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MJHTV: America After Hours

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Airing Info

Series: talk show
Mon, 25 Mar 1996
Running time
1 hour, with commercials (Melissa's part: total 7 min 15 sec)

For specific dates that this has been repeated in the past, if known, see U.S. airings of Melissa and/or Non-U.S. airings of Melissa.


Melissa appeared on this show on Oscar night, 25 Mar 96. The host of the show is Mike Jerrick.

You can get a videotape copy of this for about $30 (U.S. dollars) from Burrelle's Transcripts. Phone numbers: 1-800-777-8398 inside U.S., 1-201-992-7070 or 1-801-374-1022 outside U.S.

Or maybe not! Apparently, Burrelle's no longer offers tapes of America After Hours. Sorry!


[intro voice-over]

Mike: ``On tonight's show, actress Rita Moreno, Chazz Palminteri, the Moody Blues will perform, and watch out, Archie and Jughead, there's a new witch in town, actress Melissa Joan Hart.''

[the show begins; Rita Moreno is the first guest; then there's a pre-taped segment with Chazz Palminteri; when that ends, as they go to commercial, they pan across the green room, showing the members of the Moody Blues and then Melissa, who smiles, waves at the camera, and laughs]

[as they come back from commercial, they run a clip from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch]

Hilda: ``Well, you are different...''

Sabrina: ``Different?''

Hilda: ``You're a witch.''

[Zelda giggles]

Sabrina: ``A witch?''

Zelda: (laughs) ``Uh, huh!''

Sabrina: ``I can't be a witch. There's no such thing!''

Zelda: ``Oh, you're wrong, sweetheart...'' (looks at Hilda)

Hilda: ``We're witches, too.''

[a javelin flies in and lands in front of Sabrina]

Zelda: ``Your javelin, dear...''

[back to shot of Mike in the studio; Rita is still there (with her Oscar, since it's Oscar night)]

Mike: ``Move over, Samantha Stevens, there is a new witch in town and her name is Sabrina and she's a teenage witch. Yes, folks, Archie Comics' high school sorceress has been turned into a live-action movie and flying in now is Sabrina herself, actress Melissa Joan Hart. Hi, Melissa...''

Melissa: ``Hi.''

[they shake hands; Melissa is wearing a black knit top (almost like a light sweater, but short-sleeved) and a long, black, sarong-like skirt with white or gray patterns of some sort all over it; she has at least a couple pairs of earrings: one pair hangs down, but the other(s) are just diamond (or whatever) studs; she's wearing rings on her pinky and middle finger on her right hand and on her index finger and ring finger on her left; she has two gold bracelets and a dark rubber (?) band on her right wrist/forearm (as she used to wear in CEIA) and a watch with a shiny, silver band on her left wrist; her hair is pulled back and held by a hair-clamp thingy]

Mike: ``Nice to see you. You have met Rita, of course...''

Melissa: ``Yes, we have.''

Rita: ``Yes...''

Mike: (to Rita) ``And she was just touching your, uh... your Oscar.''

Melissa: ``Mm-hmm.''

Rita: ``She picked it up...''

Mike: ``Hope you don't mind...''

Melissa: ``It's heavy.''

Rita: ``Not in the least...''

Mike: ``Uh...''

Rita: ``Everyone who comes to my house wants to hold that.''

Mike: ``Of course!''

[Melissa giggles]

Mike: ``Absolutely. Uh... (to Melissa) So what do you think, picking that up, there? Now...''

Melissa: ``It's pretty heavy! Umm... I don't know if I, you know, have the muscle yet to...''

Mike: ``Yeah...''

Melissa: ``...Lift one, but...''

Mike: ``Is it something you might covet... uh... you think?''

Melissa: ``Umm... (laughingly) Yeah!''

Mike: ``Yeah?''

Melissa: ``Definitely!''

Mike: ``Now, you've been up for a Cable ACE Award...''

Melissa: ``Mm-hmm.''

Mike: ``And Emmy Awards, right?''

Melissa: ``Umm... the show, Clarissa Explains It All, was up for an Emmy.''

Mike: ``Yeah... Now, Clarissa Explains It All was... is... how... was on... Nickelodeon for how long?''

Melissa: ``Oh... six years now?''

Mike: ``Yeah, 'cause my kids, especially Jill, my little... well, she's sixteen now... Uh... loves that...''

Melissa: ``Yeah...''

Mike: ``...Loves that... What's the constant question they ask you? Don't... don't people want to know about... They quiz you, probably, don't they?''

Melissa: ``Oh, about Clarissa?''

Mike: ``Yeah.''

Melissa: ``Oh, yeah, well they'll be like, you know, `Explain it all...' and then you're like, `Oh... okay!' You know, what do you say? There's no answer for that. And, uh... they always ask about the younger brother.''

Mike: ``Oh, yeah?''

Melissa: ``They're like, `Is he really a brat?' You know...''

Mike: ``Yeah... And he wasn't, was he?''

Melissa: ``No!''

Mike: ``Not really... no...''

Melissa: ``No...''

Mike: (as if he's Melissa) ``Please!''

Melissa: ``We worked together for four years, though. It was, you know...''

Mike: ``Yeah...''

Melissa: ``...Like a sibling relationship type thing.''

Mike: ``Now somebody told me that you didn't watch Bewitched -- you didn't order up old copies... But it's still in syndication, too, where you can see it.''

Melissa: ``It's on Nickelodeon... Nick at Nite!''

Mike: ``Oh, it is?''

Melissa: ``Yeah, my little sister watches it... But, um... No, I've seen, like, little episodes here and there, but I've never actually sat down and watched them all.''

[I couldn't make out the last two words that well; I think that's what she said]

Mike: ``Yeah... Now, a lot of people, uh, grew up readin' Archie Comics... Sabrina, of course, is... did... did Sabrina ever hang out with Jughead and Veronica and those people...?''

Melissa: ``You know, I don't think so...''

Mike: ``No?''

Melissa: ``I think they're totally separate.''

Mike: ``And this is the way Sabrina used to look... (to the cameraman) Right down in here...''

[shows a page from a Sabrina comic book; Sabrina has white hair and black eyes]

Mike: ``Can you get a shot of that, Billy, real quickly there? (to Melissa again) And they changed Sabrina just for you, right?''

Melissa: ``Yeah! That's what I've heard...''

Mike: ``To make her look... more like... (laughs) you! Well, I don't know if you agree with that or not...''

Melissa: ``With, uh... This is actually a little more like me, with the hair and the eyes...''

[Mike shows cover of Sabrina comic with new Sabrina on it; she has blond hair, green eyes, and slightly thinner lips, but the same freckles and button nose]

Mike: ``Yeah... Look at the size of that dental work though!''

[Melissa and Rita both laugh]

Mike: ``And no lines in your teeth.''

[the Sabrina on the cover has a big smile, but the teeth aren't drawn in -- it's just solid white]

Mike: ``So explain to everybody... This is going to be on Showtime, right?''

Melissa: ``Yes, the movie's going to be on Showtime, April 7th at 8 p.m. But, um... the... there's now going to be a series made for ABC for the fall.''

Mike: ``In the fall.''

Melissa: ``Yeah, 13 episodes.''

Mike: ``A little spin-off action, here, into a series!''

Melissa: ``Yep!''

Mike: ``That's great!''

Melissa: ``Yeah!''

Mike: ``That's great! Now... my daughter also, I believe, ordered your advice tape.''

Melissa: (laughingly) ``Oh, no!''

Mike: ``You know, the, uh...''

[Rita laughs]

Mike: ``...The dating advice...''

Rita: ``What do you mean, `Oh, no'??''

[Rita and Melissa laugh]

Mike: ``She has this series of... well, you had an advice tape... What else did you have?''

Melissa: ``Well, there was a... there was the Dating tape, and there was Sibling Rivalry, and I believe there was one more made, but..''

Mike: ``Yeah...''

Melissa: ``Basically, what they were was they were episodes of Clarissa Explains It All with wrap-arounds?''

Mike: ``Mm-hmm.''

Melissa: ``So, the wrap-arounds we did, um... You know, I was like... the Dating one, I'm sitting in a restaurant waiting for my blind date kinda, you know, talking to the camera, being like, `Oh, where's this date?' You know...''

Mike: ``Yeah...''

Melissa: ``...`Dating is such a horrible thing...' And then they get into the episode.''

Mike: ``Yeah. But there... they, uh, have this advice tape. I mean, you were giving advice... Do...''

Melissa: ``Yeah.''

Mike: ``Do teenage... girls, especially... still ask you for advice when they see you?''

Melissa: ``Yeah, well, I actually have an advice column in TEEN BEAT?''

Mike: ``Oh, you still have that?''

Melissa: ``Yeah, I do.''

Mike: ``TEEN BEAT. Well, I don't read that very often...''

[he smiles at the camera]

Melissa: ``Yeah, I'm sure you don't!'' (laughs)

Mike: ``I should get right back into that, I suppose! Uh, TEEN BEAT... What's the number-one question, now, is it about sex, drugs, what?''

Melissa: ``No, it's basically about, `How can I get this boy to notice me? I like him and I don't know how to tell him and...' ''

Mike: ``Yeah...''

Melissa: ``...That's the biggest question.''

Mike: ``Oh, Jill has called me on that one a few times.''

[Melissa laughs]

Mike: ``Uh... I don't know if I'm giving the right advice. What would you say to somebody like that? ...''

Melissa: ``You have to...''

Mike: ``...How to get a guy to notice you?''

Melissa: ``You kinda have to give them a couple options, because I'm not, you know... like, a psychologist, or anything?''

Mike: ``Yeah.''

Melissa: ``So you kinda want to give them a few options and tell them what you would do... Basically, I always tell them, you know... the only way to know how someone's feeling and let them know how you're feeling, without any of that confusion, like... (puts her hand to her mouth, as if whispering to someone) `Oh, well, go... tell my best friend...' and, you know, that kind of thing... You just gotta tell them. You just gotta be open... honest.''

Mike: (to Rita) ``What did you tell your daughter...''

Rita: (to Melissa) ``Could you really do that??''

Melissa: ``It's difficult...!''

Rita: ``Have you said to a guy, `I really like you...' ''

Melissa: ``I've asked guys out before, actually!''

Rita: (draws a breath) ``Good for you!!''

Melissa: ``That's... that's... actually...''

Rita: ``My daughter did... see, that... it's just another era! I think that's great! Oh! Would that I could have done that!''

Mike: ``Yeah...''

[Melissa laughs]

Mike: (to Rita) ``Well, does your daughter come to you for advice?''

Rita: (thinks) ``Ye-e-e-s...''

Mike: ``Yeah?''

Rita: ``Yeah... My daughter's now, you know, a grown woman.''

Mike: ``Oh, yeah.''

Rita: ``She's 29 years old. But, uh...''

Mike: ``But in her teens?''

Rita: ``Uh... No-o-o!''

Mike: ``No? No?''

Rita: ``Nyoh!! You never ask Mom...''

Mike: ``One of my daughters d-- w-- uh, still does...''

Rita: ``That's great!''

Mike: ``...But the other one doesn't...''

Melissa: ``I do.''

Mike: ``...Doesn't so much anymore.''

Rita: (to Melissa) ``Oh, that's wonderful!''

Mike: (to Melissa) ``You do?''

Melissa: ``I talk with my mom...''

Mike: ``Yeah?''

Melissa: ``Yeah, I have, uh... I have a boyfriend now who lives out in Utah and I was... asking my Mom some advice questions about long-distance relationships and stuff. So...''

Mike: ``Yeah...''

Rita: ``That's terrific.''

Mike: ``Yeah, it is.''

Rita: ``That's wonderful.''

Mike: ``So this... this boyfriend, I mean, uh... serious?''

Melissa: (without any hesitation) ``Oh, yeah!''

[she quickly raises her hand and glances down at it]

Mike: ``Yeah?''

[Melissa looks back at Mike and smiles and shrugs]

Mike: ``How'd you meet him?''

Melissa: ``Um...''

Rita: ``Wait a minute... What are you looking at?''

Melissa: ``No, it's just...''

Rita: ``She just looked at a ring!''

Melissa: ``It's a ring he gave me that...

[Mike leans over and takes her left hand; he holds it up so the camera can get a close-up]

Mike: ``Friendship?''

Melissa: ``...You know, like, it's a promise...''

Mike: ``...It's only friendship...'' (half-question, half-statement)

Melissa: ``It's a promise ring.''

[close-up of her hand; she's wearing three rings; one, on her index finger, is a graduation ring; the other two are on her ring finger: one is a featureless gold band (the promise ring, I assume) and the other has little silver studs all around it; BTW, I'm not sure, but I think she might have been wearing the silver studded one in her Nick News segment from Feb 93]

Mike: ``Oh, now what does that mean these days?''

Melissa: ``...Promise to get engaged, like... We promise to get engaged eventually, and then get married...''

Mike: ``Like when you're 40...''

Melissa: ``W-- Naaah-huh! (laughs) Not like 40! (in a mock-serious tone) Then I couldn't have kids! (back to regular tone) No... Like, um... like 25.''

Mike: ``Really?''

Melissa: ``Yeah.''

Mike: ``So, dow (flubs the word `now'), would you er-- but you can't date anybody else now? That's it?''

Melissa: ``Oh! N-- (matter-of-factly) I don't want to.''

[she shrugs]

Melissa: ``No...''

Mike: ``You don't want to.''

Melissa: ``Yeah.''

Rita: ``But isn't that nice? A promise ring!''

Mike: ``Yeah...''

Rita: ``I... That's something entirely new...''

Melissa: ``I think it's kinda like the claddagh ring, you know, type thing? ...''

[I don't know if that's the correct spelling for the ring; this spelling was suggested by Noel Alfonso, who says: ``I think [it's of] Irish origin. It's the one w/the two hands and the heart in the middle.'']

Rita: ``That's very nice!''

Melissa: ``...Like, you're taken...''

Mike: ``Now, we have the Moody Blues on here in just a little bit, but, uh... Do you wanna admit something to me?''

Melissa: (hesitantly) ``Yeah?''

Mike: ``You really don't know much about the Moody Blues, do you?''

Melissa: ``No--uh... I can't say that, 'cuz they're... they... I was just hanging out with them! They're cool!''

Mike: ``Oh, so now you know 'em!''

[Rita laughs]

Melissa: ``And they're...''

Mike: ``Who...''

Melissa: ``...They're really nice guys!''

Mike: ``Who are your favorites? Lemme guess... Nine Inch Nails.''

Melissa: ``Yeah!''

Mike: ``My daughter likes them.''

Melissa: ``Yes, I love Nine Inch Nails. They're my favorite. But... I have to explain that they've been my favorite for like six years now.''

Mike: ``Oh, you were ahead of the pack!''

Melissa: ``W-- uh-exactly! (she raises her hands in a `what can I say?' sort of gesture) No, but a lot of people found out about them when their song `Closer' came out like 2 years ago.''

Mike: ``Hang around here...''

Melissa: ``Okay.''

Mike: ``...And you'll get to know the Moody Blues real well, okay?''

Melissa: ``Ooh...''

Mike: ``They're gonna perform when we come back.''

Melissa: ``Great.''

[as they go to the commercial break, they show the Moody Blues tuning up]

[back from the break, they show celebrity birthdays, a la Entertainment Tonight, then Moody Blues concert dates; when they return to the studio, Melissa is standing in front of Mike, who is holding her right hand; with her left hand, she's holding the top of her skirt down, exposing her navel ring; Mike is looking at the camera, as if looking to see whether they're back from the break yet; he looks back up at Melissa]

Mike: ``...Did your mom give you trouble about that?''

[I think that's what he says; they're still coming back from the break, so it's like Mike is trying to finish their conversation before the show gets under way again]

Melissa: ``No.''

[she sits down again]

Mike: (to us) ``She's just showing off her belly ring, here. Check this out...''

[he points at it with his right hand and then leans over and touches it with his left hand (!)]

Mike: ``Now, Rita...?''

[Rita leans over at looks at it]

Rita: ``Ouch!''

[Melissa laughs]

Mike: ``...Isn't that something?''

Rita: (shudders) ``Ooh-hooh!''

[Melissa appears to be a bit embarrassed by all the attention; she moves her right hand in a way that looks like she's kind of waving Mike off -- but maybe I'm reading too much into the gesture; she covers up the ring again with the top of her skirt]

Mike: (to Rita) ``Did you ever do anything like that?''

Rita: ``I pierced my ears...''

Mike: ``Oh, yeah, well...''

Melissa: (to Rita) ``It doesn't hurt, though. It really doesn't.''

Mike: ``It doesn't?''

Melissa: ``It just pinches a little.''

[makes a `pinching' gesture with her right thumb and index finger as she says this]

Mike: ``Yeah...''

[Melissa shrugs]

Mike: ``Wow.''

[Melissa laughs]

Mike: (pats Melissa's knee) ``Okay, you ready for this lesson now?''

Melissa: ``Sure.''

[she leans forward (to see around Rita) and puts both arms over her stomach -- this `body language' seems significant to me, in light of all the attention placed on her navel ring :-)]

Mike: ``Okay. (to the camera) They have sold more than 70 million albums worldwide and have touched the hearts of millions with their haunting and timeless music. They are here to play one of the best-selling singles of all time, `Nights in White Satin'.''

[the Moody Blues perform; when the song ends, two band members (Justin Hayward and John Lodge) come over to talk]

Mike: ``Justin and John are gonna come over here real quickly... Great job!''

Justin: ``Thank you.''

Mike: ``Nicely done!''

[everyone shakes hands and talks all at once, saying hello and everything; when that's all over, Mike says...]

Mike: ``Melissa needed her lesson.''

Melissa: ``No, I've... I've... I know you guys!''

Mike: (to Melissa) ``Now you know, huh?'' (laughs)

John: ``Kind of!'' (laughs)

Melissa: ``I know that song! I love that song!''

Justin: ``Okay, well...''

John: ``Thank you.''

Mike: (to John and Justin) ``Are you a fan of Nine Inch Nails?''

[Melissa laughs; Justin and John answer at the same time]

Justin: ``Sure, yeah, sure... absolutely...''

John: ``Well, we knew that... of course... we like all new music... everything...''

Mike: ``All right.''

[they talk about touring with orchestras (Rita is surprised at this -- she obviously doesn't know much about the Moody Blues!); they talk about the audiences they draw (the young/old thing); Justin tells a story about singing Karaoke at a bar in Venice; then they're out of time, so Mike quickly says goodbye to everyone]

Mike: ``Thanks for coming in here, we appreciate it...''

John: ``Thank you very much.''

Justin: ``Very nice.''

Mike: ``Rita, always a pleasure.''

Rita: ``Oh, thank you. It was great to be here.''

Mike: ``And, Melissa, good luck.''

Melissa: ``Nice to meet you.''

Mike: ``Okay. (to camera) See you again tomorrow night.''


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