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MJHTV: Nick Hit List: ``Nick Takes Over Your School'' (1992)

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Airing Info

Series: magazine-style show
Sun, 03 May 1992
Running time
30 min?, with commercials (Melissa's part: about 45 sec)
unknown; never anymore

For specific dates that this has been repeated in the past, if known, see U.S. airings of Melissa and/or Non-U.S. airings of Melissa.


Philip Chang said on 4 May 92:

Melissa Joan Hart was on yesterday's Nick Hit List. It turns out that Nickelodeon had this contest that if you won, Nick would come by and take over your school.

Well, this girl in Portland, OR won and a bunch of people from Nick invaded the place. In addition to MJH from CEIA, there were the actors who play Dylan, Ashley, and Brooke from Fifteen, and the host of Family Double Dare.

The Nick Hit List did their show from the school. MJH did this short 45 second clip and interviewed three of the students. MJH asked the students:

``Have you ever dreamt of controlling your own school?''

``Have you ever seen an invasion in person?''

``If teachers are captured by invading Nick forces, would they reveal secrets?''

Later in the show just before the commercial break, there's a shot of MJH saying, ``The Nick Hit List will be right back.''




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