More Than Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About...


Comprehensive Perl Archive Network

Perl for Win32
Perlguy's Pages
Perl Institute (
Perl XML FAQ 1.1
Ten Perl Myths

Character Sets and Encoding

Character Sets (IANA)
Code Charts (PDF Version)
Declan's Guide to Installing and Using Microsoft's Japanese IME
Unicode Home Page

File Formats

Compression FAQ


MPEG Home Page (official)
MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 Directory
MPEG . ORG - MPEG Pointers and Resources
Trixter's Desktop MPEG-1 Authoring FAQ

The Programmer's File Format Collection

Gaming and Emulation

Atari Gaming Headquarters Main Page -- The Authority In Atari And Classic Videogame Coverage
Dave's Video Game Classics
MAME - The official Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator site

Specific Software Applications


GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)

GNU Emacs Manual - Table of Contents
GNU Emacs for Windows NT and Windows 95

TeX and LaTeX

TeX Users Group

MiKTeX Project Page
Native 32-bit TeXing on PC

Mathematics and Science

Math and Statistics


Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
online ``encyclopedia'' of mathematics (see also the ``Other Wolfram Sites'')
Favorite Mathematical Constants
Infinite Ink's Mathematics Page
links on infinity, set theory, and other stuff
Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages
links to pages for performing various probability calculations and statistical tests
Jim Loy's Home Page (
listed here for its pages on mathematics, this site also includes pages on science, logic, language, art, history, puzzles and games, movies, music, etc.; very extensive; written at a ``popular'' level
Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
lots of useful info that, while usually elementary, is easily forgotten, like divisibility rules and how to find the square root of a number by hand
Mathematics Genealogy Project
traces academic ``parentage'' (i.e., Ph.D. advisor-student relationships) of many current and past mathematicians
StatLib :: Data, Software and News from the Statistics Community


American Mathematical Society (AMS)
American Statistical Association (ASA)
Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)
Mathematical Association of America (MAA)


Acme Klein Bottle
offers ``the finest closed, non-orientable, boundary-free manifolds sold anywhere in our three spatial dimensions''; fun site, but not a joke
MAA Basic Library List
a Good Math Books list
Most Useless Pi Algorithm
using pi to estimate pi itself in a rather inefficient manner (humor)
Pi mnemonics
lots of mnemonics in various languages, including a story that represents pi to 400 places


Chaitin's Constant
G J Chaitin Home Page
very technical; voluminous
JAN96: Randomness and the Netscape Browser - true random number service
based on atmospheric data


Face Perception, Beauty and Attraction

Human Face -- The Learning Channel (TLC) -- human face
can you distinguish between Chinese, Japanese and Korean faces? (I couldn't)
Perceptions of Sexual Attractiveness

Personality, Temperament and Type

Keirsey Temperament Sorter II
TypeLogic Home Page
Personality Theories -- Table of Contents
temperament and personality typing

Consulting Psychologists Press
Dolphin Cove - Home of the INFJ mailing list
ENTP The Inventor
includes lengthy description of INTP type; fit me to a T

Other Science

Eric Weisstein's World of Physics
Stephen Hawking
Tree of Life Web Project Home Page


A Course in Consciousness
by Stanley Sobottka, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Virginia
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
by Allen Wood, Cornell University

Languages and Linguistics

English and Linguistics Great Books Online
Glossary of linguistic terms
Merriam-Webster OnLine - Dictionary - Thesaurus...
Richard Brodie (anagrams)


Jim Breen's Japanese Page
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC
Quick and Dirty Guide to Japanese [kana]
Tad Perry's Quick and Dirty Guide to Japanese

Declan's Guide to Installing and Using Microsoft's Japanese IME
Font Center:Contents
Hansu Kurisuchan Anderusen
Hans Christian Anderson in Japanese
Japanese Software and Information
Japanese Text Initiative
Java Kanji Flashcards 500
Kana Flashcards
Literal Translation Project Homepage (anime scripts)
NHK WORLD Japanese Lessons
99 Train
hypertext novel in Japanese
Public Domain Data
Japanese texts

Gateway to Japanese Language
WileyNonce MLRC--Database of Web Resources by Language--Japanese
Yamada Language Center: Japanese News

Collin's Guide to Japanese Self-Study
Directory of /pub/monash
Japanese verb inflection
Joyo96 - Lesson 1 Reading Japanese [katakana]
Standard IME for Japanese Windows

Online Translation

AltaVista Translations
Free Translation: Translate foreign language text online

Other Languages and Dialects

Acronym lookup
Language Museum
sample texts for 2,000 different world languages
Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary
UT Library Online - Dictionaries and Languages

Books, Literature, Periodicals

New and Used (for purchase) Books
site design great and (generally) improving; best place to search/browse before making a purchase, even if not from them; excellent selection; more customer reviews than other sites; many customer-submitted lists of favorites in various fields; most items ship quickly, but sometimes wait can be very long (can have items shipped as they become available for higher cost); prices usually okay, but shipping charges sometimes counteract discounts (shipping sometimes free, though); many items available used and (puportedly) new through individual sellers and small businesses
good site design, although they seem to have more annoying pop-ups and Javascript effects than Amazon; search engine and book selection not quite as good as Amazon either, IMO, and many fewer customer reviews, but prices usually comparable and shipping sometimes free; haven't bought enough to gauge shipping times; some items available used
good selection, but only technical/computer books; excellent discount prices; shipping is quick and comparable in cost to other sites
Daedalus Books Online
remaindered (and new, they point out) books and CDs; good prices, but unpredictable selection
Dover Publications
inexpensive paperbacks, mostly reprints of ``classics'' in almost every field; not for everyone; can buy their books elsewhere for discount, but nice to have entire catalog in one place online; site design only fair, though
eBay: Books
always worth a search if you have a title in mind; pretty good site design; auction site, so selection, prices, shipping costs and delivery time all highly variable; usually must wait for auction to end but some items have a ``buy now'' price (typically much higher than opening bid or reserve price) books
``an eBay company''; not really a half-price site, despite the name; just a non-auction alternative to eBay for sellers (and buyers); unpredictable selection and prices; good for a look, but I've never actually bought anything from the site
Half Price Books
site requires JavaScript (but no pop-up ads); not as easy to use as, say, or; current (rather small) inventory apparently from one of their Dallas locations; mostly used and remaindered items, so selection is unpredictable; prices generally no more than half of current list price (not cover price at time book published, which can be annoying when looking at older books)
O'Reilly & Associates
publisher's site; computer books; all full price, of course; includes contents and excerpts
Powell's Books
new, used and out-of-print books; nice site design; selection, prices and shipping comparable to other big sites; unlike Amazon and BN, used items are treated same as new items
Quality Paperback Book Club
site design okay; typical club with introductory deal and future committment; still, might be worth it if you like paperbacks and haven't been buying books recently

Full Text (read online)

Bible Gateway
full text HTML versions of several different translations (KJV, NIV, etc.) in several (mostly European) languages; includes English audio for selected versions
Complete Works of William Shakespeare
full text HTML versions of all of the plays (and soon the poetry?)
Internet Classics Archive
full text HTML versions of works of many ancient Greek and Roman writers along with a few Chinese and Persian ones
Internet Public Library: Books
thousands of e-texts in various formats, from plain text to scanned images to the ``ebrary reader'' format, in all subject areas; includes links to other online full-text archives
Internet Sacred Text Archive
full-text HTML versions of many sacred texts of the world (also includes the first 61,010 codons of the Human Genome)
Project Gutenberg
plain-text (``.txt'') versions of thousands of works of literature, based on out-of-copyright editions (mostly pre-1923)
Sailor's Gutenberg Server
different interface to Project Gutenberg contents


Dewey Decimal Classification : Introduction to the Dewey Decimal Classification
International ISBN Agency - The ISBN Users' Manual
ISBN directory
Perl Journal

Music, Radio, Internet Audio

All-Music Guide
a great archive of information, but the current (May 2003) Javascript-based navigation makes the site frustrating to use (e.g., can't open a link in a new window)'s Music Store
Ultimate Band List


Audiohouse Used CDs
BMG Music Services
CD Club Web Server
Classical Choice
Used classical CDs
Columbia House Online
Includes searchable catalog
GEMM music
Roots & Rhythm
Mail-order place for Blues, Folk, Vintage Rock & Jazz, etc.

Listening Online

BookRadio: Audio interviews with authors (was: Experience Music Project)
IUMA: Discover unsigned artists, independent bands, local talent Discover New Music
Listen (
NPR Online
NPR 100: Full List
Radio Station Guide --
open source internet audio codecs


Alan W. Pollack's 'Notes On' Series
Bjork Lyrics
A Brief History of Banned Music in the United States
Gracenote (CDDB)

Movies, Television, Internet Video

All-Movie Guide
From the folks who brought you the All-Music Guide's DVD & Video Store
Internet Movie Database
You know what this is...
The Late Night TV Page
TV Guide Online

Aaron Barnhart's TVBARN.COM
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Info about the Emmys
Ain't It Cool News
BBC Radio Times
Ebert & Roeper and the Movies
Edward Woodward WWW Page
Firefly's movie site videos -- Where moviegoers go.
Movies Unlimited
video store
Nielsen Media Research
Roger Ebert (Sun Times)
SATURDAY NET- an unofficial page for Saturday Night Live
Seven Network Australia
TELE-satellit / TELE-satellite ONLINE
Total TV Online
TV Movie online (German)
German site
TVNow TV and Entertainment Journal..Stars On TV
TVShow - worldwide television shows, stars and guides
TV Tome - Your Streaming Media Portal -- 3639 titles as of Oct 12 2001 | TV - Movies - Internet

Other Shopping and Consumer Stuff

Electronics Electronics

Toys Toys
eToys - Where great ideas come to you!

Miscellaneous zShops
Yahoo! Shopping Comparison Shop for Almost Anything
Find It NOW! - Coupons and Discounts for Online Stores

Charities and Service Organizations

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
Children Affected by AIDS Foundation
Habitat for Humanity International
Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America
Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Starbright Foundation
Starlight Foundation

People, Famous and Otherwise | home
A.F.T.R.A., National Homepage
Celebrity Sightings: Reach for a Star
Charlotte Church - Voice of an Angel
Child Actresses/Young Actresses/Child Starlets - CHILDSTARLETS.COM
Dead or Alive?
Famous Pied Faces List
List of entertainers who have been hit in the face by a pie
famous tongue gallery
Jewel EveryDay Angels List Homepage & Guide
Meetup: Organizing local interest groups.
Screen Actors Guild
Shooting Stars Celebrity Photo Agency


The Onion

Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
the classic homage to Bad Writing; Bulwer-Lytton was the guy who wrote the immortal line, ``It was a dark and stormy night...''
Calvin and Hobbes -- The Best Comic Site In The Universe!
Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division - dihydrogen monoxide info
crucial information about a chemical killer; if you don't know why this is in the humor section, ask someone who knows chemistry
80s Server -- Valley URL
translates pages into ``valleyspeak''
the Japanese love to put English messages on things; here are some of their less successful attempts; side-splittingly funny, IMHO
Field Guide to North American Males
Lost in Translation
translates user input back and forth between English and five other languages, ending with a final English phrase that usually has little to do with the original; sometimes hilarious
Mathematical Model of the Mating Preferences of H. Sapiens
MC Hawking's Crib
They Fight Crime!
randomly generated crime-fighting duos (example: ``He's a one-legged drug-addicted senator with a mysterious suitcase handcuffed to his arm. She's a man-hating hip-hop vampire with a flame-thrower. They fight crime!'')
Wile E. Coyote Question
link no longer works; if anyone knows where to find it now, please e-mail me!
World According to Student Bloopers
``The inhabitants of Egypt were called mummies. They lived in the Sarah Dessert and traveled by Camelot.'' and so on...


Geek Code
what kind of a geek are you?
AI-based Twenty Questions game; it asks you questions and tries to guess what you're thinking of; very good; guessed ``the moon'' in 13 questions, ``gravity'' in 19!

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