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MJHTV: Third Annual Big Help-A-Thon

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Airing Info

Special: annual
Sun, 29 Sep 1996
12-8pm ET
Running time
8 hours, with commercials

For specific dates that this has been repeated in the past, if known, see U.S. airings of Melissa and/or Non-U.S. airings of Melissa.


Melissa appeared in 5 brief segments scattered throughout the show. Total on-screen time: about 15 seconds.

Natasha Fedner said on 29 Sep 96:

Melissa was in a wheel chair (don't worry, she isn't injured) shooting hoops with wheelchair atheletes and David from Round House. Lisa Leslie showed up. She's the famous olympic womens basketball star. David says to her "Melissa hasn't made a basket, Lisa, Can you help her? Than Melissa throws the ball to the basket, Lisa catches it and dunks the ball.

Then I said on 30 Sep 96:

Here's the low-down on her segments (basic info only): [...]
Time (ET)  Description
---------  -------------------------------------------------------------
 12:04pm   She and David Sidoni on some ride, going 'round and 'round
           and 'round... pardon me while I vomit.  She said a few words.
  1:08pm   MJH in a wheelchair, as Natasha posted about. [...]
           I don't remember if she said anything at all during this one,
           but she did do a few 360s in the wheelchair, which was cool.
  3:18pm   Prerecorded segment of cast of STTW (and others) offering
           suggestions about how to help.
  4:08pm   MJH and... oops, I don't remember who (Jenna or Michelle
           or ?)... in bumper cars.  Once again, I can't remember if
           she even said anything.  Very brief.
  7:16pm   Replay of prerecorded ways-to-help segment.

Note: It was Jenna Leigh Green (Libby in the Sabrina, the Teenage Witch series) with her in the bumper cars. You can see photos of the two of them at:
You can get pics from this at:




Opening credits
Closing credits

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