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MJHTV: Family Reunion: A Relative Nightmare

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Airing Info

TV Movie: network
Sat, 01 Apr 1995
8pm ET
Running time
2 hours, with commercials (Melissa's part: several scenes throughout)
Sat, 08 Jun 1996, on ABC

For specific dates that this has been repeated in the past, if known, see U.S. airings of Melissa and/or Non-U.S. airings of Melissa.


This was an ABC Movie of the Week. Melissa plays Samantha Avondale, elusive dream-girl of the main character, Billy Dooley (Jason Marsden) who is stuck on vacation with his family at their annual family reunion / cutthroat competition.

There's a detailed review of this movie by Ron Carlson at Eric Last's Clarissa / Melissa Pages.

You can get pics from this at:




Opening credits
Closing credits

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