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MJHTV: America's Funniest People

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Airing Info

Series: guest player
Sun, 17 Oct 1993
Running time
30 min, with commercials (Melissa's part: total under 60 sec)
never anymore

For specific dates that this has been repeated in the past, if known, see U.S. airings of Melissa and/or Non-U.S. airings of Melissa.


Apparently there wasn't much to this appearance.

Adam Lieberman said on 17 Oct 93:

Anyway, she participated near the beginning and didn't show up later. They didn't seem to have much of a point.


P.S. They did say something to her at the end.

Then Dana Bryant said on 18 Oct 93:

I too was left rather perplexed after seeing America's Funniest...I mean what was the point? she got introduced, introduced a segment, and that's it, right? simple publicity?

Finally, Jim Davis said on 18 Oct 93:

Melissa introduced one clip about baseball players making pizza, and was on once more to joke with Dave Kooyay (err, phonetic spelling). Total of under 60 seconds. The material was Tres Lame, and the most interesting thing I saw was Melissa's new dental work -- the gaps are gone! I think she had the CEIA lock-on-the-left-hightop too.




Opening credits
Closing credits

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