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Melissa Joan Hart Bookmarks Archive

older bookmarks, most gleaned from the ``clarissa'' mailing list; ordered by date bookmarked (MONTHS NO LONGER IN REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER); starting Jan 2002, name of person who first brought each item to my attention in [brackets]; note that many of these links will no longer work, unfortunately, since, with rare exceptions, I don't check for non-working links

clarissa Info Page
homepage for the ``clarissa'' list; yes, we're still here; celebrated our 10th anniversary in Feb 2002; now running on new list software - a Melissa Joan Hart website
homepage of this site

Bookmarked and categorized before Sep 1997

General web-sites

Not specifically related to Sabrina or Clarissa

Brandee's Home Page
by Brandee (BJLuv13) -- has pics/articles/etc. of MJH for sale or trade
Doyle's Melissa Joan Hart Frames
Doyle Tatum's site -- info about MJH and some of her various TV appearances, etc.
Church of Melissa Joan Hart
by Garrett Taylor
Eric's Clarissa/Melissa Pages
Eric Last's site -- text of MJH articles/interviews, latest news of MJH on TV in the UK, audio clips, etc.
Kolrabi's MJH-page
Marc's Melissa Joan Hart page
by Marc Siegfriedt
Melissa Joan Hart
by ``Greg Inc.''
Melissa Joan Hart
by Harry Murchison
Melissa Joan Hart
entry at the Internet Movie Database
Melissa Joan Hart
by Jeff Day
Melissa Joan Hart
``Clarissa The HomePage'', by Ray Madden
Melissa Joan Hart Fabulous Home Page
by Luis Carlos Caballero Chong
Melissa Joan Hart Fanclub Deutschland
by René Scholz -- in German
Melissa Joan Hart Info
Robert Resch's site -- in German; info about MJH, etc.
Melissa Joan Hart Page
by Stefan Anzlinger
Melissa Joan Hart Page
by Victor G.
Melissa Joan Hart Page
by D.C. Garbutt
Melissa Joan Hart Showcase
by Ricki Morris
Melissa Joan Hart Shrine
by Þèþé
Melissa Joan Hart: site choice
by Tim Sneddon (choose between Australian and American site)
Melissa Joan Hart TV Schedule
monthly listing of MJH TV appearances at TVNow
My Web Page Dedicated to the Honor of Melissa Joan Hart
by Don Ferry
Personal Tribute to a Great Actress
by J.W. Trout
Teen TV Poll
poll at TotalTV -- MJH included


ABC Fall Season '97
the primetime lineup
ABC's TGIF -- Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
new home page for Sabrina stuff
Animal Makers
makers of the animatronic Salem
Animal Makers - Salem the Cat
page for Salem at Animal Makers
CGS Success System - Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Sites
Hasbro Toy Fair 1997
about the Sabrina doll
Ian Hickson's Salem Page
Melissa Joan Hart Infos
Robert Resch's site -- in German; info about STTW, etc.
Mr. Pool's Semi-Official "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" Web Page
Paul Feig's Home Page
Played Mr. Pool in the first season of STTW
Polls and Surveys
at YA Express zine site; STTW lost to 'Clueless' in a poll
PrimeTime Guide: Sabrina: The Teenaged Witch Season 2 (1997/98)
includes episode guide for first season
at Seven Network, Australia
info and pics of Sabrina, Harvey and Salem dolls
Sabrina The Teenage Witch Episode Guide
Bevis King's STTW site
Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Episode Titles
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch-Fridays at 8:30pm
at web-site of WCHS, Charleston, WV
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
by Jacqui
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
entry (for ABC series) at the Ultimate TV Show List
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (a Titles and Air Dates Guide)
by Russell Wodell
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (an Episode Guide)
by Russell Wodell
Sabrina: The Teenage Witch
Parada Obrigatória - Televisão -- in Portugese
``Sabrina, the Teenage Witch'' (1996)
entry for ABC series at the Internet Movie Database
Sabrine The Teenage Witch
at Paramount's web-sote ;-)
Unofficial Sabrina The Teenage Witch Page
by jello


Arei's Clarissa Page
an old page
Clarissa Explains It All
The one that started it all: Bevis King's CEIA site -- episode guide with plot summaries, info about Clarissa videos & CDs, 'Live & Kicking' interview with Melissa, etc.
Clarissa Explains It All
entry at the Ultimate TV Show List
``Clarissa Explains It All'' (1991)
entry at the Internet Movie Database
Eric's Clarissa/Melissa Pages
Eric Last's site -- text of Clarissa-related articles/interviews, upcoming airings of CEIA in the UK, description of CEIA board game, page of audio clips, etc.
Go! Go! Superstar Clarissa
original Clarissa stories by John Porter
Homepage von Volker Spellerberg
Volker Spellerberg's site -- in German; CEIA episode guide, etc.
Melissa Joan Hart
at Sony Online -- includes info about 'Peter and the Wolf' CD

Image archives


(also accessible by HTTP)
Melissa images, movies and sound files at ''
older copy of stuff at ''


(HTTP only, not accessible by FTP)

My Web Page Dedicated to the Honor of Melissa Joan Hart
Don Ferry's site -- has links to image collections
xcalibur's MJH images
William's house of rising starlets past and present
includes a page of MJH pics
BCrazy's Starlet Site
includes some Melissa collections (the exact URLs change, so just navigate from the main page)

Online articles, reviews and interviews

Not specifically related to Sabrina or Clarissa

E! Online - Reviews - The Top Ten - Teen Idols
entry for my web-site in ``Top 10 Teen Idol HomePages''
at TV Guide Online -- various celebrities in ``see-through'' dresses, MJH included
Melissa Joan Hart Chat Transcript
at, from 9 May 96 on-line chat (part of 'Twisted Desire' promotion)
Melissa Joan Hart Interview!
at ABC's web-site
Melissa Joan Hart's Day of 'Dos
'TV Guide' feature with Melissa trying different hairstyles
Plug Gossip
stupid article about MJH
Straight Talk: Advice from Melissa Joan Hart, 07/13/97
article from 13 Jul 97 'USA Weekend'
``String Fever'' article mentioning MJH (may include a pic of her, but I can't see any of the images)
Wolf Bytes by Jeanne Wolf (5/8/96)
includes blurb about 'Twisted Desire' and MJH


Alberta lass on fast track
article about Michelle Beaudoin (Marny/Jenny in STTW)
Bewitching Teen Heroines
a 'Time' magazine article from 5 May 97
Celebrity Bites
at Premeire Radio Networks Online
Celeste's Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Review
CNN - The Hollywood Minute - Oct. 15, 1996
just mentions STTW is coming back for second season
E! Online - Sabrina the Teenage Witch
``The Hot Spot'' - includes QT/AVI video clip
Exploring the Vaste Wasteland
Friday - Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
at E! Online, Previews - TV section
Hart is the magic behind `Sabrina'
'Orange County Register' article by Kinney Littlefield
New Review
at the Disney UK web-site
New Shows on Friday
from EW Online ('Entertainment Weekly')
News-Times Television
``ABC hopes to lure kids back to its Friday-night `TGIF' lineup''
News-Times Television
``Getting 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch' on the air isn't as easy as magic''
Prime Time Vomitorium - Regurgitations From the Belly of the Beast Called Television
a less than sterling review of STTW
Returning Favorites -- Friday
preview of STTW's second season at TV Guide Online
TV Reviews: Sabrina
at Mr. Showbiz (Tue, 10 Sep 96)
TV Winners and Losers: Friday
from 13 Dec 96 'Entertainment Weekly'
Witch's Brew Asks: Your Comments on Sabrina: the Teenage Witch
what real witches think of STTW


(none, but see the more recent bookmarks)

Other MJH-related web-sites

Charities, organizations, public service campaigns

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
ASH Essay Contest
Melissa helped judge this contest
Celebrities Against Teen Smoking
article at the Osmond Net (!)
Celebrity Kids Cruise: Sail With The Stars
she may or may not be on board the next one
Children's Museum of Manhattan
Melissa is a co-chair of this museum
Hollywood for Children - Film Festival
page at M&M's web-site -- has pic of Melissa
Info about Hollywood For Children film festival
at M&M's web-site
Lifetime Learning Systems -- Right Decisions, Right Now
info about campaign at LLS site
Lifetime Learning Systems - Meet Melissa Joan Hart
page for Melissa in RDRN pages at LLS site
Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America
National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID)
Melissa helped with their Hepatitis B immunization campaign
Pediatric AIDS Foundation (PAF)
RJR's Youth Non-Smoking Programs
info about the campaign at R.J. Reynolds web-site
Starlight Foundation

Miscellaneous other related sites

Viacom press releases, some of which mention MJH (can search for keywords)
CNET personalities - movers and shakers - Laura Groppe
about founder of Girl Games, which will be releasing CD-ROM based on STTW
Director's Lab
official info about this CD-ROM, which features on-line help by MJH
Equalizer Episode Guide
Melissa was in the episode ``Torn''
Everything Nickelodeon Link Page
Female Celebrity Smoking List
by Loring Holden
old ``clarissa'' list mail, CEIA guides, etc.
Girlz' Choice Award
Melissa is nominated in ``Television Stars'' category
Harriet the Spy (Michelle Trachtenberg)
at the official HTS site [M.T. was in the CEIA episode ``Babysitting'' (#151)]
New York Kids
radio show on WNYC that Melissa has been on
New York University
where Melissa is going to college
Nickelodeon U.S.
Nickelodeon Australia
Nickelodeon info (UK)
page about Nickelodeon, including satellite reception details
Nickelodeon U.K.
NYU - Gallatin School of Individualized Study
the specific school at NYU in which Melissa takes classes
NYU Summer 1997 - Gallatin School of Individualized Study
info about the course Melissa took in Italy this summer (1997)
Richard Marx - ``Man of Public Service''
mentions Melissa
SATCO DX Chart: Sirius 1, Tele-X
info about getting Nickelodeon Scandinavia
Shooting Stars Celebrity Photo Agency
many photos of Melissa for sale
Some Success Stories
at Talentfinders site; MJH listed as one of Jane Kronick's ``success stories'' (she was her first agent)
Mitchell Kriegman's (creator of CEIA) latest web undertaking (content still to come)
Top 100 CD-ROMs
...of 1995, as rated by PC Magazine (Nickelodeon's Director's Lab is in there)
Touched By An Angel
MJH was in the episode ``Angels on the Air'' (#113)
What's new at Gleet and Gumma
oh, just a little t-shirt piracy, that's all...
Wildwood Saloon
web-site for Rachel Sweet, who sang the CEIA theme song
Youth in Film Award Winners 1995
MJH won for Commedienne in a TV show

Lists of MJH-related sites

Celebrity Link Directory
Entertainment:Actors and Actresses:Hart, Melissa Joan
Melissa Joan Hart at Yahoo!
Internet Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction TV Yellow Pages
includes section for STTW
Melissa Joan Hart - Actresses
at the Network for Entertainment Fans
Melissa Joan Hart Webring
interlinked Melissa-related web-sites
Internet Stars
yet another index of fan-sites

Chat Sites

Java chat room (must have a Java-enabled browser)
``web conferencing'' site by Michael Landis, with MJH discussion area under ``Mediolatry'' (Java not required) and chat room available to registered users (Java required; registration is free and is required to enter chat room)


New MJH-related, bookmarked Sep 1997

Sabrina Ann Product List
at Meehan Toys web-site (``Ann''??)
Videoflicks Video Movie Sales
offering STTW movie on video for $15
``Home Takes''
TV Guide Online article that mentions STTW
NEWS & GOSSIP Daily Dish
``Melissa Bares It All'' blurb about MJH in Oct 97 'Details' mag
Melissa Joan Hart 800
by Matt Tuckett
iMusic - Melissa Joan Hart Bulletin Board
Tumble Interactive: At Play - Games
a little logic game mentioning Melissa
Tumble Interactive: CD ROMs - ABC Fall Season
about a CD-ROM containing promotional materials for ABC's 1996-7 season
Melissa Joan Hart
page for MJH at ``The Hottest Women in the World'' by ``ricker4''
TV's Beautiful Girls - Melissa Joan Hart
ArchieComics Online
includes Sabrina section

New MJH-related, bookmarked Oct 1997

Pictures of Melissa From Shooting Stars Celebrity Photo Agency
Don Ferry's scans of Melissa at Mario's (event?)
Melissa Joan Hart - Sabrina the teenage witch
Melissa pics at ``Soapy's Favorite Celebrities'' (``adult'' site, but MJH pics are not of ``adult'' nature)
Jason's Melissa Joan Hart Page
by Jason Seabolt
Celebrity Autographs of Southern California
offering autographed Melissa pic for... $65?!?
Hollywood Online - The Press Room
pic of Melissa from feature about party celebrating Oct 97 'Details' cover story
Melissa Joan Hart Greets Fans at the Toys 'R' Us
``...In Glendale'' -- story about charity event
UltimateTV -- Who's Hot: Melissa Joan Hart
Sabrina The Teenage Witch WebRing
maintained by Michael Gualtieri
Melissa Joan Hart
yet another small collection of Melissa pics, this time at the ``Young Actress Photo Gallery''
UltimateTV -- TV Biz Profile: Herb Scannell
Melissa Joan Hart's Page
by Clif
Melissa Joan Hart Fake Nude Gallery Entrance
ahem... just what it says
Melissa Joan Hart on Mark and Brian in the morning, on KLOS 95.5
MPEG3 sound files of MJH radio appearance
BabeMania: The Web Site
yet another catalog of celebrity-related sites, MJH included
page for Melissa at Thursday's Child
Marc's Melissa Joan Hart page
by Marc Siegfriedt
Celebrity Calculators
Windows calculators with celebrity themes, MJH included
Melissa Joan Hart Showcase
by Ricki Morris
Thursday's Child Home Page
MJH is listed on the Board of Trustees
chanson's actress archives - cs102797 Big Helpathon 1997 Melissa and Larisa notes
notes about MJH's appearances on '4th Annual Big Help-A-Thon'

New MJH-related, bookmarked Nov 1997

MSNBC - Hollywood Halloween
Camilo's Melissa Joan Hart Homepage
Melissa Joan Hart Page!
Female Celebrity Smoking List
Pictures of Melissa From Shooting Stars Celebrity Photo Agency
Sabrina vs. Maeve
Sabrina Sound Of The Day Page
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
YoungStar Awards Nominees
Sitcom Architects Registry
Celeb Smiles
Today's BW PhotoWire
pics from Oct 97 'Details' magazine cover
Starlet Web Site
Melissa Joan Hart and Louise Nurding
Melissa Joan Hart
Totally Psyched on Melissa Joan Hart
by Marc Bradshaw
BCrazy's site, coming soon
Witches, Witches, Witches
UltimateTV -- TV News -- Breaking News

New MJH-related, bookmarked Dec 1997

Watch Clarissa Explains It All On Nickelodeon
Watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch On Nickelodeon People Themes
UltimateTV News -- Test Your Teen TV Trivia and Win a Super Cool "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" T-Shirt Pop Quiz!
Some Success Stories
Sabrina - The Teenage Witch
Showtime: Program Page
cybervertigo / Personal WBS Home Page
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Sabrina - Total verhext!
Some pages that link to my web-stuff
accomplished via Alta Vista search
UltimateTV -- TV News -- Breaking News
Sabrina Teenage Witch
E! Online - Hot - Realtime - Scream
Witch's Brew: Miniskirts and Kitty Cats
TV Biz -- Mitchell Kriegman: Pied Piper of Children's TV
Wired News
Walt Disney World - Holidays 1997
Hollywood Online - The Press Room
Melissa at premiere of 'Excess Baggage'
Hollywood Online - The Press Room
Melissa at premiere of 'Scream 2'
Total TV | Total TV Top 10 | Sabrina
CNN - The In & Out list for 1998
Spin the Bottle: Pop-Up Video
What's Wrong With This Picture? Plenty.
Entertainment Weekly Online : BEST & WORST TV (1997)
Screenshots von "Sabrina - Total Verhext"
Video Review
UltimateTV -- Yearbook 1997


New MJH-related, bookmarked Jan 1998

Is a Melissa Joan Hart Link Page -- Free website provided by
TV & Media
Yahoo! Net Events Search Results
Sabrina Sound Of The Day Page
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
VibeTV home
Bear In The Big Blue House
Teen People
FreeZone's Best of 1997
Melissa Joan Hart vs. Larisa Oleynik
glossy ... celebrity central
Steve's WebZone
Pictures of Melissa From Shooting Stars Celebrity Photo Agency
Carmen Electra, Yasmine Bleeth, Alyssa Milano, Peta Wilson, Garcelle Beauvais, Jamie Luner, Melissa Joan Hart, and Jeri Ryan on the cover of Details

New MJH-related, bookmarked Feb 1998

Melissa Joan Hart
EW Online: Teen Idols
Melissa Mania a Melissa Joan Hart website
Davidjm's page
UltimateTV -- TV News -- The Latest...
Dream Halloween with go figure!
Star Tracks
UltimateTV -- TV News -- The Latest...
UltimateTV -- TV News -- The Latest...
contests, sweepstakes, etc.

New MJH-related, bookmarked Mar 1998

Entertainment Tonight Online
about on-line chat
People Online: Picks and Pans Tube
Review of 'Silencing Mary'
02/23/1998 -- Will Smith, "Titanic" and Willy the Whale Among Nominees...
``...for Nickelodeon's 11th Annual Kids' Choice Awards''
NEWS & GOSSIP Daily Dish
UltimateTV -- TV News -- The Latest...
UltimateTV -- Forums -- TV Shows
Entertainment | Philadelphia Inquirer
REMINDER/Premiere of Columbia Pictures' and Mandalay Entertainment's "Wild Things" to be held on Friday, March 6
E! Online - Gossip - Star Boards
'Sabrina' star branches out to movie roles
The Straits Times Interactive
The Sabrina the Teenage Witch Keepers Site
Easter Seals Departs From the Telethon With Two-Hour Special -- Hollywood Salutes Easter Seals -- Premiering March 28
UltimateTV News -- Kids' Choice
UltimateTV News -- Little Screen to Big Screen
PHOTOPLAY You Sexy Thing!

New MJH-related, bookmarked Apr 1998

Asylum Search
do a search for Melissa Joan Hart in All of Asylum
Celebrity Kids Cruise - Sail With The Stars
as with last year's cruise, which Melissa didn't attend, she's on the invitation list
Jenna Leigh Green
page devoted to Jenna, who plays Libby in STTW
Comic Book Continuum
E! Online - Gossip - Star Boards - Melissa Joan Hart
Missy Elliott, Third Eye Blind, Smash Mouth "Can't Hardly Wait" For Soundtrack
Melissa's Chat bei AOL am 17.04. 1998 Special Report: Jones v. Clinton

New MJH-related, bookmarked May 1998

Comic Book Continuum
blurb about STTW season finale, including pic
CelebLink- Melissa Joan Hart
Search Results
search for "Melissa Joan Hart" at Ultimate TV
Small Screener Style Live: TV & Media
UltimateTV -- Who's Hot
Entertainment Weekly | Movie Preview | Can't Hardly Wait | May 15, 1998
Sabrina's Page
Melissa Joan Hart/Summer Fun Tips
Jim Choma's Melissa Joan Hart Pages!
Can't Hardly Wait

New MJH-related, bookmarked Jun 1998

contains MJH/Sabrina screensaver - `Cousin Bette' based on Balzac novel
syndicated column saying MJH is... Canadian?! (I don't THINK so!)
Total TV | Totally Teen TV! | Mellisa Joan Hart Q&A
Comic Book Continuum
blurb about MJH doing voice of Saturn Girl in 'Superman' animated TV series
Doyle's MJH Appearances Page
UltimateTV News -- TV Teens "Can't Hardly Wait" To Be In The Movies
HOME/CNS_DAYS/980609/t000053569.html*The Teen Factor
article mentioning STTW
New teen flick has heart and soul
review of 'Can't Hardly Wait'
Celebrity Addresses Online : Addresses of the Week
Hollywood Online - The Press Room
Melissa and James at 'Jackie Brown' premiere
Young actors strive to rescue 'Can't Hardly Wait'
MOVIE REVIEW: 1,000 cliches, no waiting
review of 'Can't Hardly Wait'
RRhoads Video Captures
STTW vidcaps in "Archive" section
The Rogue Market
where you can "buy" stock in Melissa (look under The Exchange -- Listings -- TV Actresses)
Hollywood Online - The Press Room
pic of MJH at 'Can't Hardly Wait' premiere
JPEG image 473x695 pixels
Movie Man Productions Unofficial Celebrity Bra Sizes
lists MJH's supposed bra size (how do they know?)
Nickelodeon Latino
(I haven't been able to connect to this yet)
STARBRIGHT -- What's New
about upcoming CD/book project, 'The Emperor's New Clothes', in which Melissa participated
In Honor Of Melissa Joan Hart!

New MJH-related, bookmarked Jul 1998

Worlds End - Richard Gottehrer
production credits for someone who produced a track for the upcoming STTW CD
accepting advance orders on upcoming (Sep 15) STTW CD-ROM
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
conversation at Christian Homeschool Fellowship web-site about STTW
PC Games: Sabrina, The Teenage Witch: Spellbound Announced
CD-ROM Domain - Press Releases
eBay item 20810922 (Ends 07/17/98 19:38:01 PDT) - "Can't Hardly Wait" 1998 Press Kit
blurb about 'Sabrina Goes to Rome' TV movie (URL probably good only for a week)
NEWS & GOSSIP Daily Dish
blurb about Sabrina TV movie and new season of STTW
Roo's Melissa Joan Hart Zoo
Hollywood Online / Angus / Production Notes
one of the few references to CEIA in write-ups about James Van Der Beek, although they got the name of his character wrong (it's Paulie, not Paul)
New Technology Brings More Visual Effects to TV
mentions STTW and quotes Paula
UltimateTV -- TV News -- The Latest...
article about 'Sabrina Goes to Rome' TV movie
Hungarian Broadcasting Corp.'s MSAT Launches 1.5-Hour Branded Block of Nickelodeon for Hungarian Kids
article about Nick getting into Hungarian TV market (mentions Clarissa)
Suck: Daily
Sabrina mention in a spoof of "magazine-and-luxury-cruise cross-branded package tour[s]"

New MJH-related, bookmarked Aug 1998

E! Online News - WB at Extremes of Parental Discretion
just mentions STTW at end of article
Next to You (1999)
info about upcoming film at IMDb
Can't Hardly Wait
a fan-site for the movie
Hollywood Online - The Press Room
about 'BASEketball' movie premiere, includes pic of MJH
Comic Book Continuum
about 'Sabrina Goes to Rome' TV movie - Disney should leave `Sabrina' alone
blurb complaining about blatant plug in STTW episode "Disneyworld" (#049)
``Photoplay'' at TVGEN -- yet another favorite celeb poll (with pic of MJH and Paula)
blurb just mentioning MJH in list of attendees at premiere of 'Snake Eyes'
CNN Transcript - Showbiz Today: Tamia Talks About her New Album; Nicolas Cage is full of Surprises in "Snake Eyes"; Showbiz Stocks Bounce Around on the Dow - August 5, 1998
MJH in a brief clip (transcript)
CNN - Almanac - April 18, 1998
MJH's birthday cited
Girl happy: With the popularity of 'The Parent Trap,' the pre-teen set gets some overdue pop culture attention
article mentioning STTW
Student.Com Entertainment: Summer Films: Sex
massively misleading "review" of 'Can't Hardly Wait'
Green Day Gets Rowdy For "South Park;" Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Ben Folds Conjured Up For "Sabrina"
blurb about STTW soundtrack album
a web-chat room at
EC Inside - DISH UP - Melissa Joan Hart
about upcoming film 'Next to You'
Features | Daily News
about upcoming STTW rip-off on WB called 'Charmed' (no real MJH content)
Caroline Rhea joins squares for Pax TV
just mentions STTW
WIRED 3.06: Street Cred
review of Nickelodeon's Director's Lab CD-ROM
Hollywood Online - The Press Room
pic of MJH at '54' movie premiere

New MJH-related, bookmarked Sep 1998

p r i n t e d i t i o n : f e a t u r e
TV Guide ariticle on STTW
brief interview and autographed pic at Lindzi's Page of Insanity
Radio Disney's Sabrina's Magical Adventure Sweepstakes
about contest to meet MJH and appear in episode of STTW
Offener Kanal Andernach
Real Audio of MJH's 19 Aug 1998 'Tonight Show' appearance (in English) in ``Multimedia'' section
Sabrina ``Pix & Clips'' section
Ben Folds, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Cardigans Divine Tunes For "Sabrina" Soundtrack
includes track listing
Leading Companies, Non-Profits Launch Nationwide Public Education Campaign For Parents and Kids Online
Jenna Leigh Green (misspelled in article) participates in ``Safe Surfin' Video''
Hollywood Online - Top Stories
small mention of STTW
Fred Savage on Celebrity Jeopardy
Real Audio of Melissa's 28 Apr 1998 'Jeopardy!' appearance (apparently the whole show)
``Supporting Casts'' article about STTW soundtrack and CD-ROM
Entertainment Weekly - Fall TV Preview: Sabrina, the Teenage witch 09-10-1998
preview of third season
GIST's Celebrity Knockout
choose ``Sabrina/Topanga'' under ``Other Knockouts''
Fall's net result is indifference
about new season's ratings (just mentions STTW)
Sabrina, Clueless land rerun deals
about STTW syndication
Venray's Celebrity Women From Head to Toe
some pics of barefooted MJH
4 4 S h a d o w L a n e
Australian CEIA/MJH fan site

New MJH-related, bookmarked Oct 1998

'Sabrina' takes a bewitching trip to romantic Rome
The Bates Motel - accommodation to the Last Stop Cafe
``Clarissa's Dream'' featuring pics of Clarissa and MJH on U.K. TV, 2 Oct 1998 - ABC's Sabrina The Teenage Witch
``Spotlight'' page (currently about 'Next to You' movie)
eBay item 35508841 (Ends 10/19/98 19:09:35 PDT) - MELISSA JOAN HART AUTO'D VIDEO ~ PRE SABRINA
autographed 'CEIA: Dating' video being auctioned off
Pictures of Melissa From Shooting Stars1!!
AZ Central | Family Fun
Beth Broderick (Zelda) mentioned
The Emperor's New Clothes
info at Starbright's site, including video of MJH
Go! Go! Superstar Clarissa - where the girl who explains it all is back!
new URL and new look for John Porter's site
Young scribes reign in Hollywood
interesting tidbit about STTW writers; no other relevance
Emily Hart - Child Actress/Young Actress/Child Starlet - CHILDSTARLETS.COM
(Melissa's sister)
Sabrina The Teenage Witch Fan Fiction
CD-ROM Domain - Press Releases
about Sabrina CD-ROM and soundtrack/contest
Excite for Web Servers Search Results
result of search for "melissa joan hart" at Entertainment Tonight Online

New MJH-related, bookmarked Nov 1998

As Hollywood glams them up, real Wiccans stress the benign beliefs of their religion - 10/30/98
just a small mention of STTW, but includes a pic of MJH and cat (that we've seen a million times)
Jay-Z Holds Off Dru Hill, R.E.M. On Album Chart
STTW soundtrack debuts at #99 according to SoundScan
Yahoo - ADVISORY/Sabrina, The Teenage Witch: Spellbound EPK/VNR Available This Wednesday
about Electronic Press Kit / Video News Release related to Sabrina CD-ROM game
collection of ``Concentration'' type games, including one for MJH
The Donnas Head For Big Screen, Ink Autographs For Marilyn Manson On The Way
article about band that appear and perform in MJH's upcoming movie, 'Next to You'
Cellars by Starlight
includes info about someone else working on 'Next to You' (see ``Kendall's Soundtrack'' near bottom of page)
Yahoo - 16 Going on No. 17 ... of the "Hot 100"
about Britney Spears, who has a track on the STTW soundtrack album
Hollywood Online - The Press Room
pic of MJH and sibs at 'Rugrats' premiere
New Pictures of Melissa From Shooting Stars

New MJH-related, bookmarked Dec 1998 Starbright Promotion
about 'Emperor's New Clothes' book/CD Melissa Joan Hart
literary interview with Melissa (very interesting)
MJH on Tonight Show 12/98
audio and video clips
The Anti-Hit List
MJH's version of ``One Way or Another'' makes the list
Practical Magic
very minor MJH-as-Sabrina reference
Give thanks for these TV blessings
Salem makes the list
John explains it all
a... different kind of article mentioning Melissa from Brown University's student newspaper (from March)
'Sabrina' sister act spinoff
scary prospects for TGIF next season! ;-)
Celebrity T-Shirts
featuring original art by Melissa
Spellbound: Witches Charm Young Viewers
article about ``supernatural women'' on TV
Connells' Singer To Share Screen With Melissa Joan Hart
about cast member of MJH's upcoming film 'Next to You'
On Children's TV, an Unusual New Character: Cool Parent
long article about Nickelodeon mentions how character of Clarissa's father was rewritten after CEIA pilot
Charity Auction - The Broadcasting Training Program
some extremely high-priced STTW-related items: signed script and cast photo
Audio Special: Celebrity Readings From 'The Emperor's New Clothes'
Real Audio recordings of complete book and each celebrity's part, MJH included
Salon Entertainment | Joyce Millman On Television: Dancing with the Television On
contains short review (more or less) of 'STTW: The Album'
Melissa is Featured on the Gloden Hanger Awards
pics and QT movies
STTW - Dec 25, 1998 Hart
pics and sounds from ``The Pom Pom Incident'' (#054)
The Seminar Center - Caroline Rhea
CR (Hilda on STTW) is giving a seminar on ``How to Break Into Sitcoms''
mentions MJH's participation in Nov 30th tree lighting for Starlight Foundation
Billboard Daily Music Update
blurb about this year's 'American Music Awards', which will be co-hosted by MJH


New MJH-related, bookmarked Jan 1999

Melissa Joan Hart
collection of pics (from various other sources) at ''
Tara Charendoff
an old chat at the Universal Studios web-site
1998 Scrapbook: The Donnas Rev Up Their Rock & Roll Machine
article at about band that's in upcoming movie 'Next to You'
ME 101 - CEIA Hart
pics, sounds, animations from CEIA #120
SINGAPORE GAMECENTER - Edutainment - Sabrina, the teenage witch
review of the 'Spellbound' CD-ROM
PAGE: December 28th-31st
short plot synopsis of 'Next to You' at Dark Horizons
Britney Spears...Will It Last?
an artist on the STTW album (STTW mention) - ABC's Sabrina The Teenage Witch
``Inside Scoop'' article at's site at GO Network (?) [temporary page] ABC TV's Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Spotlight
currently has 2 videos of MJH [content changes regularly]
New Pictures of Melissa From Shooting Stars
from 'Rugrats' premiere (I think) and Universal Studios (pre-)Halloween festivities
Yahoo - STREAMING VIDEO: TEEN PEOPLE Celebrates First Anniversary
video of Jenna Leigh Green (Libby on STTW) 1999 AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS
official American Music Awards site, including ability to ``ask an AMA STAR a question''
CEIA font in Windows Truetype and Adobe Postscript formats
Teen People Awards
includes ``red carpet'' shots of MJH and Jenna Leigh Green (Libby in STTW)
search for every reference to MJH in past EWs (wow!)
Ian Hickson's Salem Merchandise Page
info about Sabrina/Salem merchandise (part of larger Salem site)
Hollywood Online - The Press Room
pic of MJH at 'Varsity Blues' premiere - `Sabrina' out of line with `Springer' link
opinion about STTW episode ``Mrs. Kraft'' (#066) from someone who hasn't seen it (what's the point?)

New MJH-related, bookmarked Feb 1999

The truth about Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Melissa's Chat bei am 23.12. 1998
chat transcript
Comic Book Continuum
info on two upcoming STTW episodes - Sweep us off our feet
blurb about upcoming MJH appearance in 'Love American Style'
Dave Diamond Web page
contains review of 'Love American Style' special
Yahoo - Will Smith, Adam Sandler and Julia Roberts Among the Nominees for Nickelodeon's 12th Annual Kids' Choice Awards
MJH and Salem nominated
U.S. News: New witchcraft books cast a spell on teenagers (3/1/99)
not directly related, but STTW is mentioned
Yahoo - James Cameron to Participate in the 1999 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race
MJH to participate in auto race (yikes!)
Untitled Document
article about UK TV personality Zoe Ball; mentions STTW
The Onion's A.V. Club | Archives | Bobcat Goldthwait
interview with Bobcat Goldthwait, including a comment about his STTW appearance
Nov/Dec 98
third item from bottom is about ``Safe Surfing'' (on the internet) video featuring Jenna Leigh Green (Libby) from STTW

New MJH-related, bookmarked Mar 1999

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
STTW review at Parent's Television Council web-site
Family Channel-What's On
'Clarissa' (CEIA) being shown in Canada
eToys: Sabrina the Teenage Witch Friendship Bracelet Kit
more STTW merchandise (at least it's not ``psychic'')
Wallpapers - Melissa Joan Hart
screen-filling images featuring MJH
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
review of CD-ROM at InfoRom
Yahoo - BBDO's Sixth Annual Report on Latino Network TV Viewing Charts Strong Cross-Over Trend of Latino Viewing Preferences Toward Total U.S. Households
STTW big among Latinos
Yahoo - Melissa Joan Hart, Britney Spears, Busta Rhymes and Mya to Appear On Nickelodeon's All That 100th Episode Live Show
Melissa On Love American Style
pics, sound file, movie file
Yahoo - Caroline Rhea & D.L. Hughley Named as Co-Hosts of the 1999 Walt Disney World Happy Easter Parade
Yahoo - Extreme Sports Athlete Shaun Palmer to Participate in the 23rd Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race
just another article about the race MJH will be competing in
The First Annual Teenies --
MJH and STTW are ``nominees''
"Revealing the Sources of the Fake Nudes of Melissa Joan Hart."
Pictures Of Melissa, Woo Woo Lindsay and Jenna Leigh Green From MTV's Loveline
article mentioning MJH
'Frasier,' 'Schindler's List' Help NBC Register Win
new episode of STTW was 9th highest ranked show in L.A. area in a week of repeats
CTW - Hit or Dis
showdown between MJH and 4 other ``witchy actresses''
Next to You - release date October 1, 1999
Dueling Birthdays - Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Melissa Joan Hart
New Pictures of Melissa From Shooting Stars
red outfit; event unknown
New Pictures of Melissa From Shooting Stars
'Varsity Blues' premiere and other unknown event
New Pictures of Melissa From Shooting Stars
arriving at 26th Annual American Music Awards
Voice Chasers - Actors - Tara Charendoff
entry at site about voice actors
Voice Chasers - Actors - Nick Bakay
entry at site about voice actors
What If YOU Wrote the Script
another essay complaining about how witches are portrayed on TV
Living the Laid-Back Life in L.A.
Nick Bakay will guest on 'It's Like, You Know...'
Yahoo - Coolio to Participate in the 1999 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race
yet another press release about the race MJH will be in
Bewitched by Wicca
just an article about wiccans that mentions STTW
TOYOTA | everyday
info about celebs in this year's Pro/Celebrity Race at Toyota's web-site
TOYOTA | everyday
pics of the celebs training for race; MJH in #'s 17, 24 and 25
Melissa Joan Hart from "Sabrina - The Teenage Witch"
pic of her at 'Varsity Blues' premiere
Melissa Joan Hart
page at Women Celebrities (note that birthdate is wrong as of 31 Mar 1999)
TV-Files - Reviews of X-Files, Sabrina, Dawson's Creek, Ally McBeal

New MJH-related, bookmarked Apr 1999

Results of the First Annual TEENie Awards
at The Teen Age web-site; MJH won for Best Female Performance as a Teen in a TV Show in 1998
The Sabrina Transcripts
complete transcripts for the first 2 seasons
entry for 'Next to You'
Columbia TriStar Television: JEOPARDY!
pic of MJH on 'Jeopardy!' and video clip in which she talks about how she prepared for the appearance
``Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina Spellman'' -- short article about STTW
Message Board
birthday messages to MJH
The Whipping Boy's Melissa Page
at web-site of Pittsburgh's WXDX 105.9FM
Fall `99 Animated Block for UPN and Syndication is `Disney's Whomptastic'
article mentioning STTW animated series (including link to large JPEG)
Pop Culture Icons
reportage on training school sessions for Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race
Clarissa Melissa Sabrina the teenage witch Joan Hart Darling
Melissa-related spin-off from the Last Stop Cafe
The Tonight Show, Dec. 15, 1998
partial transcript of Melissa's appearance from a Jeff Goldblum fan
B.T.R. Music Online CD Reviews Nov/Dec98
contains short review of STTW album
Sixpence None the Richer
MJH mention in article about band Sixpence None the Richer
Welcome! archives -- Caroline Rhea was on show Act One on 15 Mar 1998, near bottom of page
page for 'Legacy' episode ``Ghost in the Road'', in which Michelle Beadoin (Jenny in 1st season STTW) appeared
MJH Fanclub Germany - Poll 1999
results of German MJH mailing list poll
Fast and Famous Company
still yet another [;-)] article about Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race (note how MJH is not a driver to watch)
another article about Pro/Celeb Race, including quote from MJH
MJH - "a home with hart" InStyle March 1999
text of article with pictures
qualifying times for Pro/Celeb Race
Calendar Live: Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race
includes photo gallery with audio clips (2 each of MJH)
race results
Pro/Celeb Race results (plain text file)
A Shadow Path to Caroline Rhea
C.R. fan site (includes latest news, some of which is MJH-related, too)
Infoseek: News
MJH to appear in McDonald's-funded PSA about bike helmets
Infoseek: News
MJH-decorated child's chair to be auctioned
MJH at the 1999 Long Beach Grand Prix
pics and video
MJH on Hollywood Squares - 4/19/99
pics, sounds, video
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch star Melissa Joan Hart tells TV Guide Canada men often ask her to perform witchcraft. ``I always get, ``Can you make my wife disappear,'' says Hart. ``I know it's sad.''
article from Canada NewsWire
apparently, MJH answered a fan letter
The Bike Helmet Safety Site - Media Tent
audio, video of MJH bike helmet PSA
Simon Quigley's Melissa Joan Hart Fan Page
article about film/TV production in Utah; mentions 'Next to You'
PREVIEW: The movies of summer
Jim Choma's Melissa Joan Hart Site
something went wrong here... ``The Dream Is Over!''
Top Secret Magasine Sabrina the Teenage Witch
review of STTW CD-ROM
FashionDish's Best Dressed
MJH at this year's American Music Awards
Lipstick of The Stars
finally, we find out what brand of lipstick Melissa uses! ;-)
Yahoo - Fans Race to Build World's Longest Hot Wheels(R) Track
MJH involved in charity project
CAPTAIN COMICS: Superman vs. the Hulk
mentions upcoming STTW comic storyline

New MJH-related, bookmarked May 1999

SMH Text-only - It's magic that's making a killing with kids
article mentioning STTW (and getting it all wrong)
Iowa Boys, N. Hollywood, CA Page 2 of trailers for rent and sale
ever wondered where STTW gets their trailers? well, wonder no more...
Kids Love Will Smith, Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore
Salem won Kids' Choice Award
Avalon Beverage Company
Avalon Water has been seen on STTW
Aileen Leijten's On-line Portfolio
Art Director for STTW CD-ROM
Welcome to Pastime Fun!
STTW ``craft'' kits
at Animal Firm web-site (work has been on STTW)
TV tackles the 'X-Y' factor
yet another article about younger demographics mentioning STTW
fencing instruction; STTW listed in credits; see ``film & tv''
Dogpile Quotes
there will be a sequel to STTW CD-ROM game
Next to You (1999)
a review of 'Next to You' at the IMDb E3: Sabrina, The Teenage Witch II
sequel to STTW CD-ROM
New Pictures of Melissa From Shooting Stars - MTV's Rock 'n' Jock Baseball '99
ITC News Releases
the ``female character in an American comedy series'' this release refers to is Sabrina
Search Results
I didn't know she was a ``Clarissa''! (only MJH-related through that name)
Daily Record and Sunday Mail Online
more information on ITC warning over remarks in UK kids' TV show about MJH/Sabrina
Flat Stanley meets the cast of Sabrina the Teenage Witch
one of the more unusual MJH/STTW fan pages...
Sabrina ``magic wand'' ice cream treat, from Wells' Dairy
Notable Releases
STTW series of collectible cards coming out in Sep 1999
No Smoke.
anti-smoking poster that's supposedly been seen in STTW ABC TV's Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Spotlight
new videos of MJH and Paula
ray's page
Ray Palagy, who did Audio Sweetening on CEIA
Terry Layman - Resume - Actor - Film - Theater - T.V. - Commercials
played Marshall in CEIA pilot (never aired)
current band of Bob O'Hagan, whose music reportedly appeared in CEIA
Aargh! Animation Inc - Clients - Credits from film and tv
did storyboards for CEIA
Michael Fitzpatrick
resume of actor who had small part in CEIA
TVL Training Tapes Availlable
Joe O'Connor hosts training tape for TeleVision Laboratories product line
Sharon LARSON's Resume
apparently, a mixer on CEIA
CEIA theme on Vol. 7 of their 'Television's Greatest Hits' series
WHCT Current Play
Woodland Hills Community Theatre production includes actor (Sal Rendino) who appeared in CEIA
Time Piece
review of play 'Tomorrowland' by CEIA writer Neena Beber
Caught up in the craft
yet still again another [;-)] article on teen wiccans mentioning MJH and STTW
Melissas Auftritt bei Jay Leno vom 02.12.1998
transcript (English) of her 2 Dec 1998 'Tonight Show' appearance
sound archive at German MJH fanclub site
Simon Quigley's Melissa Joan Hart Fanpage
PROFILE: Martin Mull, waiting to be famous
from the Nando Times Melissa Joan Hart
Rate it! page for MJH at
Watch This Space -- official 'Next to You' web-site (currently just points to Fox Movies site)
Melissa Joan Hart
a dissenting opinion on MJH (i.e., doesn't like her)
Larry Thomas: The Soup Nazi
includes pic from STTW episode he was in
1999 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Pro Celebrity Race
pics from race, including one of MJH
Melissa Joan Hart: Ritalin Poster Child
another anti-MJH page
cumulative rankings for series -- STTW is ranked 53rd
Entertainment Tonight Online
transcript of interview with MJH in Australia
Sabrina stalker fears
article about threats being made against MJH
News Limited - Images Library Search Results
pic of MJH and bodyguard (see above article)
Rainy Day Playhouse - AlexWarp Game - Melissa Joan Hart
click and drag to warp a pic of MJH... neat :-)
Getting Supernatural with Sabrina and Buffy
how are they similar? who's better?
Sabrina The Teenage Fish
connections between MJH and "Weird Al" Yankovic

New MJH-related, bookmarked Jun 1999

Mark Spatny's Visual Effects Page
describes how the visual effects were done in 4 STTW episodes
Who will play Spiderman?
Nate Richert in the running? Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
rate STTW
The Kid Zone - Learn bike helmet safety with cool games, chats, quiz, e-cards, and survey
includes PSAs by MJH; Melissa will do chat here on 11 Jun 1999
Relief from repeats
article mentioning Nick's 20th birthday this month (and, no, JVDB wasn't Melissa's, nor Clarissa's, first on-screen kiss!)
Dogpile Quotes
press release about MJH's online chat on Jun 11th
X2 Radio (Times Square)
Jason Zimbler's new gig: college radio from Notre Dame (see ``The Cast'' and ``Old School'')
The Women of Late Night
interview with Liz Plonka, director of 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien', who directed several CEIA episodes
Educational Shows on - Launch Box
Jason Zimbler (Ferguson) hosts episode 7 of 'Launch Box'
Next to You: dallas.sidewalk
short review of the movie
News and Gossip
very depressing MJH info from TV Guide Online's Daily Dish
Melissa Joan Hart---and Soul
the full 'Cosmopolitan' article about the losing weight thing (see previous TV Guide Online article)
CosmoGIRL! A cool new magazine for teens
MJH on premiere issue cover (Jul 1999) -- see ``win it!'' for contest to visit Sabrina set
Ole Miss Grad Scores Emmy Nomination as Set Decorator for Cinderella
article about STTW set decorator Julie Kaye Fanton (Emmy-nominated for other work)
A Gumby History
an odd CEIA connection here
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch: Disneyland
some morphing shots from this 2nd-season STTW episode (at WereCreatures web-site... for some reason)
About the Company
profile of Keram Malicki-Sanchez, an actor who appears in 'Next to You'
they have three ``Sabrina'' costumes for kids
Our Times Santa Monica
article about ``Pooch Parade'' at which Salem will be making a personal appearance
The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
upcoming movie with CEIA and STTW connections (Mitchell K. and Gary H., respectively)
Bear in the Big Blue House
official site for CEIA-creator Mitchell Kriegman's current show
News and Gossip
TV Guide Online ``Daily Dish'' article about MJH
MJH ``teaming up'' with Britney Spears for video? (from LA Times website)
Publicity Pictures From the Movie "Next To You"!!!
courtesy Don Ferry

New MJH-related, bookmarked Jul 1999

The power battle with teen mags
article using premiere issue of 'ComoGIRL!' (MJH on cover) as example
Boston Globe Online / Living | Arts / Boys behaving badly have their day in Hull
bit player in STTW (Milo Ventimiglia) has new movie
Melissa Joan Hart's Hollywood
The Village Voice: Arts:Theater: Women's Rites
review of a one-woman play by Elizabeth Hess; I don't know if it's the same person who played Janet on CEIA (personally, I can't tell from the picture -- other people have said they're convinced, though)
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
about Michelle Kwan's STTW appearance, including pics (at MK fan page)
Dogpile Quotes
press release about Hot Wheels track segments signed by MJH and others being auctioned at eBay
The Home Page Of Coninuity Costume Polaroid Photos For CEIA
pics of cast members in costumes from CEIA, taken to ensure continuity in shooting (check back regularly for more to come)
JPEG image 599x784 pixels
MJH on cover of Aug 1999 'Movieline' magazine - The Press Room
MJH at 'Big Daddy' premiere
New York Post Online Edition:Gossip
Liz Smith talks about MJH in Aug 1999 'Movieline' in her ``Gossip'' column
Corbis Picture Experience
27 MJH pics from 19 Oct 1996 (or thereabouts), taken by Neal Preston
Kyle Petty Charity Ride Auction
info about Hot Wheels charity auction MJH participated in (at Hot Wheels site)
Britney Spears Video Shoot
at ET Online -- contains Real Audio of MJH and a pic of her and Britney
Silencing Mary
new page about the TV movie at
College, Students, and Parents Honored For Work To Make Campuses Safer
an older press release at
Trisha Hart Student Co-Producer Of TV Movie About Campus Rape Honored For Work To Make Campuses Safer
another old press release at
E! Online News - Dissing "Dawson"
STTW mention: rated ``good'' by Parents Television Council
Our Times Simi Valley
barely MJH-related: STTW guest actor to participate in charity game
My News | NAACP chief blasts networks for whitewashed schedules
STTW to add two minority characters next season
News and Gossip
more personal MJH info from TV Guide Online's ``Daily Dish''
Scholastic Superstar
excerpt from book -- MJH talks about growing up in a large family
Early Stages
CEIA writer Neena Beber (whose last name is consistently misspelled in this article) is participating in the Ojai (California) Playwrights Conference
GameFan Online Hot Info - Dreamcast Rentals Begin Tonight in 5 Cities! 
MJH was at a Dreamcast game premiere at Hollywood Video in Manhattan (okay, whatever)
The Sabrina Center
a nice-looking fan site (but be careful what you accept as ``facts''!)
TV Hole: Where Cultural Guano Gets Flushed
old commentary on TGIF time-travel episodes from 1997
JPEG image 324x461 pixels
``sexy'' MJH pic from Aug 1999 'Movieline' mag
JPEG image 336x463 pixels
_really_ sexy MJH pic from Aug 1999 'Movieline' mag :-)
Dogpile Quotes
Simon and Schuster Interactive to enter console gaming arena (mentions STTW CD-ROM game)
JPEG image 600x642 pixels
more pics from 'Movieline' (now someone put them all on one page I can bookmark!)
JPEG image 554x745 pixels
JPEG image 597x797 pixels
JPEG image 713x576 pixels
Stars shine on the court, in the stands
MJH in attendance at first WNBA All-Star Game
Buena Vista Television and Walt Disney Television Animation Unveil New Name of Upcoming Animation Block 'Disney's One Too'
about the block of Sat morning programming on ABC that the Sabrina cartoon will be part of this fall
how to get body art MJH was wearing in an Apr 1999 'Teen People' pictorial
The Stars Of Sabrina: The Teenage Witch
montages of MJH and the other female stars of STTW
News and Gossip
MJH talks about her sibs and the 'Movieline' cover and article
Survey Says: TV Audience Segregated
STTW 5th among U.S. Latino households
Boston Globe Online / Living | Arts / Cosmo's little sister downplays s-e-x
just article about 'CosmoGIRL!' premiere issue (mentions MJH as covergirl)
Stung by critics, networks add minorities to TV shows Actors added to complaints made by the NAACP. Comedy star Steve Harvey was among the most vocal.
STTW to add black and hispanic characters
CNN - Broadcast networks say they're adjusting racial mixes on shows - July 28, 1999
another article similar to above (same STTW info)
Dogpile Quotes
article: ``Big Dog Holdings Inc. Announces Second-Quarter Results, $0.06 vs. $0.03 and Agreement With Hartbreak Films to Develop TV Series for Big Dog Character''
Dogpile Quotes
article mentioning MJH: ``Mall Surveys Students On ABC's of Back-To-School Shopping; State's First Tax Break Weekend to Impact Dallas Area Shoppers''

New MJH-related, bookmarked Aug 1999

Stretch that sketch
Tommy O'Haver interested in MJH as Betty in live-action 'Archie' film
A Site to Behold - Bob Noble's Place
actor who played Dr. Festerspoon in CEIA
Montreal Gazette - Monday 2 August 1999 - Pop goes the city
cross-promotion alive and well: Britney Spears to appear in STTW episode
Entertainment Asylum
search for MJH to find a Real Media video from 'ComsoGIRL!' premiere, including short interview
Christian Science Monitor
yet another article about the lack of racial/ethnic diversity in network TV lineups; STTW mentioned
will have ``red-carpet coverage'' of Teen Choice Awards, Aug 12th
Nate & Funky Ferg
new (still very new) fan page for Nate & Ferg (the latter Jason Zimbler, Ferguson in CEIA) who do a weekly radio show on the web - Celebrity Poop ... celebrities and their dogs
lists celebs and the dogs they've owned (MJH entry incomplete)
The 1999 Teen Choice Awards
official homepage for the special, in which MJH scheduled to appear
Film & TV: Scanlines (Austin Chronicle . 06-01-99)
yet another 'Can't Hardly Wait' review
Britney Spears Event Schedule
mentions MJH a couple of times, since they've been doing stuff together
current Britney Spears news page -- mentions that the 'Drive Me Crazy' soundtrack (which they're still calling the 'Next to You' soundtrack) will be released 28 Sep 1999
Star Magazine
``Sabrina's love woes'' -- a reworking of old info about MJH
My News | Showbiz people briefs
last item on page: MJH attended 'Love Stinks' premiere at Playboy Mansion
Welcome to - THE SPECIALS - Home Page
official (I assume) hompage for MJH's upcoming movie 'The Specials'
Coming Attractions
a page about 'The Specials' at Corona Productions web-site
homepage for actress who provides vocals for upcoming Sabrina cartoon - The Press Room
MJH at the Teen Choice Awards Take Action Awards: Win a $20,000 College Scholarship
contains blurb about how MJH works with Starlight Foundation
Chatter Box
blurb about Britney Spears appearance on STTW, 'Sabrina Down Under' TV movie
JPEG image 1000x1395 pixels
MJH in swimsuit with black cat (probably publicity shot for upcoming 'Sabrina Down Under')
ONElist E-mail Communities
subscription page for "nateandfunkferg" mailing list at ONElist (Funky Ferg = Jason Zimbler, Ferguson in CEIA)
Britney Spears
full-length QuickTime and Real Media versions of the ``(You Drive Me) Crazy'' video in which MJH appears
Slapping Celebrities
if you have Shockwave and you want to slap MJH....
Movieline Magazine Online
okay, I guess this is a little late: official site for 'Movieline' mag -- Melissa's on the Aug 1999 cover, of course
Hollywood Online - Multimedia
'Drive Me Crazy' trailer in various formats
My News | Women In Comedy Sets LA, New York Dates
Caroline Rhea in 2nd Annual Women in Comedy Festival in L.A.
Yahoo - Disney Online Live Events Schedule
excellent! Emily Hart will be participating in an online chat at Disney's web-site on Sep 8th | Chat Studio
site where the Emily Hart chat will happen
Yahoo - The Biggest Teen Music Stars in Concert Together for the First Time - for One Night Only 'N Sync, Britney Spears, 98 Degrees and Christina Aguilera Headline The Most Exciting Concert Ever Broadcast on Primetime Television
MJH scheduled to appear in UPN special 'L'Oreal Paris Summer Music Mania '99' on 31 Aug 1999
'N Sync, Britney, 98 Degrees To Headline UPN Concert
same story as above (for future reference in case other one disappears quickly)
Lindsay Sloane and Jenna Leigh Green leaving STTW?
Yahoo - Melissa Joan Hart to Star in Sabrina, The Teenage Witch CD-ROM Entertainment Title This Fall With Sister, Emily Hart
new STTW CD-ROM coming in Oct 1999
Britney Spears to pop up on 'Sabrina' - News Story - MSN Entertainment Channel
another article about Britney's guest appearance on STTW

New MJH-related, bookmarked Sep 1999 ABC-TV's Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Show Info
updated ``about the show'' info at ABC's web-site
Yahoo - Teen Singing Sensation Britney Spears to Chat With Fans On
includes another description of Britney's guest appearance on STTW
20th Century Fox
Australian release date for 'Drive Me Crazy'
Fox Germany - Termine
German release date for 'Drive Me Crazy' (which they're still calling 'Next to You')
Drive Me Crazy at Jive Records
official site for the soundtrack
Comic Book Continuum
page about 'Sabrina, the Animated Series', including promotional pics with Emily and MJH
Celebrity Sightings
some old info about movies and the animated series
IT'S A START New TV season's opening phase will last for months
STTW alum Paul Feig (Mr. Pool in first season) is creator of NBC's 'Freaks and Geeks' (see blurb about half-way down the page)
TV writing credits for Gary Apple, who has written four episodes of 'Sabrina, the Animated Series'
'Sabrina' Loses Some Magic in Move to World of Animation
review of 'Sabrina, the Animated Series' Drive Me Crazy
updated info
'Sabrina' star moves her career every witch way
article at 'Cincinnati Enquirer' web-site
Melissa in Bikini Magazine
preview pics from Oct 1999 'Bikini' mag (MJH on cover)
A professional voiceover guy: David Sobolov...
voice of the Spookie Jar in 'Sabrina, the Animated Series'
Jan Strnad, writer for 'Sabrina, the Animated Series'
Bill Switzer, voice regular on 'Sabrina, the Animated Series'
MJH Pics in Teen People Oct. 1999
Britney Spears Multimedia - Over 180 Videos!
"videos" section contains three versions of "(You Drive Me) Crazy" video, one with more dancing and one with more MJH
Drive Me Crazy
new and improved official site at
celeb-related contents of various mags (might be useful for looking for MJH mag appearances)
Pulp Clarissa
audio preview for upcoming Clarissa fan fiction by Sushil K. Rudranath
Voice Chasers - Television - "Sabrina the Animated Series"
links to ``voiceographies'' of regular cast members
Index of /drivemecrazy/media
easy way to download multimedia from official DMC site all at once
Can't Hardly Wait
fansite for the movie
Welcome To The Official Tara Charendoff Internet Pages!
includes multimedia collections and behind the scenes pics from 'Sabrina Down Under'
Yahoo - Drive Me Crazy Soundtrack in Stores September 28 Featuring New Tracks From: Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Jars of Clay and Barenaked Ladies
short blurb about DMC soundtrack
Current News and Information
Shirley Jones to play Sabrina's grandmother on STTW
Yahoo! Chat: "Drive Me Crazy" Star Melissa Joan Hart
MJH to chat at Yahoo! on Sep 20th
quick Q&A with Emily Hart
New York Post Online Edition: Entertainment
Caroline Rhea might be leaving STTW?
Melissa in October's Maxim magazine
oh, have I not included a link for these yet? sorry...
Megalomania Page 11
some people are taking Melissa's Oct 1999 'Maxim' appearance harder than others....
HSX : Movies : Market : MovieStocks : Drive Me Crazy
DMC ``stock'' is trading on the ``Hollywood Stock Exchange''
Melissa's Interview in the October 1999 Issue of 'Bikini' Magazine
large JPEGs of the article text
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY | EW DAILY | September 14, 1999 | Jim Carrey, Edward Norton, Skeet Ulrich, Matt Damon, Meryl Streep, Madonna, Ashley Judd, Jodie Foster, Elijah Wood, Adrian Grenier,
MJH originally wanted Elijah Wood to star with her in 'Drive Me Crazy'
News and Gossip
the inevitable distillation of MJH's 'Bikini' article for TV Guide's ``Daily Dish''
ADVISORY/`Drive Me Crazy' Screening, Sept. 22
'Drive Me Crazy' premiere
Partial transcript of Melissa's chat on Yahoo, September 20th
courtesy of Simon Quigley
The Movie Place - Complete Site Map
streaming video of MJH talking about DMC
MJH Biographie - Einführung
MJH bio by Andreas Neumann, in German
It's a Magic Sister Act for Harts
LAT article about MJH/STTW/SDU and Emily/STAS
Keeping Up With 'Sabrina' Puts Writer on Fast Track
LAT article about writer of 'Sabrina Down Under' and 'Sabrina Goes to Rome' TV movies
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
page for STTW at Entertainment Asylum
plays Roland on STTW
Drive Me Crazy (1999): Melissa Joan Hart, Adrian Grenier, Keram Malicki-Sanchez
page for DMC at Rotten Tomatoes
Comics 2 Film: Spells Trouble (Sabrina Spin-off)
a few news items about the failed STTW spinoff starring Emily and Alexandra
Sarah Spiegel's Everchanging Resume and History-Promo
page for actress who appeared on CEIA
Sabrina's true talents
odd little article mentioning MJH, etc.
Once Upon a Tree - That's Tremendous, Who's Who
Mollie Fermaglich, writer for CEIA, is associated with Tremendous Productions, which is ``dedicated to producing top quality television entertainment that the whole family will enjoy''
Ojo de Pez - Postales - Melissa Joan Hart
MJH e-mail postcards (site is in Spanish)
The Emily Hart Site
fan-site for Emily
Melissa Joan Hart Talks To TV Guide
MJH to buy a NYC nightclub?
feature article about MJH at 'TV Guide' site (also in print version, 2-8 Oct 1999 -- MJH on cover)
Yahoo! Chat: Meet the Two New Kids on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch"
China Shavers (Dreama) and Jon Huertas (Brad) to chat at Yahoo! Chat on Sep 28th, 7:30pm EDT
New York Post Online Edition: Entertainment
rather critical article about MJH's recent mag pictorials Sabrina the Teenage Witch
another Shavers/Huertas chat announcement (still at Yahoo! Chat)
E! Online News - FIRST LOOK: The News in Brief
okay, maybe Melissa _isn't_ buying a nightclub
Salon People | The POTUS who loved me
yet another blurb about the nightclub thing (wouldn't have thought this would be the most widely reported MJH story this year....)
article about DMC premiere
New York Post Online Edition: Entertainment
the plot thickens: fallout over Melissa's recent magazine appearances
E! Online News - "Sabrina" the Wicked Witch?
another article about Silberkleit's hissy fit
Mr Showbiz News: Sabrina Star Too Sexy
looks like I was a bit premature -- *this* is gonna be the most widely reported MJH story of the year
Drive Me Crazy - Synopsis
page for DMC at Entertainment Asylum
Legal Stuff
just fer grins, legalese at Archie Comics web-site
Dallas Observer Online - | Film | September 30 - October 6, 1999
nice review of 'Drive Me Crazy'
New York Daily News Online | New York Now | Movies | TKCOVER
standard profile of MJH

New MJH-related, bookmarked Oct 1999

Comics Continuum
article about the Silberkleit thing
MARILYN BECK & STACY JENEL SMITH: 'Fight Club,' Denzel Washington
blurb taking issue with a quote from Paula (for a change)
MARILYN BECK & STACY JENEL SMITH: 'Drive Me Crazy,''Family Law'
blurb about ``scary times'' while shooting 'Drive Me Crazy' (sorry, I got the URL wrong the first time I tried to bookmark this)
'Sabrina' Star's Toil and Trouble
another article about... what else?
Tarted-up Hart draws 'Sabrina' fire
...and another
Drive Me Crazy
short review of the movie from 'The Boston Phoenix'
Melissa Joan Hart & Britney Spears/"Drive Me Crazy"
Real Audio interview with Britney and MJH, mostly about the movie
Hart crashes with ``Drive Me Crazy''
very negative review of movie at Yahoo! News
E! Online - Movie Review - Drive Me Crazy
pretty negative review
Ebert can't quite recommend DMC, but has some good things to say nonetheless
Prom-less 'Drive Me Crazy' needs a makeover
negative review from San Antonio Express-News
'Drive Me Crazy': Boy Next Door Is the Next Best Thing
pretty positive review from 'New York Times'
"Drive Me Crazy' teens pursue sweet revenge
more or less positive review in 'San Fransisco Examiner'
Films about young love starting to get old
basically negative review from 'Philadelphia Daily News' (original source: Scripps Howard News Service)
Movie Review: "Drive Me Crazy"
basically negative review from 'Pittsburgh Post-Gazette'
Melissa Joan Hart In Hot Water Over "Drive Me Crazy" Promo Moves
short article at -- includes Real Video clip from the movie
'Crazy' Is Predictable but Entertaining
negative review from 'Los Angeles Times'
Drive hits dead-end
pretty vicious negative review from 'Calgary Sun'
Boston Globe Online / Living | Arts / 'Drive Me Crazy' ends up going nowhere
lukewarm, mixed review
Behind the scenes of Sabrina Down Under
very technical discussion of one sequence of 5 different visual effects shots in the SDU TV movie
`Drive Me Crazy' Is Long on Charm, Short on Originality/Hart and Grenier elevate teen romance
basically positive review from 'San Fransisco Chronicle'
Get bewitched by Emily Hart
transcript of Emily Hart's 8 Sep 1999 chat at Disney's site
MAXIM Magazine: Sex, Sports, Beer, Gadgets, Clothes, Fitness
'Maxim' magazine's official web-site (MJH on Oct 1999 cover, in case you've been living underground for the past month)
Sabrina's Magic Words
Archie Comics bringing out new comic book series based on 'Sabrina, the Animated Series'
Melissa Joan Hart
can list who MJH has worked with (actually, ``been credited alongside'') at IMDb
'Double Jeopardy' Beats 'Three Kings' At Box Office
DMC grosses estimated $7.1 million in its opening weekend, ``on par with expectations''
"Jeopardy" Overrules "Three Kings"
another story about weekend movie grosses, in case other one disappears
TIME Magazine: People --PAGE 1-- OCTOBER 4, 1999
blurb about how MJH is doing sexy pics even as STTW is being praised by family-friendly groups
unkind review from Sick-Boy Newsmakers: Maximum Exposure
'Newsweek's take on the Silberkleit thing
MJH only mentioned as lauching point for ``Top 10 young actors in movies today'' (i.e., she's not one of them -- nor one of the 5 Honorable Mentions)
FILM REVIEW: Stupid 'Crazy' has too much Hart
*extremely* unkind review from the University of Michigan 'Michigan Daily'
Montreal Gazette - Saturday 2 October 1999 - Hitch for witch without a stitch
about the Silberkleit thing, of course
Drive Me Crazy - Movie Connection | Celebrity Sightings
short blurb about the movie, followed by an interview with MJH
TVNow Entertainment: A Little Daily News
``scoop'' about Silberkleit thing -- will soon leave this page
another short-lived news blurb about MJH's recent mag appearances (at Celebrity Stars)
Digital Hit's Melissa Joan Hart Survey
survey about the Silberkleit thing
Question of the Week - October 4, 1999
another site to vote on the Silberkleit thing
Yahoo - ADVISORY/`Drive Me Crazy' Screening, Sept. 22
can you believe the e-mail notification feature of Yahoo! News *just* notified me about this? geez...
Smoking list - Hart
updated entry for MJH in the Female Celebrity Smoking List
DMC review from the 'Cincinnati Post'
Nation & World Herald-Leader Online | Kentucky Connect
article about movie exit polls broken down by age and gender, using DMC as an example
National Enquirer
stunning expose of MJH's ``secret life'' (I'm being sarcastic, of course)
'Double Jeopardy' Still No. 1 Film
preliminary data for DMC's second weekend (more info than previous article)
The top movies in North America -- Oct. 1-3
final movie gross data
The top movies in North America -- Oct. 8-10
final movie gross data
MJH to host Snick ``house party''
Starship captain turns superhero (10/12/1999)
gossip about MJH at a Manhattan night club
NBC gets the most bucks for its ads
contains info, more or less, about ad rates during ABC's TGIF lineup
Archerd: Cronkite eyes New Year's Eve in Vienna
Anson Williams and Henry Winkler to direct STTW episodes this season
The Lycos 50 with Fritz Holznagel
MJH entered The Lycos 50 (most popular web searches) at #16 for the week ending 2 Oct 1999
The Lycos 50 with Fritz Holznagel
MJH drops 10 places in the week ending 9 Oct 1999
My News | MTV's TRL at Center of Teen Culture
article mentioning MJH
Comics Continuum
previews of issues #3 and #4 of Archie Comics' new 'Sabrina' series (based on 'Sabrina, the Animated Series')
Teen Tribute
MJH on cover of Fall 1999 issue of this Canadian mag
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY | EW HOT TOPIC | October 11, 1999 | Melissa Joan Hart, Drive Me Crazy, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Kristen Baldwin's views on MJH in DMC, etc. -- not too kind - 'Crazy' a teen chick flick you'll fall in love with
positive review of 'Drvie Me Crazy'
'Fight Club' Tops Box Office
DMC grosses in its third weekend
Showbiz people briefs
Caroline Rhea in two upcoming films
Inolvidables Estrellas -Melissa Joan Hart
typical MJH site, in Spanish
''Drive'' director encounters ``Mayhem''
next project for DMC director
MJH to cohost this year's Youngstar Awards
Welcome To Celebrity Sightings
Youngstar Awards to be cybercast live at Celebrity Sightings site Kids TV Shows
CEIA (or just 'Clarissa') is one of the Kids TV Shows you can rate at
What if...
one of the stranger pages I've seen in a while; please note that this is complete fantasy: there is no 'Daria' movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Christina Ricci (with MJH as Brittany)
Drive Me Crazy - Nitrate Online Review
negative review of DMC
FIRST LOOK: The News in Brief
'Boy Meets World' star Danielle Fishel weighs in on the issue of MJH posing for men's mags
Frank talk has ‘Sabrina’ star in hot water
article finally explaining exactly how Silber*kleit* (misspelled throughout the article) was "personally embarrassed" by the 'Maxim' pictorial
New York Post Online Edition: Entertainment
the 'NY Post' continues to track the MJH/Silberkleit story
Crowd Control, October 1999, American Demographics
mentions the ``interesting'' demographics of ABC's TGIF lineup
'The Best Man' No. 1 at Box Office
DMC 4th weekend gross (#17)
Daily Variety Box Office Chart: Oct. 22-24
data for top 60 movies
Plugged In TV Review - Sabrina the Teenage Witch
old review of STTW from a Christian point of view (one Christian's, anyway), at Focus on the Family
sacbee Lifestyle: Spelling class: Teen witches are in the movies, on TV -- and at local high schools
article mainly about 13 year-old witch, but mentioning STTW a few times

New MJH-related, bookmarked Nov 1999 A Glance: Read'em and Weep
CD by MJH fan containing two songs inspired by her [``(I Wish That I Was) James'' and ``Dream Girl'']
Steven Douglas
another recording inspired by MJH - Woods, other elite golfers to help Taiwan earthquake victims
second blurb on page is about the charity invitational tournament MJH will participate in
SMH Text-only - Rex rules the ratings
article mentioning STTW (Australian) - 'Sabrina' leads a crazier life than regular teens
very mundane ``review'' of STTW (based only on pilot, apparently)
Daily Variety Box Office Chart: Oct. 29-31
DMC #22, 5th weekend in release
Yahoo - Melissa Joan Hart & Donny Osmond to Host The Hollywood Reporter's Fourth Annual YoungStar Awards Sunday, Nov. 7 at 5 p.m. From Universal City, Calif.
info about this year's Youngstar Awards, which MJH will cohost
Promo Pics from Sabrina the Teenage Witch
from episode in which Britney Spears appeared
Welcome To Celebrity Sightings
site that will be web-casting the Youngstar Awards live; will also have live chats with various celebs, including MJH
Chat With Stars
page at Celebrity Sightings about the chat(s)
TV Guide Online
a ``Daily Dish'' piece about Beth Broderick and Caroline Rhea
E! Online - Celebs - Star Boards
send questions for David Lascher (Josh on STTW) up to Nov 12th (not a live chat)
VidCaps Of A STTW Episiode!!!
pics from ``Prelude to a Kiss'' (#080)
'Snoops' Set For Sweeps Boost
rare Sun airing of STTW on 21 Nov 1999
Photo: Donny Osmond and Melissa Joan Hart Host Youngstar Awards
pic at Excite Photos
``re-broadcast'' of Youngstar Awards on Nov 9th
Tombo's Melissa Joan Hart Site
another fan site, mixed English and German
Yahoo - Rachel Leigh Cook, Britney Spears, Jonathan Jackson, Haley Joel Osment, Leelee Sobieski Among Winners at The Hollywood Reporter's 4th Annual YoungStar Awards
list of winners
Daily Variety Box Office Chart: Nov. 5-7
DMC #26, 6th weekend in release
Skeggie Kendall and Letters to Cleo
article about guy who did music for DMC
Card Kings - Magic the Gathering, Star Wars, Sports Cards, Non-Sports Cards, CCG, and more!
a site where you can pre-order the Sabrina trading cards (among many sites, I'm sure)
TV Guide Online
``Daily Dish'' about Wilmer Valderrama, Fez on 'That '70s Show', including info about MJH's upcoming appearance on the show
Yahoo - Melissa Joan Hart Stars in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch-tm- CD-ROM Game With Sister, Emily Hart
about 'Brat Attack' game
New Pictures of Melissa From Shooting Stars - 18th Annual Jimmy Stewart Relay Marathon at Griffith Park on April 11, 1999!!!
title says it all
There's so much good stuff on a critic can't get a life
article about new Fall TV shows just mentioning TGIF/STTW
odds on Howard Stern dating MJH and other female celebs, from 'Steppin' Out' mag
CAPTAIN COMICS: At odds with Melissa Joan Hart
the Captain weighs in on the Silberkleit thing
Daily Variety Box Office Chart: Nov. 12-14
DMC #29, 7th weekend in release
BW PhotoWire Photo
The Melissa Joan Hart Zone
another MJH fan site
Welcome to Pastime Fun!
two pieces of STTW merchandise
Melissa On Celebrity Jeopardy!
pics, movies from 28 Apr 1998 appearance
New Pictures of Melissa From Shooting Stars - MTV's Rock 'n' Jock Baseball '99 Page 2
more pics from event aired on MTV on 10 Apr 1999 (taped earlier)
Daily Variety Box Office Chart: Nov. 19-21
DMC #39 in 8th weekend

New MJH-related, bookmarked Dec 1999

Best Body Poll - Female Celebs
MJH is a finalist
Yahoo - And the Award Goes to ... Teens Pick TV Favorites in the Herbal Essences Yes! Awards
Vidcaps of Ceia Episode # 142 - "Commitment"
JPEGs and animated GIFs - Your Movie Superstore
mini-bio of MJH (not completely accurate)
Melissa Joan Hart - Star Page
a nice little page at (although gets her birthplace wrong, like almost every other source [she was born in Smithtown])
He'll Be Taking Care of Business Back East
blurb about Paula buying a new house
Bebe Neuwirth to voice STTW character
Daily Variety Box Office Chart: Dec. 3-5
DMC #57 at box office in 10th weekend of release (was #48 the previous weekend, but I could never find the full top 60 results to bookmark)
Polaroids of Episode #125
continuity pics for CEIA episode ``A New Look'' (a.k.a., ``The New Look'') TGIF Games Galore
new (to me, anyway) MJH trivia game
Showbiz people briefs
mention of MJH at 'Girl, Interrupted' premiere
Daily Variety Box Office Chart: Dec. 10-12
DMC #60 in 11th weekend of release
MJH and Caroline Rhea to present at '27th Annual American Music Awards' on Jan 17th
Male orders
mostly about 'Maxim' mag; mentions MJH's appearance with lukewarm assessment by a 'New York Post' columnist
Networks lure older eyeballs
STTW median viewer age: 30.1, youngest on network, although TGIF block continues to lose young viewers (STTW reference about 2/3 of way down page)
a little Q&A about MJH
HDC's Babe-o-rama : Melissa Joan Hart a.k.a.: Sabrina The Teenage Witch
'Maxim' and 'Bikini' pics plus a few random others; typical info, except they have her making the semifinals of Wimbledon... that's new (and incorrect, of course!)
(had a guest appearance on STTW)
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Puzzle
The Salem Witch is selling puzzle of MJH in witch hat for $13 (please note that these occasionally come up on eBay for a lot less)
Favorite Ricki Look
video of some ``congratulations'' messages taped by celebs (including MJH) for Ricki Lake's 1000th show last year
Resume - Donna Lee Betz
resume of CEIA actor -- who she played on what episode I have no idea
Goodnight Baby, Baby Goodnight
little review of video written and directed by CEIA alum Patty Marx (at Parent Soup)
Profile - Andrew Heller
resume of another CEIA bit actor, this time including roles played
Electric Cheetahland - Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Worship
and this guy says _I'm_ wacko? hmm....
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, wants to prove that she is a big girl now
a, uh, little different take on the 'Maxim' pics/article by Sam Sloan
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
about STTW special effects by Jim and Joel Hodgson ABC-TV's Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - Spotlight
Q&A with Britney Spears, mostly about her appearance on STTW
Software Spotlight: Sabrina software could scare up magic for late holiday wish list
little review of STTW 'Brat Attack' CD-ROM
E! Online - Celebs - Star Boards - David Lascher - Page 1 of 4
chat with David Lascher (Josh on STTW)
'Sabrina': From Hart attack to 'Brat Attack'
review of 'STTW: Brat Attack' CD-ROM, with video clips of MJH (Real Player plug-in)
MJH participated in 31 Jul 1999 show in Los Angeles
Comics Continuum
MJH has provided voice of twin characters in direct-to-video 'Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker', scheduled for release 7 Nov 2000
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (a Titles and Air Dates Guide)
STTW episode guide (bookmarked before)
Sabrina, the Animated Series (a Titles and Air Dates Guide)
STAS episode guide
The Jackson Limousine Service (800) 522-9955 - The Clients
pushing the limits of MJH-relevance: MJH listed as ``satisfied client'' of Jackson Limousine
Polaroids of Episode #126 - Total TV!
continuity pics for CEIA episode #126
New York Post Online Edition:Gossip
MJH to ``host Wax's millennium extravaganza'' (whatever that is) in Miami
TV Guide Online
MJH on how uneducational STTW is
New York Post Online Edition: Living
yet another article about MJH's 'Maxim' appearance (from back in Sep)
melissa joan hart - documents 1 to 10
search for MJH at New York Post Online


New MJH-related, bookmarked Jan 2000

New Pictures of Melissa From Shooting Stars - From the 25th Anniversary of the Women's Sports Foundation!!!
Yahoo - ADVISORY/Stars to Attend L.A. Premiere of Touchstone Pictures' ``Play It to the Bone''
MJH scheduled to attend, Jan 10th
New York Post Online Edition: Entertainment
Nick Bakay to host new ESPN Classic series 'Reel Classics' Melissa Joan Hart
rate MJH on "talent", "range", "style" and "sex appeal" TV Actresses
...and see how her ratings compare with other TV actresses
some scans of the Feb 2000 'Teen' mag (MJH and Emily on cover)
CEIA Vidcaps - "Clarissa News Network" #105
frame-grab JPEGs and animated GIFs
Melissa Joan Hart
page for MJH at Celebrity Feet
Disney's Sabrina
official site for STAS at
grim reaper homepage
MJH fan page in German (parts also in English)
Mr. Ass on Sabrina
WWF wrestler ``Bad Ass Billy Gunn'' to be on STTW in Feb (site includes videos and pics from show)
Melissa Joan Hart
MJH page at CaseNet (includes a message board)
Yahoo - ADVISORY/Stars to Attend L.A. Premiere of Touchstone Pictures' ``Play It to the Bone''
MJH scheduled to attend
Melissa Joan Hart
frame-grabs from MJH's episode of 'The Equalizer', at Neverending Pictures (will be removed someday -- I'm not sure when)
E! Online - Multimedia Gallery
search for ``melissa joan hart'' to get video clips, including her Oscar night ``inches'' quote
Senator Orrin Hatch's Women's Conference
MJH's 'Peter & the Wolf' CD used in a lecture by Sharlene Habermeyer at this conference
JPEG image 700x829 pixels
scan of a 'News of the World' (tabloid) story with James (supposedly) talking about his relationship with MJH -- pic is most likely fake, BTW
text of above article
Miami Herald: Sightings: Top, Ingrid Casares, left, Shareef Malnik and Rupert Everett at the Forge; above, Lennox Lewis
a ``Celeb Spy Mix 'N' Match'' quiz including MJH and a MJH ``sighting'' (no pics, temporary URL)
Miami Herald: Pete Rose's new home still an easy commute for daughter
another blurb about Paula buying that new house
a little thing about China Shavers (Dreama on STTW)
alternative link for previous bookmark
Report: Govt. Makes Anti-Drug Deal
STTW reportedly ``participated'' in ``insidious'' anti-drug ad time redemption deal with networks
Salon News | Prime-time propaganda
the original article the above report is talking about (STTW mentioned on page 3 of 4)
Yahoo - VOXXY to Break the Mold of Traditional Programming with New Interactive Network for Teen Girls
Caroline Rhea among backers of new web-based network
Lycos Live
China Shavers (Dreama) chats at Lycos on Jan 19th
The truth about Janeane Garofalo
includes blurb about MJH buying nightclub (later revealed to have been untrue) and MJH makeup tips
Melissa Joan Hart
MJH page at Dave's Fun Stuff
Britney Spears: The Official Britney Spears Website
three pics of MJH and Britney on STTW set
Yahoo - Tanqueray London Import Party
MJH scheduled to attend (Tanqueray is a brand of gin, BTW)
Soman's In the [K]now: A Pop Culture Compendium: The Harvard Crimson Online
staff writer Soman Chainani handicaps MJH's chances of being hired
TGIF + Britney Spears = Tiger Beat Heaven: The Harvard Crimson Online
effusive yet iffy review of DMC by contributing writer Deirdre Mask
> > Melissa Joan Hart
yet another MJH picture gallery
= Melissa Joan Hart =
fan site featuring nice scans of recent mag shots (I originally bookmarked this back in Nov 1999, but it's worth another look if you haven't seen it since then)
TV Guide Online
online ballot for this year's TV Guide Awards (includes Salem for favorite pet), but note that on AOL you can also vote for STTW as favorite show
Yahoo - Disney Consumer Products to Launch ``Why Do We Love the Mouse?'' Advertising Campaign on Super Bowl Sunday
MJH to appear in one of these spots (not the one during the Superbowl)

New MJH-related, bookmarked Feb 2000

TV Guide Online
``You Sexy Thing!'' pits MJH against Alyson Hannigan
At Sundance, the Party Is the Main Event
just a small mention of MJH at beginning of article - Hollywood News ( Today on )
MJH set to produce and star in remake of 'The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer'
Hart to remake Shirley Temple movie
another short article -- no more real info
X2 Radio (Times Square)
the ``newest blabbercast'', recorded Jan 14th, contains references to MJH and Paula
Yahoo - Celebrities Go Head-To-Head in Basketball Competition of Skills at NBA All- Star Jam Session Presented by Fleer
Jon Huertas (Brad on STTW) scheduled to participate
Networks, U.S. Gov't in 'Anti-Drug' Pact - Report
another article about the anti-drug ad money controversy
People Desktop Themes at
includes MJH desktop theme, screen saver, ICQ and WinAmp skins
ONElist : Search : Search Results
MJH-related mailing lists at ONElist
UltimateTV -- News - ABC Presents "ALL-STAR BLOOPERS," (2/27/00)
bloopers from STTW to be included
CEIA Vidcaps - "Bully" #107 - Page 1
JPEGs, WAVs and animated GIFs Search
list of MJH mailing lists at eGroups Search Results
newsgroups that discuss MJH
DVDFILE.COM: Drive Me Crazy review
review of 'Drive Me Crazy' DVD (release date: 15 Mar 2000)
21st Annual Awards
nominees for the 21st Annual Young Artist Awards, to be awarded 19 Mar 2000 -- MJH-related nominees: Alexandra for STTW guest appearance, Emily for STAS voice work, SDU TV movie, STTW series
Yahoo - Viacom Reports Sharply Higher 1999 Full Year and Fourth Quarter Results
STTW listed as a ``continuing successful show''
it's MJH vs. Jada Pinkett in the (fictional) Celebrity Arm Wrestling Tournament
Cap'n Crunch
the Cap'n is missing and Sabrina is looking for him (some pics of MJH under ``Sabrina's Search Diary'')
Sabrina: The Animated Series - Pazsaz Entertainment Network
another episode guide for STAS
Showbiz people briefs
Caroline Rhea to host 52nd annual Writers Guild of America Awards, 5 Mar 2000
Will Smith, Julia Roberts, Mike Myers, Christina Aguilera and 'NSYNC Among Nominees for Nickelodeon's 13th Annual Kids' Choice Awards
MJH-related nominees include MJH herself for Favorite Movie Actress and Favorite Television Actress, STTW for Favorite Television Show, and Salem for Favorite Animal Star

New MJH-related, bookmarked Mar 2000

National Enquirer
tiny mention of MJH in otherwise totally unrelated story
Multimedia of Melissa's Feb. 14 Appearance on Craig Kilborne!!!
pics, sounds, movies buying info: Drive Me Crazy
DMC on VHS, to be released 14 Mar 2000 buying info: Drive Me Crazy
DMC on VHS with Spanish subtitles, to be released 14 Mar 2000 buying info: Drive Me Crazy
DMC on DVD, to be released 14 Mar 2000
On Video: Eyes wide open
blurb-review of DMC video, from 'Pittsburgh Post-Gazette'
eStarCentral - messageBoards
message board for discussing MJH
Mattias Sandin's Melissa Joan Hart fan-site
title says it all
Drive Me Crazy (1999) collects DMC reviews
With their emphasis on sex, teen stars are sending the wrong message
MJH's 'Maxim' appearance used as example in all-over-the-map critique of ``sexualizing of female teens'' (article from 'Kansas City Star')
TV Guide Online - Cheers & Jeers
MJH mentioned (yet again) in connection with Jessica Biel's appearance in 'Gear' magazine
UltimateTV -- News - From ABC: Kids Ratings (2/25/00)
some ratings for STAS
UltimateTV -- News - "SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH" Gets Spring Fever (3/17/00)
preview of 17 Mar 2000 episode
Celebrity Astrology - Free from
``personal profile'' for MJH
collection of MJH pics and movies
Torben B. Andersen's Melissa Joan Hart site
MJH fan site
Excite TV: Clarissa Explains It All
CEIA listed as airing on Fox Family Channel?? (I think this is wrong)
june 1998
Vol. 1, Iss. 6 of the e-zine 'ass contains two articles about MJH (and no, Illich is not me... I'm older)
ZingAlbum: melissa joan hart
a collection of MJH pics at -- some originals, but mostly from other sources
The Star Room
It's a Wrap! is (supposedly) selling STTW wardrobe
homepage for STTW book author (uh, among other things)
E! Online - Gossip - Ask Marilyn - 3/11/00
columnist Marilyn Beck tells what MJH is working on next (might be archived by the time you see this -- just follow ``more marilyn'' link at bottom of page)
Sabrina's Place
still yet again another fan site for MJH
Sheeri Rappaport
fan homepage for CEIA guest star who now appears on 'NYPD Blue'
Photo: Filmmaker George Lucas, Right, Videotapes Actresses, from...
MJH in pic from ``24th Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race Sunday, March 18, 2000, in Long Beach Calif.'' (I didn't know she was participating this year!)
21st Annual Awards
winners (and all nominees) of the 21st Annual Young Artist Awards -- STAS won for Best Animated TV Show or Series (first bookmarked last month but now they show the winners)
Melissa Joan HART France
list of French, English, and German MJH sites
More Pics of Melissa at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race
pics from last year's race
Yahoo! Clubs Search Results
MJH-related clubs at Yahoo! Clubs
Forget Sundance - Yahoo Is the Place to Be
STTW creator Nell Scovell has a new show at online entertainment site
the web-site mentioned in last item
March ``Millionaire'' madness
ratings: TGIF lineup ``continues to struggle'' as STTW matches its season low among young adults
My AOL.COM | News | ABC on longest streak since Happy Days era
ratings: STTW wins 9pm timeslot for first time since Nov 12th
Steven Douglas
songwriter who has written several songs about, and inspired by, MJH
Yahoo - E! Entertainment Television Presents A Special Screening of 'Best Actress,' Today, March 16;
MJH invited to attend (don't know if she was there)
page where you can vote for MJH, STTW and Salem in various Kids' Choice Awards categories
Dogpile Quotes
Simon and Schuster Interactive is ``aiming to ship a Sabrina The Teenage Witch PSX title based on the ABC sitcom.'' (PSX = PlayStation)
Paramount Pictures - Chat/BBS Page
schedule for week of chats by STTW stars, 27-31 Mar 2000
Comic-book artist Dan DeCarlo finally getting his due
Archie Comics artist weighs in on the whole MJH 'Details' controversy (among other things)
Hidden Celebrity Webcam
Nell Scovell's (STTW creator) show at, this week starring Tara Charendoff (Sabrina TV movies) as Calista Flockhart | Celebrity Snapshots 03/24/00
pic of MJH ``during a day of practice'' for this year's Toyota Pro/Celeb Race (temporary location)
``profile'' page for MJH
MJH on the list

New MJH-related, bookmarked Apr 2000

Varied tastes in households
how STTW fares ratings-wise among network shows in Hispanic households (#14, vs. #62 in all U.S. households)
Yahoo - Robert De Niro, Mel Gibson, Will Smith, Bill Goldberg, Ray Romano, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jamie Foxx, 98 Degrees, LFO, Scott Foley, Seth Green, Melissa Joan Hart And Other Top Hollywood Celebrities To Appear On Nickelodeon's 13th Annual Kids' Choice Awards
MJH to attend this year's KCA
Robert De Niro, Mel Gibson, Will Smith, Bill Goldberg, Ray Romano, Julia Joan Hart And Other Top Hollywood Celebrities To Appear On Nickelodeon's 13th ...
same as above, different source (just in case one disappears before the other)
Dogpile Quotes
and another source (same news blurb as previous two entries) -- Nickelodeon publicity machine working overtime on this one...
'Sabrina' Package Casts Spell on WB
Viacom holding out in STTW renewal negotiations with ABC, WB makes an offer
"Sabrina" Bewitching WB
things move fast in Hollywood -- this article says STTW _will_ be moving to the WB next season!
''Sabrina'' exit stirs TGIF pot at ABC
more on the STTW move to WB
Witches on the tube have come a long way since Samantha twitched her nose.
article from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on TV witches, with attention paid to the ``callipygous comeliness'' of MJH (note: see also ``callipygian'' for the definition) Reader Babe of the Day: Melissa Joan Hart
title pretty much says it all... / The Press Room / 24th Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Qualifying Race
MJH appears *briefly* in first clip on page, not in second
COLUMN: Keep your top on
San Diego State 'Daily Aztec' columnist goes medieval on Jessica Biel and wonders about MJH's morality in the process - Clarissa Explains It All
site members and ``professionals'' give their opinions on the show - Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
STTW gets same treatment - Sabrina the Teenage Witch
and same for the 1996 TV movie (video) -- note: no opinions submitted yet when this bookmark was created (you can also find opinions about DMC and CHW in site searches) - The Press Room
pic of Toyota Pro/Celeb Race participants, MJH included - The Press Room
Alyson Hannigan and MJH at Toyota Pro/Celeb warm-ups
TeenHollywood News - TEENHOLLYWOOD.COM
short article spotlights MJH's appearance at KCA
UltimateTV Search Results
search for MJH at Ultimate TV
Stars to check egos, start engines _Annual Toyota Grand Prix features 14 celebs in souped-up Celicas
article about Pro/Celeb Race with just a mention of MJH
The WB Stirs Up Friday Formula
WB starts to build a Fri night around STTW
Jenna Leigh Green's Official Web Site - TEENHOLLYWOOD.COM
typically devoid of interesting stuff (save for the pilfered Shooting Stars pic on the ``Get Personal'' page)
Celebrity Spotlight & Birthdays
list of Apr birthdays from Associated Press, MJH included
E! Online - Features - Racecamp
MJH is on one page of Alyson's diary, in a few of the video clips, in a few of the photos, and in the "360-degree camera" IPIX shot
They'll Attempt to Reach for Stars
LA Times article just mentioning MJH -- page might be gone by the time you read this
Yahoo - 'N Sync, Jennifer Lopez, Goo Goo Dolls, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey to Perform At Nickelodeon's 13th Annual Kids' Choice Awards
merely mentions MJH
The Official Web Site of the Motion Picture Piñata
upcoming movie starring Nate Richert
Josh Brolin Takes Pole Position for the 24th Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race; Winner Receives "PEOPLE Pole Award" and $10,000 for Charity
MJH near back of the pack after qualifiers
Adam Sandler, Will Smith Tops With Kids
MJH arrives at KCA in tears (?!) and wins Favorite Movie Actress Award
Celebs hit traffic long after day's racing ends
MJH ``crushed'' after disappointing qualifying time (URL may not work after Apr 15th)
Josh Brolin wins Pro Celebrity Event
only lists MJH as race participant
Josh Brolin Wins the 24th Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race
includes final standings (MJH came in 8th out of 13 celebs)
Yahoo - Josh Brolin Wins the 24th Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race
exact same article as above (in case other disappears first)
Will Smith, Backstreet Boys, Adam Sandler, Smashmouth and Britney Spears Among Winners at Nickelodeon's 13th Annual Kids' Choice Awards
lists all of the winners
Yahoo - Will Smith, Backstreet Boys, Adam Sandler, Smashmouth and Britney Spears Among Winners at Nickelodeon's 13th Annual Kids' Choice Awards
again, same article, different site
Little fanfare as celebrities Brolin, Daly win respective categories
'Long Beach Press-Telegram' staff writer finds little excitement in this year's Pro/Celeb race... apart from MJH's exhibitionist tendencies
Speedvision Online
another article with Toyota Pro/Celeb Race results
The REAL Vidcap Warehouse
Arthur Dent's site, now password-protected so can't link directly to contents (but still free) -- follow instructions on home page and navigate to MJH's stuff
The Hindu on : Film Review: ''Drive Me Crazy''
``India's National Newspaper'' reviews DMC
MJH at the 2000 Long Beach Grand Prix
frame grabs from video and an MPEG
Melissa Joan Hart
fan page, in German
TV Guide Online - [Live Events]
transcript of MJH's chat is now up (under ``Special Guests'')
TheForce.Net's Episode II - News
Real Audio of MJH and George Lucas interviewed on KROQ (scroll down to ``Listen to the Entire KROQ Interview'' entry dated ``Thu, Apr 20, 00 11:34:24 PM EDT'')
Click here to listen now!
direct link to Real Audio of KROQ interview mentioned above (for when that page no longer contains the link)
Cyberbees Online
MJH advances to second round of Celeb Wars (series of polls); defeated Katie Holmes in first round; vs. Christina Aguilera this time
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
official homepage for STTW CD-ROM games; play online or buy
Two Bag Ladies bags have been featured on the following
MJH listed among those who ``love our bags''
CELEBRITY-Kerry Kara Photography & KLS PHOTOS & IMAGING - We specialize in entertainment headshots, upscale weddings, product, architectural, landscape & travel photography, & digital imaging. KLS PHOTOS & IMAGING
shots from 4th Annual Young Star Awards, including MJH on ``Arrivals'' pages 2 and 7, and ``Awards'' pages 1, 3, and 5

New MJH-related, bookmarked May 2000

mandy more& Mjoan hart
pics of MJH arriving at KCA 2000
Yahoo - Nickelodeon Expands to 10 O'clock on Friday Nights This Fall
Nickelodeon plans to air STTW sometime in the future
news item; relevant info for us: ABC drops 'Making the Band' for sweeps in favor of STTW repeats
AltaVista Live!
pic of MJH and Britney Spears hosting MTV's TRL last year
Boston Globe Online / Business / Computer Games
MJH scheduled to appear at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles this week (week of May 8th)
My AOL.COM | News | Carey's big week spurs ABC to ratings win
season finale of STTW ties 'Dateline NBC' in adults 18-49 (hint: pretty darned surprising)
ABC sked secret, but expect more of 'Millionaire'
WB unveils fall schedule with STTW (apparently still using the full title) leading off Fri night, followed by new show 'Grosse Pointe' and returning show 'Popular'
The WB's Fall Recycling Project
more about the WB's fall season; Lindsay Sloane (Valerie in STTW) will star in the show following STTW, 'Grosse Pointe'
Mr. TV Marc Berman Presents the Nitty-Gritty on This Week's Programming
no new info, really; just another article about the new WB fall lineup
ABC's Lineup: 4 'Millionaires' And Some Other Stuff (
MJH misidentifies her new network at WB upfronts (oops)
Disney Channel Series Bear in the Big Blue House Earns Emmy Award for 'Outstanding Directing in a Children's Series'
CEIA creator Mitchell Kriegman's current series gets Emmy
Sabrina - Episode Guide
official STTW season 4 episode/airings guide at (other stuff there, too)
Peacock sets curve in NOW survey
ABC gets points for STTW in NOW survey of portayal of women on TV
Feminists give thumbs-down to Fox
STTW among NOW's top 10 ``women-friendly'' shows
homepage for STTW's new network; series info under "Coming This Fall" -> "Friday"
Tattle Tales: In a blue mood: Country songbird sues her father over management
blurb midway down the page: NY affiliate WABC listed STTW as helping to fulfill its public service requirement
cumulative ratings for the TV season; STTW ends up 73rd with a 6.5 rating and 11 share
Boston Globe Online / Living | Arts / TV's young stars: rich, gorgeous, and scared to death
uses MJH to illustrate a point, but I'm not sure I buy it (i.e., what ``mixed feelings''?) | Celebrity Snapshots 5/26/00
scary photo of MJH at WB party

New MJH-related, bookmarked Jun 2000

Showbiz people briefs
MJH to do indie film 'Backflash Blues'
Performer Schedule - The Vagina Monologues
MJH performs 27 Jun - 9 Jul 2000, at Westside Theatre in NYC
Melissa Joan Hart Definitive Mjhforever
fan site by Anh Hoang
Melissa Joan Hart Fan Site
fan site by Kenth Larsen
Melissa Joan Hart 2000 Website
fan site by Sam Skillern
Seventeen Online
old blurb about MJH dancing on table tops...
This Week's FashionDish
dated 02 Jun 2000: mentions MJH at Young Hollywood Awards (no pic)
FashionDish's Worst Dressed
25 Jun 1999: negative assessment of MJH's garb at 'Big Daddy' premiere (with pic)
This Week's FashionDish
23 Jul 1999: advance warning of MJH's 'Bikini' pictorial that ``no one'' noticed at the time; oh, well... (no pic)
This Week's FashionDish
22 Jan 1999: talks about MJH's footwear at premiere party for Jimmy Choo of London boutique and American Music Awards (no pic)
Lycos Pictures
MJH pics at Lycos; pro: include date and place; con: are copyrighted and require license to use
Yahoo - Melissa Joan Hart Directs Her Sister Emily for Disney Channel's Original Series ``So Weird''
page title says it all
This Is London (online version of 'Evening Standard') article mentioning DMC (to be released in the U.K.)
E! Online - Celebs - Out & About - Movieline's Second Annual Young Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles
MJH at event with red locks and Vincent Riverside
Melissa at
new URL, new look for fan site by Lars Luthe
Melissa Joan Hart pictures, Melissa Joan Hart pics, Melissa Joan Hart gallery
YA MJH pic gallery; at Any Celebrity
TV Guide Online - [Caught In The Act]
pic of MJH and Vincent Riverside (caption calls him ``her boyfriend'') at Young Hollywood Awards - The Irish Times - FEATURES
DMC review | TV | TV News | Daily Headlines
another article about MJH directing Emily in 'So Weird' episode; BTW, describes both 'The Specials' and 'The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer' as ``upcoming films''
Arch enemies? _Comic-book vets feud over who created 'Josie'
unrelated to MJH, but mentions her and Sabrina
Yahoo - Appoints Steven Berman as Senior Vice President
odd... says this guy ``wrote, produced and developed several hit movies of the week including Sabrina, The Teenage Witch'' -- but I don't see his name in the STTW movie credits, nor in *any* of my (quite voluminous) MJH-related records
BBC Online - Movies - What's On
DMC review - COMMUNITY - Bakay serves up some sports fun
looks like he's been chatting at every Sun night for months... how come I just found out? - COMMUNITY - Chat Index
has links to page for next chat (``Upcoming Chats'') and archives of past chats (the weekly chat schedule at the bottom of the page) with Nick Bakay
Melissa Joan Hart Postcards at Media Canada
send e-mail postcard with MJH pic
FanLinker - Melissa Joan Hart Links
still yet again another list of MJH links
Everything about... Melissa Joan Hart TOC
well, maybe not everything, but still a ``forum'' about MJH
Untitled Document
a pathetic plea to MJH at
E! Online - Gossip - The Awful Truth - 11/11/99
old Q&A with MJH (whom he calls a ``stripper cum TV star'' -- jeez!)
E! Online - Gossip - The Awful Truth - 12/16/99
another oh-so-respectful blurb about MJH (going to a Counting Crows concert with Ashton Kutcher)
MJH listed as ``fan'' and/or ``customer'' of shoe entrepreneur Steve Madden
negative review of DMC back when it was first released in the U.S.
Yahoo - Caroline Rhea & Charles Shaughnessy Take a Bite Out of Production in Disney Channel's New Original Movie
CR stars in Disney's 'Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire'

New MJH-related, bookmarked Jul 2000

ADVISORY/B-Roll Footage of Melissa Joan Hart Directing Episode of Disney Channel's So Weird Available Via Satellite Friday, July 7
page title says it all
Display News Item
article ``Kane and Rashad Join Off-Broadway's Vagina Monologues, June 27-July 9'' from Playbill On-Line
My AOL.COM | News | Story
another mention of ``talks'' with Caroline Rhea to host her own talk show
TV Guide Online - [Ask The Televisionary]
in case you've been living in a cave: last item is about STTW moving to the WB
Melissa Joan Hart Elephant Plush Animal
MJH hawking stuffed animals for a Good Cause? (whatever...)
Welcome to Robert Short Productions, Inc.
created mermaid effects for 'Sabrina Down Under'
MJH frame-grabs from Conan O'Brien, STTW and DMC, and link to an audio clip from Conan
VidCaps From Melissa on Conan's - 6/30/2000
pics plus a movie
Backflash Blues (2001)
IMDb entry for MJH's upcoming film
Guardian Unlimited | Archive Search
article from Oct 1999 mentioning DMC then moving quickly to the 'Maxim' controversy (UK)
Guardian Unlimited | Archive Search
decidedly lukewarm review of DMC (UK)
Applause Sabrina - the Animated Series
STAS merchandise (can get pretty easily on eBay, too, BTW) buying info: Sabrina the Teenage Witch
looks like the STTW movie is being re-released on VHS!
Picky | People - Starlite
negative assessment of MJH's hairstyle at Oxygen
The Village Voice: Music: Dear Diary
``Metal Mike Saunders'' speculates about the Britney-MJH connection (see 4 Feb 2000 entry)
Yahoo - Disney Channel Unveils Original Movie Slate for Holiday Season
Caroline Rhea's Disney Channel original movie premieres in Oct
USWeekly : The Week in Pictures : WB 11's "Up Fronts" Party : Melissa Joan Hart
title pretty much says it
My AOL.COM | News | Conservative group loves ``Angel,'' hates ``Smackdown''
Parents Television Council lauds STTW's family friendliness
The TV Column: Networks to get dramatic
article at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette -- mentions STTW's move to WB and, of course, MJH's 'Maxim' thing
Welcome to Sarasota Magazine
article by columnist about his minor role in DMC -- ``Melissa Joan turned out to be a pleasant young woman who smoked.''
Contentville - Search Results
MJH-related articles, pay to download full text and/or images
Contentville - Search Results
more general MJH-related search results, including books, screenplays (1 when bookmarked), and transcripts (1 when bookmarked)
``The WB 2000-2001 Primetime Schedule'' at their web-site (including, of course, STTW -- also mentions STTW going into syndication, which most WB affiliates will also carry)
FSB: Transcript of Oct. 11 Chat with David Silberkleit
online chat with Archie Comics founder's grandson, who left the business in 1993 -- mentions MJH (briefly, on p. 7 of 11) and STTW (a few different places) buying info: Drive Me Crazy
lower-priced DMC video (VHS) to be released 5 Sep 2000 buying info: Drive Me Crazy
Spanish subtitles version of above
Peeling off TV image constraints
incredibly presumptuous (IMO) article lumping MJH, Jessica Biel and Lacey Chabert together (because of their respective ``sexy pictorials'') and contrasting them with such stalwarts of decency and artistic integrity as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Michelle Williams!
Raise your hand . . .
'The Specials' to be released in Sep?? -- see question about Thomas Haden Church (note: will probably disappear from this location soon)
Yahoo - Disney Channel Greenlights Fourth Season of Jim Henson Television's ``Bear in the Big Blue House''
CEIA creator Mitchell Kriegman's children's series still going strong...
Trachtenberg psychs up for ``Buffy''
CEIA guest-star on yet another TV series ('Pete & Pete' fans will want to prepare themselves for a mangling of the series title in the last paragraph)
Hart still under 'Sabrina's' spell as show shifts to WB
brief Q&A with MJH about continuing STTW (news flash: still no ``very special episodes'', even though Sabrina will be going to college)
Punky Grows Up
Soleil Moon Frye to be on STTW this fall
Raise your hand . . .
what else Soleil Moon Frye is up to nowadays - Hollywood News ( Top Stories )
MJH and Paula pooh-pooh the idea of Caroline Rhea replacing Kathie Lee as cohost to Regis
X2 Radio (Times Square)
re-bookmarking of site at which CEIA alum Jason Zimbler (``Funky Ferg'') does web radio show | TV | TV News | Daily Headlines
Elisa Donovan of 'Clueless' fame to join STTW cast
Variety: Flipping around the dial ...(Brief Article)
'Home Improvement' executive producer moving to WB's STTW
Global Cosmetic Industry: "Sense"ble Personalities : What does choice of fragrance-or snack food- reveal about a person?(Brief Article)
just for fun: tongue-in-cheek article about aromas and personalities -- mentions STTW
TV tidbits emerge from mass gathering (7/31/2000)
more reports of MJH drinking and smoking -- see ``Reality check''
- Thank Heaven For (Sexy) Little Girls
Oct 1999 article about the respective ``controversies'' surrounding Britney Spears and MJH

New MJH-related, bookmarked Aug 2000 buying info: Legend of Sleepy Hollow/Sabrina the Teenage Witch buying info: Sabrina: Teenage Witch
Miami Herald: WB to mine new, used shows for hits
article about WB's fall lineup (interesting tidbit about comparative ratings at the very end)
Melissa Joan Hart - anagrams
just for fun: MJH anagrams
ZOOM: Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
fans of the PBS show rate STTW
Melissa Joan Hart russian fan site
just what the title says
Omen/Photos/WOMEN/Melissa Joan Hart
Russian site with some MJH pics (mostly mag shots -- nothing we haven't seen before)
Drive Me Crazy : Mr. Cranky Rates the Movies : Drive Me Crazy
just a DMC review; includes particularly insightful comments from netizens (yes, that was sarcastic -- in fact, more sensitive audience members won't want to look at them... trust me)
The Vagina Monologues Bulletin Board TOC
discussion board for the play -- includes posts about MJH (can also search for her name)
Yahoo - FIRST AND FINAL ADD -- NYTH053 -- Viacom Inc. Results
a.k.a., Viacom: We Own You
A witch's other powers
standard ``what's Melissa up to now'' (a couple of months ago) type of article
Melissa Joan Hart Biography, Pictures and Career Highlights
standard celeb info/pics site, complete with plagiarized biographical sketch (see her IMDb entry)
Girls Just Want to Learn Witchcraft
supposedly influenced by STTW to become interested in witchcraft, young girls seem to be missing the whole point of the show...
Drive Me Crazy de John Schultz avec Melissa Joan Hart, Adrian Grenier et Mark Webber
French review of DMC
The Melissa Joan Hart Movie Star screensaver
Melissa Joan Hart - Hecklers Online -
some examples of what computer geeks with a lot of time on their hands can do with a photo of MJH (no, not fake nudes)
La Chica de al Lado
Spanish site for DMC at; might work better for you with Javascript disabled; BTW, I believe the Spanish title translates to ``The Girl Next Door''
Celeb look-a-likes
at -- Mandy Moore?? *I* don't see it...
Jump The Shark S's
when did STTW ``jump the shark''? -- with some very unkind remarks about MJH (coulda sworn I've bookmarked this page before, but I guess not...)
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
more comments about STTW ``jumping the shark'' (not sure why there's two versions)
these are always fun... review of DMC for parents (i.e, examples of sex, violence, etc...)
...but is it any good?
Maxim Online - Maxim Motel
streaming video from the Maxim Motel grand opening party: ``Sabrina Stars Caught in Bed Together'' (Soleil Moon Frye and MJH interviewed)
Yahoo - The Caped Crusader Returns in the Movie Event of the Year: ``Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker''
MJH provides voice talents to direct-to-video feature
standard DMC review at Ireland Online
THE UK CRITIC: June 9, 2000: Drive Me Crazy: ***
another DMC review (UK)
The Cranky Critic reviews DMC
Celebrities In Go-Go Boots
personally I think the MJH pic is stretching the concept a bit, but....
"Drive Me Crazy" / a review from Christian Spotlight on the Movies
complete with a ``moral rating''
DVD-DAILY Magazine: Tuesday, March 7, 2000
review of DMC DVD (not much technical info)
a shuffle-the-tiles-around type of puzzle game (requires Java) featuring one of MJH's 'Maxim' photos
Wholesome Goodness
highlights of a profile of viewers of STTW, '7th Heaven' and 'Touched by an Angel'
Playwrights Horizons Theater School
Elizabeth Hess (Janet in CEIA) is teaching an acting class (see ``Faculty'')
This Week's FashionDish
includes pic of MJH at Teen Choice Awards and, uh, ``dish'' about her at the Maxim Motel party
Jason Zimbler [USA] - Clarissa Explains it All.
small collection of JZ frame-grabs from CEIA at Bob123's Young Actors of the World - The Press Room
pic of MJH at Maxim Motel party - The Press Room
home page for Maxim Motel party coverage / The Press Room / The Maxim Motel Party
Soleil Moon Frye (in STTW this Fall) interviewed at Maxim Motel party
Sabrina: The Animated Series - Yesterdayland Saturday Morning Cartoons
``Synopsis'' page for STAS (see also ``Memories'' and ``Messages'')
Showbiz people briefs
Trevor Lissauer (of MTV's 'Undressed') to join regular cast of STTW this Fall
Year Of The Stuff
as good with the Seven Deadly Sins as with the 12 Days of Christmas...
New Page 1
review of 'Sabrina's Guide to the Universe' under ``Miscellaneous Reviews'' | TV | TV News | Daily Headlines
STTW to premiere on the WB on 22 Sep 2000
WB Shuffles Comedies, Sets Early Bows
same article at
Boston Globe Online / Living | Arts / Hatch tries for second million
blurb about where MJH and fellow STTWers are ``hanging out'' while filming in Boston

New MJH-related, bookmarked Sep 2000

OCnow slideshow
pic of Melissa ``Joe'' Hart at this year's Toyota Pro/Celeb Race
Long Beach Grand Prix Toyota Celebrity Race
article at OCnow about the race
Animation Blast Presents | off model
negative review of STAS
devil shat fifty seven [10/14/99]
Morbus, of, chokes down bile as he describes MJH's 'Maxim' and 'Bikini' appearances
episode guide, etc., at
Tube Talk
Jason Sykes, of the University of Washington student newspaper, doesn't like Sabrina
WPP - Our Place In Time by Clare Coss
at bottom of page: short listing of stage and TV work of Elizabeth Hess (Janet on CEIA)
Genetics Mid-term Exam -- July 17, 1995
the Darlings (CEIA) show up on a Northern Illinois University genetics midterm
Suck: Daily pontificates on MJH's appearance in 'Maxim'
Dark Horse Comics - News - Features - Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Ring of Fire GN
'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' writer Doug Petrie remembers CEIA as his ``big break''
Las Vegas SUN: 'Party of Five' star at Motown
mentions MJH as contributor to book 'Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul'
Las Vegas SUN: Columnist Kate Maddox: Adam Sandler delivers at ShoWest
MJH listed among planned attendees of Las Vegas premiere of the Blue Man Group (Mar 2000)
Las Vegas SUN: Shelf Life -- Scott Dickensheets: Meandering through the magazines in the middle
review of a few examples of ``WB Networks of magazinedom'', including MJH's issue of 'Bikini'
MJH and SMF (Soleil Moon Frye) spied singing karaoke in NYC restaurant
[10/1/1999] Movie review: 'Drive Me Crazy' long on adolescent angst
DMC review at
MovieClub || Review - 'Drive Me Crazy' takes unexpected character turn
generally positive review of DMC by 'Sacramento Bee' reviewer Joe Baltake, with a few excerpts from other critics
Seattle Times: Search Result
DMC reviewer Keith Simanton seems a bit smitten with MJH, despite his angst against the film in general
Tulsa World: Archive Search
yet another DMC review (this guy likes Ali Larter...)
Gidget goes psycho in ‘Beach Party’
Beth Broderick (Zelda in STTW) plays ``Donna Reed-type mother'' in film 'Psycho Beach Party' (starring 'Can't Hardly Wait' actress Lauren Ambrose, BTW)
Potter fans turning to witchcraft
be very afraid: our ``vulnerable young people'' watch STTW, flock to paganism in droves
Tapping into Shirley's talent
ABC auditioning girls to star in TV movie version of Shirley Temple's autobiography, 'Child Star' (produced by MJH and Paula)
The Village Voice: Features: Picture This
'The Specials' to be released Sep 22nd - The Press Room
Lindsay Sloane's post-STTW activities
CHUD - Cinematic Happenings Under Development
review of 'The Specials' The Specials
updated info about 'The Specials' (has been bookmarked before)
Movie Trailer Database - Section S
has the trailer for 'The Specials', as does the official web-site
The Specials - An Independent Movie
(new) official web-site for the movie
Cleveland Live Entertainment
another article about the Shirley Temple bio-pic casting call (BTW, MJH was actually 14)
Comics Continuum
info about the 5th season premiere of STTW (with pic)
Archerd: Bojangles role offered to Gregory Hines
more info about the Shirley Temple bio-pic
Las Vegas SUN: Columnist Kate Maddox: Poof! Illusionist Wyrick reappears
Caroline Rhea to host male beauty pageant on 12 Sep 2000
Todays News
MJH to attend ``Emmy Viewing Party'' and ``Post Awards Celebration'', 10 Sep 2000 Lifestyles: Books
Sabrina subjected to ``incisive, insightful analysis'' of ``the portrayal of women in high-powered shows on the cusp of the 21st century'' in new book
Picture Poll: All those young actors and actresses
poll: which ``teen'' actor will still have a career at age 30? (MJH included)
My%20Sabrina%201 -
frames and streaming video from new WB promo for STTW (warning: crashes my Netscape Communicator 4.75 when I exit the page)
contains interview with MJH about the next season of STTW (shot at the WB upfronts) -- WARNING: she gives away something about the 4th season finale, if you haven't seen that yet | TV | TV News | Daily Headlines
``Sexiest Bachelor in America Pageant'', hosted by Caroline Rhea, to air 2 Oct 2000 on FOX
ABC’s on the Good Ship Talent Search
yet another article about the Shirley Temple TV movie auditions
Habitat For Humanity
WBers -- including MJH, Elisa Donovan and Soleil Moon Frye -- help build a Habitat for Humanity house
ABC Flying Solo on Movie Ad Ban
WB won't air commercials for R-rated movies during STTW
FashionDish's Best Dressed
MJH at L.A. premiere of 'The Specials'
Mielissa Joan Hart - vampire
reworked photo of MJH (kind of disturbing)

New MJH-related, bookmarked Oct 2000

E! Online - Gossip - Fashion Police - 9/27/2000 - Melissa Joan Hart
pic of MJH at 'The Specials' premiere
TV Guide Online Presents [Teen TakeOver]
vote for which ``teen'' star is ``Most Likely to Succeed''
looking back on the 'Maxim' controversy and looking forward to STTW on the WB
New York Daily News Online | Arts and Lifestyle | Television | In WB's Reshuffled Friday, 'Sabrina's' the Strongest Card
`Sabrina' flies
Melissa Joan Hart @ FANSITES.COM - Links
ET Television Articles
Amid the magic of 'Sabrina'
TV Guide Online - [In The News]
FHM 100 Sexiest 2000
A roommate for Sabrina
Sabrina, the teenage witch - Tribal Mind: Olysceptics who gave Freeman the flick
Mr Showbiz Movie Guide: The Specials
The Belfast Telegraph - Stars turn out for Jill buying info: Melissa Joan Hart (Real-Life Reader Biography Series)
:: Melissa Joan Hart Online ::
E! Online - Community - Wanda Live
WBers showing more skin this season? - Contents

New MJH-related, bookmarked Nov 2000

nothing bookmarked this month -- sorry (see early 2001 for the ``missing'' Nov 2000 bookmarks that still worked when I revisited them)

New MJH-related, bookmarked Dec 2000

nothing bookmarked this month -- sorry (see early 2001 for the ``missing'' Dec 2000 bookmarks that still worked when I revisited them)


New MJH-related, bookmarked Jan 2001

I hope this year will be better for updates!

New York Post Online Edition: Entertainment
ancient article (from Feb 2000) about Jessica Biel's turn in Gear (briefly mentions MJH)

New MJH-related, bookmarked Feb 2001

this month I started adding stuff from last year that I never bookmarked at the time

Yahoo - The 3rd Annual 'TV Guide Awards' Announces Nominees
Caroline Rhea nominated for Supporting Actress of the Year in a Comedy Series
Yahoo - 28th Annual ``American Music Awards'' Set to Air January 8th on ABC from dick clark productions
mentions MJH as presenter
Yahoo - Come On, Get Happy! Seventeen Puts the Fun Back in Valentine's Day
apparently, David Lascher (Josh on STTW) is in the Feb 2001 issue of 'Seventeen' magazine
Internet Wire Entertainment News
MJH provides voice for animated feature 'Recess: School's Out', in theaters Feb 16th
RATINGS REPORT: UPN's Friday Fades After a Strong Debut
mentions STTW ratings for first week of Nov 2000 | TV | TV News | TV News Daily
Jessica Biel has second thoughts about her turn in 'Gear'; not really MJH-related (briefly mentions her), but an interesting followup to the flap that appeared earlier in these bookmarks
Soleil's New Dawn
a little something from the official WB site - The Art of Being Beth Broderick
same type of WB featurette on Beth Broderick
''Caroline'' No
CR's talk show isn't going to happen after all
Par pulls plug on 'Caroline'
this article goes a little more in-depth
Archerd: Temple distances herself from TV projects
a rather poorly written (IMHO) article about two Shirley-related TV movies (note: she actually likes the MJH-produced one) -- and word of a possible talk show hosted by Emily Hart (!!)
Las Vegas SUN: TV's Book of Pooh Sweet, Charming
what Mitchell Kriegman is up to nowadays (MK = CEIA creator)
Updating a Classic In Which a Famous English Bear Meets Japanese-Style Puppetry (
another article about MK's latest project
AudioFind - Multimedia Search Engine
results of search for ``clarissa''
AudioFind - Multimedia Search Engine
results of search for ``sabrina''
AudioFind - Multimedia Search Engine
results of search for ``melissa'' - Melissa Joan Hart
page for MJH at typical ``top female celebs'' type site
At the Movies: 'Recess: School's Out'
article about movie in which MJH voices a character
'November' battles 'Recess,' 'Earth' over long weekend
and another
MJH was on Nov 2000 'Movieline' mag's ``Hollywood 100 Most'' list (see numbers 82 and 83)
Sound Chick
MJH performs more ``Vagina Monologues'' at Take Back the Garden event in NYC Feb 10th
Welcome To Paragon Film Group
press release about 'BackFlash' (was 'Backflash Blues') finally getting a distributor
Welcome To Paragon Film Group
poster for 'BackFlash', including MJH
blurb about MJH in 'BackFlash'
Yahoo! News - Reuters Photo
MJH at 26 Feb 2001 premiere of 'Mamma Mia!'
Photo: Melissa Joan Hart Arrives for Opening Night of "Mamma Mia!"
same as above (at Excite Photos)
various pics from premieres, etc., including two with MJH and SMF

New MJH-related, bookmarked Mar 2001

Yahoo - ADVISORY/The Inaugural ``4 Paws for a Cure'' Dog Walk-A-Thon Benefiting the National Childhood Cancer Foundation to be Held Sat., March 31 At the Pacific Palisades' Temescal Canyon Park
MJH to participate
Yahoo - Stars Will Shine at Opening Ceremonies Of 2001 Special Olympics World Winter Games
MJH scheduled to appear (Mar 4th)
Coming Attractions
old article about last year's Maxim party -- yet another report of MJH smoking (includes pic of MJH and SMF)
Get A SnowJob From MuchMusic
MJH to cohost MuchMusic's Snowjob 2001 on Mar 12th
Games open with Alaska flavor
'Fairbanks Daily News-Miner' article about opening ceremony of 2001 Special Olympics Winter Games (MJH ``narrated a northern fable'') - Entertainment - 'Frasier' future fuzzy as contract talks continue - March 5, 2001
speculation and/or rumor about bids of ABC and WB for this season's STTW | News
one thing MJH did at MuchMusic's SnowJob 2001
Coming Attractions
'The Specials' ``scoops'' from 27 Jul 1999 to 23 Aug 2000
Opening Ceremonies
more on MJH at the 2001 Special Olympics World Winter Games
MuchMusic | SnowJob 2001
MJH states preferences at SnowJob 2001 site (see ``This Or That'' near bottom of page)
Todays News
MJH to participate in ``Au Natural'' party, 19 Mar 2001 (no, _she's_ not going to ``au natural''... don't get excited)
The Sun Newspaper Online
article about upcoming WB show about a ``spoilt witch'' (*not* played by Emily) buying info: The Specials (VHS)
you can now (maybe) buy the video buying info: The Specials (DVD)
you can now buy the DVD
contains lots of MJH wallpapers buying info: The Vagina Monologues : The V-Day Edition
read the monologues that Melissa performed (if you know which ones they are =)
Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel
STTW episode on 6 Apr 2001 to serve as pilot of Emily's spinoff series, `Witchright Hall'
Yahoo - -Six Flags- The Giant Among Coasters Has Finally Met Its Match!
MJH and CR celebrate opening of new children's roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in CA
MJH on 'Maxim' magazine controversy (according to 'NY Post')
Utusan Malaysia Online - Rancangan TV
wondering when CEIA is on in Malaysia?
The Sun Newspaper Online
article about contest to win a ``batmoble'' mentions MJH in connection to direct-to-video 'The Return of the Joker'.
MJH scheduled to appear at party hosted by James Marsden
MJH honorary chair of "4 Paws For A Cure" charity event, Mar 31st
Yahoo - ADVISORY/Celebrities and Their Dogs to Raise Money for Children's Cancer at the Inaugural ``4 Paws For A Cure'' Dog Walk Saturday, March 31, Temescal Canyon Park in the Pacific Palisades
press release about the above event
Calendar Live - Hop in the Truck, Head to the Troc
MJH is investor in L.A. club

New MJH-related, bookmarked Apr 2001

There Is Nothing Like a Dame--Nothing on Screen, Anyway
yet another article using MJH's DMC experience as an example of Hollywood gone thin-crazy
Melissa Joan hart
interview with MJH at
Home of Emily Hart Fan Site
just what the title says
Ain't It Cool News - View Article
'USA Today' reporter Gary Levin lists STTW among shows ``renewed (or almost)'' for next season | Daily Photos 4/2/01
MJH and one of her dogs, Halle, at the ``4 Paws'' event (and Pele, too??)
'Traffic,' NBC score top PRISMs
MJH was a presenter; to be broadcast in August
MJH scheduled to attend 5th Annual Mint Jubilee, 4 May 2001, in Louisville
New York Daily News Online | Arts and Lifestyle | Television | 'Sabrina's' Got a Hexcellent Spinoff
on the upcoming STTW spin-off starring Emily and the STTW episode serving as the pilot
provider of event-based, commercial-use images, including some of MJH (do a search) -- can see thumbnails and info without registering
as above (bookmark is to search results for MJH) » The Courier-Journal » Louisville, KY » Features » Derby Fun
apparently, Melissa attended the Kentucky Derby this year
Sabrina, the teenage witch
contains streaming video of MJH and Emily on KTLA Morning News, 6 Apr 2001 (the Windows Media version sucks, so choose the RealVideo) -- site contains video for other cast members under "media gallery"
Hive4media - A Better Way To Do Business
MJH stars in 'Rent Control' which started filming this week
What's new, 'Pussycats'? A PG-13 'sensual' rating
still high from his crusade against MJH, Michael Silberkleit ``cleans up'' 'Josie and the Pussycats' before its release -- a grateful nation rejoices
Gallery of Women with Hypnotic Eyes
MJH included (but the pic is reversed!!!)
will Rosie's bow-out finally give Caroline Rhea her own talkshow?
Hart Takes on Auto Racing Passion
MJH plans to attend Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving
TeenHollywood News - TEENHOLLYWOOD.COM
``Q&A With Melissa Joan Hart''
TeenHollywood News - TEENHOLLYWOOD.COM's version of the article about 'Rent Control'
Reuters Today in History for April 18
what else happened on Apr 18th?
17 April 2001 : Yoga returns as American fad in third wave
MJH and SMF throw yoga parties
new MJH-inspired song by Steven Douglas
Yahoo - Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, Drew Barrymore, Susan Sarandon, Aaron Carter, Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, The Los Angeles Lakers and More Score At Nickelodeon's 14th Annual Kids' Choice Awards
for the record, how the Kids' Choice Awards turned out (no awards for MJH or STTW)
Yahoo - FMiTV Networks Will Webcast Movieline Magazine's 3rd Annual Young Hollywood Awards(TM)
MJH mentioned as a _past_ presenter -- no word on whether she'll be there this year, auf einen Blick: Sabrina, Total verhext! (Band 1)
Sabrina book at Amazon's German site (in German) -- see ``also purchased'' section on this page or do a search for ``sabrina verhext'' for other STTW-related stuff - livre, Sabrina, l'apprentie sorcière, tome 7 : Une journée d'enfer
Sabrina book at Amazon's French site (in French) -- search for ``sabrina l'apprentie'' to find other STTW-related stuff
Yahoo - Lycos TV Announces Live Webcast of the Young Hollywood Awards Hosted by Carson Daly
sez here, MJH _is_ scheduled to appear at this year's Young Hollywood Awards
His Career Has Gone Right to the Dogs
article about actor who played a man-dog in an episode of STTW
'Ellen' chalks up Mull amid flurry of pilot castings
late of STTW, Martin Mull to join cast of 'Ellen, Again'
frame-grabs from MJH's appearance on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', 23 Apr 2001

New MJH-related, bookmarked May 2001

Vancouver Sun - Top Stories
signed MJH photo donated to auction benefiting Rainforest Reptile Refuge in Surrey, Canada (near Vancouver)
Like magic: "Sabrina" returns to ABC
not the series, the TV movie 'Sabrina, Down Under' » The Courier-Journal » Louisville, KY » Features » Derby Fun
pic of MJH at Kentucky Derby
Buzz building on fall TV skeds
buzz on 'Witchright Hall': a ``front-runner'' among possible WB comedies this fall
''Shirley Temple Story'' harmless to a fault
review of the TV movie airing this Sun on ABC (MJH and Paula executive produced)
Comics Continuum
pic of MJH with the members of Eden's Crush, who are performing on the season finale, Fri, May 18th (follow ``Back'' link to see [very] small blurb about it)
New York Daily News Online | Arts and Lifestyle | Television | 'Child Star' Makes Temple Kids Stuff
another (negative) review of the Shirley Temple TV movie - The Art of Being...
some old MJH quotes at the WB web-site
The WB Questionnaire - Melissa Joan Hart
quick Q&A with MJH at the WB web-site
yet another review of the Shirley Temple movie
Sabrina - Finally
from WB's site: members of Eden's Crush appear and perform on STTW season finale, titled ``Finally!'' -- page includes 3 QuickTime video clips
ABC, WB unveil fall skeds Tues.
'Witchright Hall' not on WB's fall schedule
frame-grabs of MJH in hot tub at SnowJob 2001
Vagina Monologues- Los Angeles- Cast Information
MJH doing TVM in L.A., May 8th - May 27th (supposedly -- I have not verified the dates)
WB fall focus: more comedy
WB inks long-term deal with STTW in wake of 'Buffy' defection
WB: "Angel" Stays, "Roswell" Goes
this article shows the whole WB fall schedule with descriptions of the new shows
Yahoo - WB replaces "Buffy" with "Gilmore Girls" on Tuesday
more info on ``long-term'' deal: STTW gets two-year commitment from WB - Thursday - Learning the Lessons Taught by Little Miss Marker
oops... this article about the Shirley Temple TV movie slipped through un-bookmarked before
The Shows Must Go On and On (
another article about the fall TV lineups -- points out striking MJH and TGIF resemblances among new WB shows - Men's lifestyle & celebrities from FHM magazine
FHM magazine just released their 100 Sexiest Women list for this year, but the web-site doesn't (yet?) have the complete list, only the ``winner'' (#1) Jennifer Lopez -- MJH was at #89 this year
Photo Archive>>100 SEXIEST PARTY<<
MJH was at the L.A. party celebrating FHM's 100 Sexiest list (see also the ``webcast coverage'', but I couldn't get it to play on my computer for some reason)
FHM 100 Sexiest Women - Cumulative Score, 1995-2001
an interesting list ranking the women according to their FHM rankings over the last 7 years -- MJH at #203
The 100 Sexiest
an unofficial site, not affiliated with FHM, but keeps its own 100 Sexiest list for comparison with FHM's -- MJH currently 32nd here (when site bookmarked)
WB schedules ``Cedric,'' ``Fiona'' for midseason
looks like the death knell of 'Witchright Hall' for next season

New MJH-related, bookmarked Jun 2001

Celebrities at the Kentucky Derby - Horse Racing - 05/05/01
pic of a very white MJH at this year's Kentucky Derby
Yahoo - World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE - Update
MJH slated to appear
MJH, Ali and Sam at 'Atlantis' premiere (first of 9 pics)
Yahoo - DIC Entertainment partners with Lions Gate in North American home entertainment distribution deal
DIC plans to release STAS on HVS and DVD in Aug 2001
another pic of MJH at 'Atlantis' premiere (very similar to some of the others)
Film Journal :
review of 'Drive Me Crazy' at ``Film Journal International'' (whatever that is)
Film Journal :
same for 'Recess: School's Out'
TV Guide Online
after an 18 month absence, CEIA RETURNED TO NICKELODEON's schedule for just two weekends, Sun, 17 and 24 Jun 2001, at 6:30pm; TVGO listed both airings ahead of time (GIST was a little behind)
Yahoo - ADVISORY/``CATS & DOGS'' Premiere Saturday, June 23
Salem scheduled to attend
Yahoo - Paramount Domestic Television Launches Studio-to-Station Website; New '' Offers Client Stations 24/7 Online Service
promotional web-site includes hi-res pics, audio, etc., for download, but only ``client stations'' can acess it
Embarassing Pictures
at a personal web-site of someone called Fienna, this is a page of links to pics, the 10th of which includes a young Jason Zimbler at Space Camp
Michael J. Fox Wrapping Autobiographical 'Lucky Man'/Adam Sandler Doubles Up Schedule
MJH was at the 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire' premiere after-party at ``the funhouse adjoining Disney's El Capitan Theater in Hollywood''
MJH confirmed to attend `` `coming out' party for Vespa motor scooters and fashion accessories''
Yahoo - Special Screening of Touchstone Pictures' 'crazy/beautiful'
MJH scheduled to appear
Google Search: melissa joan hart
Google Image Search for MJH buying info: Sabrina - The Animated Series - Sabrina's World
first STAS DVD to be released 28 Aug 2001 (see also first 3 HVS releases -- search for ``melissa joan hart'', or ``emily hart'', in ``VHS'' section) buying info: Sabrina The Teenage Witch
another Sabrina CD-ROM (PC game) coming out 27 Sep 2001? - Sabrina 2
another Sabrina game for Game Boy coming out 16 Oct 2001

New MJH-related, bookmarked Jul 2001

one of the few official sites that mention MJH's 1985 TV movie 'The Adventures of Con Sawyer and Hucklemary Finn'
Yahoo - Premiere of 'THE SCORE' to Benefit The Music Center of Los Angeles County
Elisa Donovan scheduled to appear buying info: Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch
Sabrina movie VHS in Amazon's Outlet store -- might be going out of print?
NoHo>LA : Stripping Down to Woman-hood
article by Beth Broderick at NoHoNews site
TV Guide Online - [TV Guide Insider]
Beth Broderick on STTW disillusionment and the sex lives of 900 million boys
Father's Day
MJH on her father and boyfriends in QuickTime (4.0) movie Star File : Melissa Joan Hart
standard ``celebrity profile'' type page for MJH (perhaps a little better than most -- from what I've seen, the info is pretty up-to-date and accurate)
CEIA Vidcaps - "Don't I Know You" #137 - Page 1
frame-grabs from the CEIA episode
Badger TV Appearances: "Sabrina the Teenage Witch"
Geoffrey Gould's description of his guest spot on STTW as a cult member in the episode "Welcome, Traveler" (#104)
The Unofficial Melissa Joan Hart Fansite
new MJH fan site (still under construction as of Jul 20th), including a new MJH web-ring
E! Online - Celebs - Out & About - Melissa Joan Hart - "crazy/beautiful" Premiere
pic of her there
BeatBoxBetty's Photo Gallery
pics from 'crazy/beautiful' premiere, MJH included
Photo Finish Details
more pics from 'crazy/beautiful' premiere, including MJH and SMF
Yahoo! Movies: Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) - Multimedia
pics from 'Atlantis' premiere, including MJH
Yahoo! Movies: Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) - Multimedia
one of the MJH pics at above site -- serious freckle time :-)
Ananova - Buffy rebuffed by TV watchdog
once again, the Parents Television Council rates STTW as family friendly (this happens pretty much every year)
Weighing TV's family values
the lists of the top 10 and bottom 10 shows, according to the aforementioned group (see previous item)
Prime-time Nielsen ratings
for 9-15 Jul 2001 -- STTW at #95 and #103
Despite Outward Appearances, She Found the Role Becoming
writer of movie 'Ghost World' finds Jennifer Love Hewitt and MJH ``fine actresses'' but ``not troubled'' enough to play the lead character
Yahoo - Attendee Update: World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' THE PRINCESS DIARIES
MJH scheduled to appear
Yahoo - ``The Rosie O'Donnell Show'' Daytime Talk/Variety Franchise to Continue With Caroline Rhea as Host Beginning in 2002-03 Season
CR will appear, guest-host, etc., through 2001-2002 season, then permanently replace O'Donnell in Fall 2003
Selling to Kids: Magazine Reader.
two (when bookmarked) MJH articles at
search for MJH photos
Rosie hands it to Rhea in '02
another article about CR taking over for RO

New MJH-related, bookmarked Aug 2001 buying info: Melissa Joan Hart (Celebrity Biographies)
another bio of MJH due to hit the shelves Oct 2001
Nets on same page for fall bows
6th season of STTW starts Sep 14th
Archerd: New Academy president is ``terrified''
MJH (apparently) spotted at 'Andy Dick Show' ``bash'' at Hollywood Canteen
Fall 2001 WB Series Debut Dates: Mark Your Calendars
Yahoo - ADVISORY/Celebrity Guests Join Stars and Filmmakers for the ``American Outlaws'' Premiere, Tuesday, Aug. 14, in Westwood
SMF (scheduled to appear) at 'American Outlaws' premiere
Clarissa Explains it All
site with 8 complete CEIA scripts
Broadcasting & Cable: Sessions Paramount: Behind the Screen.(Norman Sheeff's brief interviews with Paramount Pictures' television stars)
brief interviews indeed with Carloine Rhea on this page and MJH on next (see link to page 3 at bottom)
CEIA Vidcaps - MTV Cribs - VIDCAPS of Melissa's House buying info: Milady's Dragon (Sabrina the Teenage Witch #38)
latest STTW paperback
TV Guide(R) Magazine and ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Team For 'Young Hollywood In Love' Cover Story and Television Segments
MJH and Bryan Kirkwood in 11-17 Aug 2001 'TV Guide'
Entertainment Tonight - Young Love, Hollywood Style!
E! Online - Celebs - Out & About - Melissa Joan Hart & sisters - "Princess Diaries" Premiere
article about Zap2it ``Battle of the Network Stars'' series of polls
the place to vote in Zap2it's Battle (note: MJH is in the EASTERN Time Zone bracket)
Sabrina Episodic Photos
pics from the show at
"Hercules" (1998)
a Melissa appearance (voice) that passed under the radar (*I* didn't know about it, anyway...)
article about child actors, using MJH as an example of how things can go right
'NY Post' blurb about open auditions in NJ for appearances in WB shows, MJH scheduled to appear (Aug 17th) [includes small pic of her]
The Hollywood THR E-mail
MJH to be represented by International Creative Management (ICM) [says she was repped by United Talent Agency (UTA) -- so what happened to Creative Artists Angeny (CAA)?]
SHiNE365 :: Galleries :: Celebrities
MJH autograph (``shade & sweet water''?) at SHiNE (``Seeking Harmony in Neighborhoods Everyday'') web-site
Backstreet Boys-Round The World
MJH's named dropped as ``close friend'' of Backstreet Boys (about 2/3 of the way down the page -- 19 Nov 2000 report from Black & Blue tour stop in Sydney, Australia, where MJH was shooting Shirley Temple TV movie)
JPEG image 2933x2933 pixels
huge (2933x2933, 1.2MB) close-up of MJH at HyperNewsPics buying info: From the Horse's Mouth (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, 39)
latest STTW book from Archway (Oct 2001 release)

New MJH-related, bookmarked Sep 2001

Sisqo A Bloodsucker On 'Sabrina' season premiere, Sep 14th
MJH ``expected'' at Aug 29th ``Celebrity Jam!''
Bloomingdale's & FHM To Host Male Model Search 2001; The Search for Next Fresh Face in Fashion Takes Center Stage at Bloomingdale's Beverly Center with Elisa Donovan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch
page title says it all...
Celebrities @ Melissa Joan Hart . Celebrities, news, gossip, videos, interviews, bio's, photo's and more...
just a standard FYI page for MJH, but filmography includes curious 'Malibu Maniacs' entry...
E! Online News - TV Nets Still Reshuffling Skeds
how the events of Sep 11th have affected the opening of the fall TV season (WB delays STTW season premiere until Sep 21st)
WB Schedule Changes: Mark Your Calendars
... but mark them in pencil 'cause the premiere dates have already been pushed back again -- current (as of 21 Sep 2001) expected premiere date of WB's Fri lineup is 5 Oct 2001 (a future article will confirm this)
Latest News Article -
MJH entertained American troops in Bahrain back in Jul 2001 (editorial comment: Neat.)
HSX : Movies : Market : StarBonds® : Melissa Joan Hart
buy MJH stock on the Hollywood Stock Exchange
Straitjacketed Women on Television
CEIA praised for using an ``actual Humane Restraints jacket'' in its first episode, ``Revenge'' (#101); STTW cited for the episode ``To Tell a Mortal'' (#034)
pic of MJH, Trisha, Emily, Ali and Sam at 'Princess Diaries' premiere (same pic as the E! Online link below [in Aug 2001], but a little bigger and better quality)
Welcome to!
includes MJH discussion forum
is she or isn't she? (note: personally, I don't see much difference between the reasons given for why she is and is not annoying -- well, except for the smoking thing)
Entertainment Tonight - Melissa's Patriotic Home Movies
video from MJH's trip to entertain the troops back in Jul
Celebrity Postcard - Melissa Joan Hart
send a(n) MJH postcard
ZOOM: Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Zoomers rate STTW at
melissa joan hart pictures | posters of melissa joan hart | melissa joan hart posters and pictures
MJH posters at Xenite.Org - Celebrity Poop ... celebrities and their dogs
a list of celebs (liberal use of the term -- Isaac Newton is included) and their dogs; no apparent order; MJH is about halfway down the page - Home
homepage for STTW, including star bios, ``interviews'', etc.
The WB--"Sabrina"
article about upcoming season of STTW [warning: possible SPOILERS] at Dallas/Fort Worth WB affiliate's web-site
Melissa Joan Hart Current Month TV Schedule
TVNow's list of MJH airings, updated each month
Caroline Rhea Current Month TV Schedule
same for Caroline Rhea
Emily Hart Current Month TV Schedule
and Emily

New MJH-related, bookmarked Oct 2001

Stars on USO tour got taste of terror (10/01/2001)
MJH's Jul 2001 visit to U.S. troops in Bahrain was cut short by bomb threats
Bynes may jump to WB sitcom
WB's TGIF-wannabe lineup may soon include a little Nick...
My TV Calendar
My Calendar at now tracks when your favorite celebs are on TV (link is to listing for MJH -- must be registered at site to see it)
Yahoo - ADVISORY/Photos of Whoopi Goldberg, Melissa Joan Hart, Bryan Cranston and Hilary Duff, Regarding "Express Yourself" campaign are Available on BW PhotoWire/AP PhotoExpress, NewsCom and Business Wire's Web Site
MJH participating in series of PSAs airing on Disney Channel (contains link to large BusinessWire image including MJH)
New York Daily News Online | Arts and Lifestyle | Television | Inner Tube: 'Danny' on Its Fanny After Just Two Airings
Barbara Eden to play Sabrina's ``Great Aunt Ida''
MAXIM ONLINE: Girls of Maxim - Melissa Joan Hart
Entertainment Tonight - Barbara Eden Interview Exclusive!
about Barbara Eden appearing on STTW - zShops: Sabrina The Teenage Witch Housing for Nokia 3310 / 3330 / 3390 -OFFICIAL!
interesting Sabrina item at Amazon UK
see the ``stars of Sabrina'' wear clothes in pictures; buy the clothes you see them wearing; donate to charity in the process (site includes behind-the-scenes video)
Disneyland Updates Haunted Mansion
article has nothing to do with MJH, but has links to two pics of her
article about USO, with mention of MJH (the Bahrain thing)
On TV Tonight
small Clarissa mention in ``On TV Tonight'' at The Onion
Yahoo - Activist/Actress Jane Fonda Appears on 'Squares' for First Time In Special 'Protect Our Planet' Episodes, Airing November 1-2, 5-7
MJH and SMF to appear Nov 8-9 and Nov 12-14
Hot Ticket
movie review program; MJH scheduled to appear this week (29 Oct - 4 Nov 2001); see site for showtimes

New MJH-related, bookmarked Nov 2001

CEIA Vidcaps - "Cool Dad" #112 - Page 1
Don F. provides 3 pages of frame grabs - Boards
page for MJH at -- with headshot of Emily instead of Melissa! (when bookmarked)
Gold's Gym & Body Spa Grand Opening Celebration in the Heart Of Downtown Los Angeles With Councilwoman Jan Perry, Celebs and More!
MJH scheduled to appear, Nov 14th
Hollywood Squares Message Boards :
Talk to Guest Stars (like MJH) at the 'Hollywood Squares' web-site
press release about new women's magazine; Elisa Donovan is contributor to first issue
AtomFilms - Fluffers
short film written by STTW writer Charlie (Charles) Tercek; starring Lindsay Sloane
TEENHOLLYWOOD.COM - Hang out with the stars!
blurb about STTW spin-off ``about a family with a talking dog'', to be introduced half-way through this season
VIDCAPS and Movie Of Melissa On "Hot Ticket"
courtesy of Don F.
Yahoo - 'Pop'ular Eighties Toy Returns As 'Works of Art' for Celebrities and Charity
MJH-designed Popple apparently to be auctioned off on eBay, Nov 15-26, to benefit Starbright Foundation
NewsCom Search
accompanying photo at NewsCom -- MJH's Popple at lower left
Yahoo - ADVISORY/``Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone'' Los Angeles Premiere Wednesday, November 14th
MJH sceduled to appear
Marc Berman's TV Tidbits: More Max Bickford, The Agency and That's Life
Marc Berman ``think[s]'' it's ``unlikely'' that the WB will renew STTW for the 2002-3 season -- why? he doesn't say...
Yahoo - Mick Jagger to Celebrate Release of New Solo Album GODDESS IN THE DOORWAY
MJH sceduled to attend ``invite-only'' performance by Mick Jagger
another article about the Popples includes a description of the individual Popples
No Christmas episodes on WB, Hart says (11/13/2001)
MJH says the WB is not allowing their shows to produce Christmas episodes this year because of possible future tragedies
Rescue Missions Turn to Community for Help In Serving 275,000 Meals to Homeless
MJH to help serve Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless at Los Angeles Mission on Skid Row
Six and the Witch
photos from MJH's Jul 2001 visit to the troops in Bahrain
Showbiz people briefs
MJH to appear with Danny Masterson and Vincent Riverside in 'Hold On' (a movie, I assume, but it's not in the IMDb)
'Sabrina' Still Casts a Family Spell
unremarkable STTW article from Nov 9th
Yahoo! News Search Results
photos of MJH serving Thanksgiving meals to homeless at Skid Row mission (actually, it seems she was mostly bussing tables)
VIDCAPS and QuickTime Movies Of Melissa and Soleil Moon Frye on "Hollywood Squares" - 8th, 9th and 13th Nov. 2001!
pics and movies of MJH and SMF on 'Hollywood Squares', Nov 2001

New MJH-related, bookmarked Dec 2001 - Hollywood Celebrities Feed Homeless at Thanksgiving
report from Voice of America about L.A. Mission thing; MJH quote included; Real Audio version available for download
E! Online - Features - Holiday 2001 - On Air
MJH and David Lascher host E! special
Fall TV - Celebrity Interviews @ Featuring Sabrina's David Lascher.
Q&A with David Lascher
Entertainment Weekly's |
Usher to play ``love doctor'' on STTW
Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel
Barbara Eden's episode of STTW will air 11 Jan 2002
Welcome to All Over Press
small MJH image archive -- mostly from public events or magazine photo shoots (unpublished pics)
large-format MJH pics -- includes a few pics I haven't seen this big before
the lowdown on MJH's makeup (by Eryn Krueger)
Britney, Mick Jagger, Usher To Play, 'NSYNC To Present At AMAs
MJH slated to present at 'American Music Awards', Jan 9th buying info: Child Star - The Shirley Temple Story
now on VHS (Emily appears as teenage Shirley) buying info: Child Star - The Shirley Temple Story
now on DVD


New MJH-related, bookmarked Jan 2002

Melissa Joan Hart
her entry in the Internet Movie Database -- heads-up: she's in 'Not Another Teen Movie' [thanks, Andy F.]
JPEG image 1224x1996 pixels
large pic of MJH at this year's American Music Awards [Don F.]
Google Groups: View Thread
bull-whip artist tells of his experience shooting a scene for STTW [Don F.]
No Magic Answers Here
tennis player Andy Roddick to appear in upcoming STTW episode [Don F.]
The Age: The new mild man of tennis
a better-written article (IMO) about the same guy; I've bookmarked it also since 'LA Times' articles seem to disappear after a few days [Don F.]
Calendar Live - Eden, Hanson Drop In on 'Sabrina'
review of 11 Jan 2002 STTW episode, containing guest appearances by Barbara Eden and Hanson [Don F.]
Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel
another short article about Barbara Eden's STTW appearance; a few quotes from her, but otherwise nothing major [Don F.]
TEENHOLLYWOOD.COM - Hang out with the stars!
article; MJH to direct 6th STTW episode, last of season; looking to star opposite Ian McKellen in upcoming 'Dropped Eggs' (no IMDb entry yet) [Don F.]
Yahoo - 'Hollywood Squares' Challenges Contestants to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast The Cast Members From the Hit Series 'Survivor: Africa,' January 28 - February 1
MJH and boyfriend Bryan Kirkwood to appear together on 'Hollywood Squares' during ``Feel the Love Week'', 4-8 Feb 2002 [Karen W.]
Sci Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel
article about upcoming ``cliffhanger'' on STTW and other developments; if you try to avoid reading SPOILERS, you might not want to read this
Mel TV
new site with video files of recent MJH TV appearances [boogaloo]
subject line pretty much says it all [Don F.]
fluff about celebs guest-starring on STTW (including specific celebs that will be on through Feb 2002) [Don F.]
The Programming Insider: Wednesday, 1/23/02
latest about Caroline Rhea taking over for Rosie O'Donnell: ``a firm go'' [boogaloo]
MJH to host Jan 26th (doesn't say this in the article, but it should be true) [Don F.]
Yahoo - Celebrity Guests Join Stars and Filmmakers for the ''A Walk to Remember'' Premiere, Wednesday, January 23, in Hollywood
MJH (was) scheduled to attend [Don F., Karen W.]
Rocky Mountain News: Movies
review of 'Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story' (on VHS and DVD) [Don F.]

New MJH-related, bookmarked Feb 2002

E! Online - Gossip - Fashion Police - 1/16/2002 - Melissa Joan Hart
unkind review of MJH's outfit at the AMAs this year [Carlos R.M.]
This Week's FashionDish
less-than-sparkling review of premiere party for SMF's new clothing line [Don F.]
The WB and UPN February Sweeps
near bottom of page, contains descriptions of Feb 15th and 22nd STTW episodes [Don F.]
Google Groups: View Thread "Filth2Go BI 2/4/02"
pure gossip about MJH's ``eye thing'' [Don F.]
Filth, 4 February 2002
the site that originated this gossip; a quick perusal should indicate how trustworthy the info is; blurb about MJH will probably disappear quickly into pay-only archives [Don F.] (for the record, Melissa can see just fine out of both eyes)
National Grand Prix
MJH scheduled to participate in Celebrity Match Race at the National Grand Prix, Sat, 20 Jul 2002, in Washington, D.C. [Don F.]
Today's News
MJH scheduled to attend premiere of Britney Spears movie 'Crossroads' [Don F.]
MJH to appear on 'MAD TV', Sat, 23 Feb 2002 [Don F.]
( BW)(CA-UBI-SOFT) Ubi Soft and Sabrina Will Bewitch You!
plans for new Sabrina (TTW) game for GameBoy [Don F.]
Marguerite Moreau, Melissa Joan Hart, Jon Voight Interviews
red carpet Q&A with MJH [Don F.]
Crossroads Movie Premiere Photos
3 MJH pics to accompany above blurb [Don F.] - Activities and Games for Girls Online!
MJH feature at Barbie's web-site [Don F.] (note: some pages made my Netscape 4.79 go wacky)

New MJH-related, bookmarked Mar 2002

E! Online - Gossip - Fashion Police - 2/20/2002 - Melissa Joan Hart
another unkind review of MJH's fashion sense [Carlos R.M.] Partyhopper
small pic of MJH and SMF (and brief quote from MJH) at charity event, 9 Nov 2001 [Don F.]
J-14 Magazine: Star Style at J-14
currently contains pic of MJH in pink; probably won't last for long, since it's Valentine's Day related [Don F.]
JPEG image 758x1571 pixels
1,190,818 pixels of evidence that MJH is _not_ too fat [not scanned by, but made available by Don F.]
Yahoo! Video Shopping: Artist
small MJH pic gallery [Don F.] buying info: Melissa Joan Hart (Celebrity Bios)
very brief MJH bio now in paperback
Nickelodeon - Kids Choice Awards 2002!
MJH among choices for Favorite TV Actress in online poll [Don F.]
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Paramount's official STTW site; been around for a long time, but looks nicer now; includes title and description of upcoming episode each week [Karen W.]
Today's News
MJH scheduled to attend 'E.T.' re-release premiere in L.A., Mar 16th [Don F.]
Today's News
MJH scheduled to attend 'Sorority Boys' premiere in L.A., Mar 19th [Karen W.]
Today's News
MJH to host debut of Mon night block of programming on the kids' channel Noggin, on 1 Apr 2002; reruns of 'Clarissa Explains It All' to air regularly beginning same day [Don F.] (for the record, her first on-screen kiss was with Sean O'Neal, not James Van Der Beek -- she never actually kissed JVDB on-screen)
N O G G I N !
web-site of aforementioned kids' channel
tennis player Andy Roddick to appear on Apr 5th STTW [Don F.]

New MJH-related, bookmarked Apr 2002

The N: Movies, Music & Trends: Melissa Explains Her Job
Q&A with MJH after she taped her segments for the opening night of ``The N'' [Don F.]
TV Guide Online - [TV Guide Insider]
article about changes to STTW for next season (including major spoilers, of course) [Don F.] » The Courier-Journal » Louisville, KY » Features » Derby Fun
MJH scheduled to attend Mint Jubilee benefit party in Louisville on the eve of the Kentucky Derby (4 May 2002) [Don F.]
HIT PARADE / Though Julia Louis-Dreyfus failed with 'Watching Ellie,' a few actors have gone from one successful show to another
'San Fransisco Chronicle' article lists MJH as example of actor who played 2 different characters in 2 different hit TV shows
Yahoo! News - Today in History - April 18
AP's ``Today In History'' for 18 Apr 2002 (MJH's birthday)
Family Entertainment, Cooking Demonstrations, Poetry Readings Set for Seventh Annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books; Almost 400 Authors to Appear April 27-28 at UCLA
MJH to read 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' on Sun, the 28th (see entry under ``Reading by 9 Storytelling Stage'') [Don F.]
Google Groups: Viewing message: KCA 2002 Press Release
MJH scheduled to appear as presenter on Nickelodeon's '15th Annual Kids Choice Awards', Sat, 20 Apr 2002 [Don F.]
Out of Bounds: An interview with Nick Bakay
from (Pittsburgh, PA) [Don F.]
MJH and Ali at the KCA 2002
closeup of MJH at the KCA 2002
Yahoo! News - Showbiz people briefs
David Babcock to become STTW ``show runner'' (executive producer credit) for show's 7th season [Karen W.]
WireImage: Listings
pics of MJH (and sometimes sisters) at various recent events (e.g., Kids' Choice Awards); must register and pay to view full-sized images [Don F.]

New MJH-related, bookmarked May 2002

Kentucky Derby 128 | 2002 | Derby Experience | Who Do You Like? |
MJH in extry-big hat discusses the horses; good luck making out what she's saying! [Don F.] » The Courier-Journal » Louisville, KY » Features » Derby Fun
pic of MJH interviewing a ``TV-crew member'' at Mint Jubilee, but no mention of her in the accompanying article [Don F.]
Today's News
article about Mother's Day episodes of CEIA on ``The N'' [Don F.]
Lifetime Online - Chat with Melissa Joan Hart
copyedited transcript of MJH's on-line chat after airing of her Lifetime 'Intimate Portrait' on Apr 29th; bizarrely presented in an HTML-forms ``textarea''! [Don F.]
TEENHOLLYWOOD.COM - Hang out with the stars!
article about next season of STTW; contains spoilers for this season [Don F.]
two MJH sightings at Cannes (10th and 17th paragraphs) [Don F.] - Dandy Stripers - May 24, 2002
MJH cited alongside Kirsten Dunst as ``hipsters'' who wear trendy striped pants [Don F.]
MJH pics at; navigate through ``Celebrities'' link to her collection; latest are from 19 May 2002 at Cannes; over 600 pics going back to Kids' Choice Awards on 19 Apr 1997; must pay to see full-size images [Don F.]

New MJH-related, bookmarked Jun 2002 Photo
some more photos of MJH at Cannes in the IMDb [Carlos R.]
the celebrity pageboy
a celebration of the hairstyle (liberally defined); MJH included [Roger C.]
Mock - Multimedia of Melissa on Craig Kilborn's show on Feb. 15, 2002
pics and sound & video clips [Don F.]
great fan site with lots of MJH multimedia; worth a look if you haven't seen it in a while because it's actually being kept up to date; in German and English [Benjamin W.]
Fashion Police Cannes 2002 Features Melissa!
pics and video of MJH on E!'s 'Fashion Police', hosted by Joan Rivers [Don F.]
CEIA Vidcaps and Multimedia - "Blind Date" #139
pics and sounds from CEIA episode [Don F.]
Yahoo! News - List of Forbes magazine's 'Celebrity 100' ranking
amazing! MJH ranks #97 in 'Forbes' magazine ``Celebrity 100'' list, based on ``a combination of earnings and media exposure over the past 12 months'' [Don F.] Forbes Celebrity 100 2002
browse the full list (and those for 1999-2001) at Forbes' web-site
Film Jobs and Television Employment in New England
MJH to star in movie 'Jesus, Mary and Joey', filming in RI and NY; on Jun 9th, they were looking to hire interns; this link is to a cached copy of a ``jobs'' page and so will disappear shortly; the relevant entry is apparently no longer in their job listings [Boogaloo = heads-up about film and MJH's part in it]
Feature Films: June
aforementioned movie listed at ``films in production'' type site; details available only with subscription :-(
The Pawtucket Times
article mentioning 'Jesus, Mary and Joey' & MJH [Don F.]
Yahoo! News - Prime-Time Nielsen Ratings
ratings for 17-23 Jun 2002; STTW ranked 90th with a 1.6 rating - Upfront - What I Like About You
STTW to get new lead-in show starring fellow Nick alum Amanda Bynes [Eric B.]

New MJH-related, bookmarked Jul 2002

Print Options
a photo of MJH I haven't seen before; made up as Sabrina, on location of college campus seen in the show; available for purchase [Don F.]
Melissa Joan Hart - Quotes and Quotations
so-called ``brainy quotes'' from MJH (word ``brainy'' refers to fact that most of the quotes at the site are from authors) [Don F.]
Yova's Collection - Melissa Joan Hart
nice MJH pics, a few of which I haven't seen before [Don F.]
Yahoo - California Congressman, Rocker Win Washington Cadillac Grand Prix Celebrity Race
mentions MJH's participation in the Grand Prix of Washington, D.C., celeb race, 20 Jul 2002, but not how she did (except that she wasn't first or second place)
article about changes to STTW in the coming season; nothing very revealing, IMO; note that it's Archie Comics, not Harvey Comics [Don F.]
Sun-Sentinel: Entertainment News
longer article about the _lack_ of changes in the upcoming season of STTW; repeatedly makes the same Havery Comics mistake, even in supposed direct quotes! [Don F.] - Your NA Sports Car Racing Source
pre-race pics from celeb race at Washington, D.C., Grand Prix, including 1 of MJH [boogaloo] - Your NA Sports Car Racing Source
pics taken during and after the race, including 3 of MJH [boogaloo]
E!'s Wild on the Riviera Features Melissa !
pics and video of MJH at Cannes [Don F.]
Welcome to the official web site of International Motor Sports Association (IMSA)
a few more pics of MJH at DC Grand Prix; she's in the pics named ``Car and Stars'', ``Fast Stars'', ``TeenageWitch'' and ``The Gang''; maybe others [boogaloo]
FAT LANE ONLINE and Melissa Joan Hart
meant-to-be-humorous story of MJH gaining weight after quitting smoking, accompanied by doctored photos attesting to same; if you've ever wondered what MJH would look like at 300 lbs., this might give you an idea; two more pics not linked to from the page are called ``melissa2.jpg'' and ``melissa3.jpg'' (in same directory as the other pics) [Don F.]
E! Online - Celebs - Out & About - Laureus World Sports Award
pic of MJH in Monaco, 13 May 2002; small pic is linked to a larger one [Don F.]
TEENHOLLYWOOD.COM - Hang out with the stars!
blurb about MJH and Mark Wilkerson (of the band Course of Nature) being, apparently, an item [Paul B., Don F.]
Review for Backflash (2002)
review of 'Backflash' by prolific internet movie reviewer Steve Phodes [Carlos R.]

New MJH-related, bookmarked Aug 2002

Yahoo! News - Changes brewin' at WB's 'Sabrina'
article about lots of changes to STTW this coming season [Karen W.]
Yahoo - Disney Channel to Encourage Communication, Diversity and Optimism in New ``Express Yourself'' Messages
MJH to appear in series of Disney Channel spots [Karen W.]
Yahoo! News - 'Doc' Rates as Most Family Friendly
STTW again makes Parents Television Council's list of family-friendly TV programming in prime-time WPIX-TV New York - A Visit From "Sabrina"
12 pics from MJH's appearance on NY WB affiliate [Don F., Adam L.]
Yahoo! News - Watchdog Group Stakes "Buffy"
more on the Parents Television Council's nod to STTW (#3 on their ``best'' list)
Yahoo! News - Avril Lavigne Latest To Appear On 'Sabrina'
about guest stars on STTW this season [Don F.] Match yourself with Melissa Joan Hart
are you and MJH a good match? (requires Java) [Don F.]

New MJH-related, bookmarked Sep 2002

Yahoo! News - Mark Your Calendars: Friday Night Series Premiere Dates
STTW season premiere, Sep 20th
Sabrina Online
fan-site for STTW; annoying pop-up ads; doesn't quite work with Netscape 4.79 (use IE)
Sabrina and NDS Cast an Interactive Spell On Nickelodeon Viewers
for those in the UK; interactive trivia game during Nick UK siring of STTW; marathon planned for Nov 2002
Second Annual '4 Paws For a Cure' Dogwalk Benefiting the National Childhood Cancer Foundation to Be Held Saturday, September 28 at Pacific Palisades' Temescal Canyon Park
MJH (most likely) to participate
Lifetime to Launch Eighth Consecutive Year of Network's Award-Winning Campaign to 'Stop Breast Cancer For Life'
MJH to host documentary on Lifetime, 10 Oct 2002, 7-8pm ET
Melissa at Visual Music Awards
pics of MJH at the MTV Video Music Awards 2002 [Don F.]
Yahoo! News - New Series Report Card: Mixed National Rating Results on Friday
debut of Amanda Bynes vehicle 'What I Like About You' draws 4% more households than timeslot-holder STTW's season premiere last year
No Rest for the Goo Goo Dolls
the band to appear on STTW during Nov sweeps

New MJH-related, bookmarked Oct 2002

Melissa on the Wayne Brady Show on 9/27/2002!
pics and audio/video clips [Don F.], Event Photos
pic of Soleil at 4 Paws For a Cure dogwalk
'Fastlane' makes fast impression -
one observer is not impressed with STTW's new season [Don F.]
Melissa Joan Hart Works Her Magic on Travel Channel Viewers During Haunted Travels Week
MJH hosts 3 hours of programming (i.e., interstitials) each night, 28 Oct - 2 Nov 2002
Stars to shine at SBC Center premier - 2002-10-30 - San Antonio Business Journal
MJH scheduled to appear on red carpet, 1 Nov 2002 [Don F.]
Star Magazine: Fed-up TV witch demands: Sex up Sabrina!
hard-hitting article from that paragon of journalistic integrity, the 'Star' magazine [Don F.]

New MJH-related, bookmarked Nov 2002

(sorry, nothing bookmarked this month)

New MJH-related, bookmarked Dec 2002

United Press International: Hollywood Digest
MJH helped serve (pre-) Thanksgiving meal at L.A. Mission, day before holiday [Don F.]
Yahoo! News - Entertainment Photos - Reuters
...and here's the picture to prove it -- MJH and Paula bus tables at L.A. Mission [Don F.] Forbes Celebrity 100 2002
MJH ranked 97th in terms of ``power'', 93rd in terms of ``money''; old news, but new link -- see also Jun 2002 [Don F.]
World Premiere of WALT DISNEY PICTURES'TREASURE PLANET Sunday, November 17th at the Historic Cinerama Dome
MJH scheduled to attend [Don F.]
Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage
after weeks of uncertainty, STTW gets okay for last 3 episodes of this season [Don F.]
"Femail Creations" Romances Hollywood With Products Made Exclusively By Women, For Women
inconsequential press release about product line that's appeared on STTW, among other shows and movies
CEIA Vidcaps and Multimedia - "Janet's Old BoyFriend" #127- Page 1
pics, sounds from the episode [Don F.]
the futon critic - we watch the bad tv so you don't have to
STTW scheduled to move to Thu, 8pm, after Feb sweeps [Don F.]
The Seattle Times: Arts & Entertainment: Shirley Temple tribute is sweet, just like the Little Princess
MJH appears in; airs Christmas day on Fox Movie Channel, 8pm, 9pm, 11pm and 12mid; then 4 more times next week, Sun, Wed and Thu [boogaloo]
Comics2Film - Sabrina The Teenage Witch
weekly updates on upcoming shows [Don F.] | Special Article | Celebs' Private Resolutions
MJH's new year's resolution: as always, don't sweat the small stuff [boogaloo]


New MJH-related bookmarks, Jan 2003 Haunted Mansion Holiday Media Opening, (The #1 Site for Disney)
MJH pics and mini-interview at Haunted Mansion opening party back in Oct 2002 [Don F.]
MJH added to list of presenters for American Music Awards, 13 Jan 2003 [Don F.]
Sabrina's boyfriend will be at mall Sunday -
old article about David Lascher appearing at a mall in Ontario, Ohio [Don F.]
MySanAntonio : Metro and State
oops... MJH missed her plane to an appearance in Oct 2002 [Don F.]
Multimedia of Melissa's Oct. 28, 2002 appearance on Craig Kilborn' show!!
pics, sound, movies, courtesy Don F. [Don F.]
E! Online News - "Sabrina" Star Hart Getting Hitched
MJH is now engaged to be married [Don F.]
(no title)
video of MJH engagement announcement on 'Entertainment Tonight' [Don F.] -- WARNING: this is a direct link to a QuickTime movie that is over 2.5 meg in size! - Cast Bio
new info in MJH's bio at the WB's site; she's gonna be doing a talkshow for MTV??? [Harald V.]
NY Daily News - News - At Globes, the fellowship of the rings
gossip about MJH trying on bridal gowns at Saks Fifth Avenue [Don F.]

New MJH-related bookmarks, Feb 2003

The Onion | When It Comes To Entertainment, My Sign Is Leo!
a little late on the uptake, The Onion reports the ``gossip'' that MJH is getting married [Jim L.]
MJH scheduled to appear [Don F.]
TV Guide Online - [You Sexy Thing]
MJH vs. Reagan Dale Neis (of 'Maybe It's Me')

New MJH-related bookmarks, Mar 2003

E! Online News - "Sabrina" Star Says 'I Do' for ABC
this and next three links are reports of MJH's wedding (in Italy) being filmed for airing on ABC, apparently based completely on MJH's own statement to that effect on 'Craig Kilborn' [Don F.]
Yahoo! News - ABC to Shoot Melissa Joan Hart Wedding
see above - Melissa Joan Hart wedding to be on ABC - Feb. 19, 2003
see above
New York City - Nickelodeon Has Five New Kids on Its Block
STTW moves to Nickelodeon [boogaloo]
STTW ratings, Mar 20th [Don F.]
The Globe and Mail
MJH one of ``parenthetical'' celebs at diamond exhibition [Don F.]
TEENHOLLYWOOD.COM - Hang out with the stars!
spoiler for STTW season finale [Don F.] Books: Hollywood Moms
photo of MJH, Paula, Trisha, Emily, Ali and Sammy in this book
The Wichita Eagle | 03/16/2003 | Hooray for El Doradowood
near bottom of article, mention of MJH ``reportedly interested in'' lead role in possible future football movie 'The Point After' [Don F.]
Boston's Weekly Dig
past STTW guest star Bob Goldthwaite disses Salem [Don F.]
STTW season finale spoilers [Don F.]

New MJH-related bookmarks, Apr 2003 item 2168220990 (Ends Apr-15-03 15:50:57 PDT ) - BCC: Bra Designed by Melissa Joan Hart
bid on a $575+ bra designed by MJH [Don F.]
FHM - 100 Sexiest Women 2003
you can vote for MJH here; she's not in the collection of thumbnails though [Karen W.]
ABC Family to air ``short-run reality show'' based on MJH's wedding [Don F.]
now we get a possible title: 'Tying the Knot: The Wedding of Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Wilkerson'; also, be on the lookout for a future ``E! segment'' ('E! News Live', I assume) featuring Paula trying out different hairstyles [Don F.]
The News-Gazette Online
MJH draws a cat to help wildlife clinic [Don F.]
Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage
and now there's an episode count: 6 [Don F.]
E! Online News - Cher's Still Got Us, Babe
article about Nielsen ratings notes STTW's Apr 11th repeat was the ``least-watched, non-Pax network show'' of the week [Don F.]
it's apparently official: STTW has been canceled [Don F.]
article about STTW ``wedding shoot'' [Don F.]
E! Online News - "Sabrina" Goes Poof!
if you haven't been keeping up with the latest STTW news, this article gives an okay overview of the events leading up to the show's cancellation last week, along with some background info about the show and MJH [Don F.]
Melissa at Kids Choice Awards
six large (1000x1500 or larger) pics of MJH at the 2003 KCAs [Don F.]

New MJH-related bookmarks, May 2003 DVD: Sabrina the Teenage Witch - Friends Forever! (2002)
not really MJH-related, since it's animated (i.e., 'Sabrina the Animated Series') and doesn't even feature the voices of MJH, Emily Hart or Nick Bakay!

New MJH-related bookmarks, Jun 2003

TV Guide Online - [Caught In The Act]
includes pic of MJH and (fiance) Mark [Don F.]
2 High Quality Pictures of Melissa at the Maxium Hot 100 Party!
[Don F.]
Scans of Melissa's Recent Appearance in "Parade" Magazine!
[Don F.]

New MJH-related bookmarks, Jul 2003 - A Community For The Music Video Industry
word on a new ``short film'' starring MJH [Don F.]
Melissa Joan Hart Current Month TV Schedule
includes initial airing of series about MJH's wedding [Don F.]
british tabloid reports that MJH is now married [boogaloo]
another source for the above info
Various Scans Of Melissa Through Time
[Don F.]
New York Post Online Edition: entertainment
[Don F.]

New MJH-related bookmarks, Aug 2003

"Sabrina the Teenage Witch"
series of pics from series finale [Don F.]
C.A.N.S.A. : 2k1.
pic of MJH, Mark Wilkerson and others [Don F.]
JPEG image 455x388 pixels
MJH speaking at an L.A. AIDS Walk event [Don F.]
JPEG image 600x464 pixels
MJH and Jerry O'Connell at the 2002 Kentucky Derby [Don F.]
JPEG image 403x418 pixels
MJH and someone [Don F.]
JPEG image 565x764 pixels
altered MJH 'Maxim' photo (no nudity) at ``WereCreatures'' site [Don F.]
JPEG image 500x375 pixels
MJH and (according to pic filename) Mike Mirkil at 2002 Kentucky Derby [Don F.]
:: ABC Family ::
official site for 'Tying the Knot: The Wedding of Melissa Joan Hart' [Don F.]
Edinburgh Evening News - Opinion - Comment - Trip to Capital witch proved to be so Festive-al
mention of MJH buying something in Scotland (whatever...) [Don F.]
Celebrity Destination Weddings-Melissa Joan Hart
about MJH's wedding; includes pictures [Don F.]
Save on Sabrina the Teenage Witch Potion Commotion at, the fastest way to shop the whole web at once.
new STTW-related Gameboy game [Don F.]
Unreal TV
article (might have to turn off style sheets to counteract tiny font size); MJH weighs in on the reality TV phenomenon [Don F.]

New MJH-related bookmarks, Sep 2003

New York Post Online Edition: entertainment
MJH to participate in ``yard sale'' for charity in Los Angeles, Sat, 20 Sep 2003 [Don F.] Forbes Celebrity 100 2003
MJH is up 2 to #95 on this year's list
Case Study: The Suite Smell of Success - George Washington didn't sleep at the W Hotel. But thanks to smart niche marketing, Ben Franklin does :: Hotel News Resource
MJH's butt used as touchstone of pampered living in otherwise unrelated lengthy article (see 4th paragraph)
Today's News
MJH to attend Hollywood premiere of 'School of Rock', 24 Sep 2003
TelevisionWeek -- Television and Media News
'Tying the Knot' cited in article about lucrative ``product integration deals'' on TV [Don F.]
New York Post Online Edition: entertainment
MJH to participate in Nickelodeon's live `Play Across America Finish Line' broadcast on Oct 4th [Don F.]
The Motor Sports Forum - California Speedway 9/19 Greeting
MJH on ``VIP list'' at IndyCar practice session [Don F.]

New MJH-related bookmarks, Oct 2003

dOc DVD Review: Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996)
review of STTW movie (the ``Showtime movie'') on DVD [boogaloo] Schedule's full in Cali and beyond
race car driver Sarah Fisher talks about meeting MJH and taking her for a spin during preparations for a race in Fontana, CA (bad HTML prevents it from being displayed in some versions of Netscape) [boogaloo]
Women's Image Network - 2002 Win Femme Film Festival
homepage currently contains list of nominees for this year's ``WIN Awards'', honoring ``those who create realistic portrayals of women in the media''; MJH is included under ``Comedy Series: Actress'' [Don F.]
TinseltownOnline Media Library
a (currently) small collection of MJH photos for sale from celeb photo agency [Don F.]
No money cliffhangers for "Sue Ellen"
Linda Gray is directing a small-budget film in Tuscany called 'Tuscano', starring MJH, among others [Don F.]

New MJH-related bookmarks, Nov 2003

Race Car Driver Michael Andretti and Actress Melissa Joan Hart to Compete in Zany Go-Kart Race!
17 Nov 2003, Universal Back Lot, Orlando, FL
[no title]
frame-grabs from footage of MJH dancing (in pajamas) at a Playboy party [Don F.]
CHUD - Cinematic Happenings Under Development
pretty merciless review of STTW ``Showtime movie'', now out on DVD [Don F.]
Malibu's Most Wanted Movie Premiere Photos - Jamie Kennedy Taye Diggs Blair Underwood
contains three pics of Mark and MJH [boogaloo]
TV ACRES: Alligators & Crocodiles - Elvis the Gator (Clarissa Explains It All/Miami Vice)
small blurb about Clarissa's alligator, Elvis (with pic) [Don F.]

New MJH-related bookmarks, Dec 2003

(sorry, nothing bookmarked this month)

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