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MJHTV: Get the Picture

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Airing Info

Series: game show
Running time
30 min, with commercials
probably a few times, but never anymore

For specific dates that this has been repeated in the past, if known, see U.S. airings of Melissa and/or Non-U.S. airings of Melissa.


Brian Floyd said on 26 Jul 92:

Nick is airing, at this moment, a special episode of their ``Get the Picture'' gameshow. ``Sam'' and ``Clarissa'' are playing against a couple of ``Welcome Freshmen'' guys for charity. I hate to tell you, but Welcome Freshmen is ahead by 335 to 130. I'll post more detail later.

Later on the same day, he said:

I thought this episode of Get the Picture was brand new. Turns out it was taped in 1991.

Unfortunately, the Clarissa team lost to Welcome Freshmen by 585-355. However, MJH and Sean did win their nursing home some Slush Puppies and Hershey's chocolate syrup. Cool.


Announcer: ``Other than Clarissa, what else have you been up to?''

MJH: ``I just moved to New York City, and I've been going to the beach.''

Announcer: ``Going to the beach a lot, hanging out?''

MJH: ``Yep.''

Announcer: ``Cruising guys and stuff like that?''

MJH: ``Yep.''

Announcer: ``Okay. And Sean, you're interested in running?''

Sean O'Neal (Sam): ``Yeah.''

Announcer: ``Spending you're time off. You're on a team, a cross country team?''

Sean: ``Nah. I just like to run around and get some exercise.''

Announcer: ``Run around and get some exercise. Now, what charity are you playing for today?''

Sean: ``The Summit.''

Announcer: ``The Summit. And what is this?''

Sean: ``It's a, um...''

MJH: ``...nursing home...'' (whispered to prompt Sean)

Sean: ``nursing home in Florida.''

Announcer: ``Had to take a second guess, but you know what it is. It's a nursing home here in Florida. So let's hear it for our yellow team today, Melissa and Sean!''


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