Note: This site is no longer being maintained, unfortunately. Most of the pages haven't been modified for years. See the homepage for the only part of this site that is being kept up to date.

A short history of this web-site

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This page lists all of the major changes that I have made to the pages in my Melissa Joan Hart Information Archives, in reverse chronological order. Near the bottom, it also gives major ``mileposts'' in the history of my interest in the show Clarissa Explains It All, before I started my homepage.

The most recent changes are linked to the pages themselves.

Note that the following pages are almost never mentioned in the history below because they're updated regularly (supposed to be, anyway).

These are listed roughly in order of updating frequency, from a few times a week to a few times a month.

At the very bottom of this page is A short future of this web-site, in which I list all the stuff I still have to do to my pages before I'm finished. As you can probably tell, I'll never be finished!

The history

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Note: This is what's new at this web-site. Other pages list the latest news about Melissa, Sabrina, and Clarissa.

Mar 1999


Jul 1998

Jun 1998

Apr 1998

Mar 1998

Added Germany airings of STTW.

Feb 1998

Jan 1998

Added STTW episode pages for episodes #032-039 and corrected numbering of episodes #025-031. (The two parts of the second season premiere were numbered separately!)

Dec 1997

Removed ``Group donation in honor of Melissa'' page and link to it in footer of each page.

Nov 1997

Oct 1997

Sep 1997

Aug 1997

Jul 1997

Jun 1997

May 1997

Apr 1997

Mar 1997

Feb 1997

Jan 1997

Dec 1996

Nov 1996

late Oct 1996

mid-Oct 1996

Another major overhaul of entire site. Mostly ``cosmetic'' changes (i.e., little additional info).

Sep 1996

Aug 1996

Jul 1996

In the ``Melissa's TV appearances'' section

Jun 1996

Late Apr and May 1996

21-23 Apr 1996

Early Apr 1996

Mar 1996

Jan 1996

Dec 1995


Fall 1995

9 Aug 1995

26 Jul 1995

I begin to convert my ``Episode Database'' to HTML format.

21 May 1995

I offer Version 0.9 of my ``Episode Database'' on the ``clarissa'' mailing list. Fourteen people request it.

Jan 1995

After finding out about Adam Lieberman's ``CEIA Episode List'', I download it from and start to modify it. In subsequent e-mail discussions, Adam tells me about the ``clarissa'' mailing list and Bevis King's homepage. I subscribe to the list on Jan 21. Soon, I decide to create my own episode guide for the show.

1 Oct 1994

Final episode of CEIA is shown; entire series is replayed over the next 7 weeks. I see most of the episodes I hadn't seen before.

Fall 1994

I start reading the newsgroup.

Feb 1993

I begin to watch CEIA occasionally, although at this point I'm a die-hard Ren & Stimpy fan.

A short future of this web-site

That is, what still needs to be done?


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