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Clarissa Explains It All

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Welcome and introductory comments
Clarissa contents

Welcome and introductory comments

Welcome to the Clarissa Explains It All section of my Melissa Joan Hart Information Archives.

This section is all about the television show Clarissa Explains It All (CEIA), in which Melissa Joan Hart (MJH) played the title character.

Briefly -- very briefly -- the show is about the everyday life of a teenage girl (Clarissa) and her family. She talks to the camera a lot, explaining everything that's going on -- hence the title.

Ostensibly a ``kids' show'' (although I know many who would disagree with this, including myself), CEIA aired on the U.S. cable channel Nickelodeon from Mar 91 to Oct 94 (65 episodes). Nick has been repeating the shows ever since.

See below for information about CEIA airing times around the world.

Other Clarissa-related sites may be found in Melissa Joan Hart sites around the net.

Please take a moment to read Some things to note.

Clarissa contents

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Welcome and introductory comments
Clarissa contents

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