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MJHTV: 18th Annual CableACE Awards

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Airing Info

Special: annual
Sat, 16 Nov 1996
9-11pm ET
Running time
2 hours, with commercials (Melissa's part: about 1 min)
once 2 hours after original broadcast (never again)

For specific dates that this has been repeated in the past, if known, see U.S. airings of Melissa and/or Non-U.S. airings of Melissa.


The show was broadcast live from the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. Melissa presented an award with Larisa Oleynik about 90 minutes into the proceedings (give or take 5 minutes).

You can get pics from this at:


[this is right after someone's acceptance speech; wide shot of stage and crowd as the announcer says...]

Announcer: ``And now, please welcome the cable-bred star of the new Friday night hit, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and the star of Nickelodeon's The Secret World of Alex Mack, Melissa Joan Hart and Larisa Oleynik.''

[half-way through his spiel, cut to a shot from the wings just off stage; camera pans left from the people coming off stage to Melissa and Larisa walking on]

[Melissa is in a long, black dress; her hair is crimped (not all around, but just in a few sections); Larisa is wearing a short black dress with a silver pattern (leafy twigs) and white leggings; Melissa is about four inches shorter than Larisa (they're both wearing 1.5-2 inch heels)]

[they reach the presentation area; okay, about the jewelry... Melissa is wearing a delicate gold or silver necklace with little things hanging down (not pearls, but little trinkets of some sort -- I couldn't tell what they were); her hair covers her ears, but it looks like she's wearing (at least) a pair of gold hoop earrings; she has more rings than usual: three rings on her right hand (2 on ring finger, 1 on middle finger) and three on her left (1 on thumb, 1 on index finger, 1 on middle finger); she has two bracelets on her right wrist (a tight-fitting one and a lighter, looser one with beads or trinkets or something on it); finally, IMHO, she's wearing a little too much eye makeup]

[Larisa isn't wearing any rings, but she has a looser white necklace with a single trinket on it and a red AIDS pin on her right dress strap (I didn't see an AIDS pin anywhere on Melissa)]

Larisa: ``Hi, I'm Larisa.''

Melissa: ``And I'm Melissa.''

Larisa: ``But, you used to play Clarissa.''

Melissa: ``Which sounds a lot like Larisa.''

Larisa: ``Tell me about it.''

Melissa: ``But now I play Sabrina.''

Larisa: ``So, to recap: Larisa's not Melissa and Melissa's no longer Clarissa.''

Melissa: ``And Larisa was never Clarissa, she was always Alex.''

Larisa: ``You think they get it?''

Melissa: ``Nope, wrong demographic.''

[she stumbles slightly, pronouncing the word ``demographic'' more like ``dime-ographic''; she grimaces (not necessarily in response to ``blowing'' her line, but maybe) as Larisa continues...]

Larisa: ``The nominees for Children's Special, 7 and Older, are...''

[music starts; as Larisa reads each nominee, shots are taken of appropriate members of the crowd and the titles and channels appear on-screen (the titles were in double quotes, but otherwise the words were exactly as she says them)]

Larisa: ``Before You Go: A Daughter's Diary, Home Box Office.''

[return to a shot of Melissa and Larisa since there's no one in the crowd representing the next nomination; unfortunately, Melissa chooses this moment to look up and around at the architecture and/or the people in the balcony; she looks nervous; you can see her breathing]

Larisa: ``Johnny & Clyde, Showtime.''

[cut to shot of Linda Ellerbee and friends for the next nomination...]

Larisa: ``Nick News Special Edition: The Body Trap, Nickelodeon.''

[shot of other crowd members]

Larisa: ``Nickelodeon Sports Theater with Shaquille O'Neal (4 Points), Nickelodeon.''

[shot of other crowd members; Larisa laughs (apparently because Nickeldeon was nominated twice)]

Larisa: ``The Little Rider, The Disney Channel.''

[return to shot of Melissa and Larisa]

Melissa: ``The Cable Ace goes to...''

[she starts to open the ace-shaped ``envelope'', which has caused problems for some of the presenters; it takes Melissa a second to break the seal, which causes Larisa to give a little laugh; Melissa unfolds the piece of paper and reads...]

Melissa: ``Nickelodeon Sports Theater with Shaquille O'Neal.''

Larisa: ``Yea!'' (laughs)

[music plays; shot of people standing up, hugging, etc.; two guys walk on stage as the following credits appear on screen...]


         "Nickelodeon Sports Theater
   with Shaquille O'Neal (4 Points)"

                       Brian Robbins
             Exec. Prod./Dir./Writer
[then, in place of Bruce Robbins' name and titles, they cycle through two more groups of names...]
        Michael Tollin - Exec. Prod.
       Robert Mickelson - Sup. Prod.

       Leonard Armato, Bruce Binkow,
        Shaquille O'Neal - Co-Prods.

[it looks like Melissa offers the envelope to the guy who will speak (Brian Robbins, I assume), but he takes the award from Larisa, instead, and kisses her on the cheek; Melissa gives the envelope to the other guy and shrugs, as if to say ``whatever''; he takes the envelope from her and they apparently exchange words -- then he, too, leans over and kisses Larisa (!); Melissa and Larisa fade into the background; the woman who's job it is to shepherd people on and off the stage says something to Melissa that makes her laugh; then Brian gives his acceptance speech]

[after the speech, cut to a shot of the announcer sitting off-stage saying what's coming up next; behind him we see Melissa, Larisa, et al., walking off stage]


Opening credits
Closing credits

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