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Melissa in newspapers

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This page will list all known appearances of Melissa in newspapers (including weekly supplements, like USA Weekend).

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to collecting references to these in one place (namely, here). For the time being, here's a really old, really incomplete list of some newspaper appearances from 1991-96:

Articles specifically about Melissa and/or CEIA:

What                                         When       Where
-------------------------------------------  ---------  -----------------------
"Nickelodeon's Got a New Darling for Teen-    9 Jul 91  San Jose Mercury News,
   Age Boys" article                                    p. 4F
"The Melissa Inside Clarissa Explains It     25 Aug 91  New York Times, sect. 2
   All For Us" article                                  p. 21
"Soap Box" article                              Jun 93  Cox newspapers(?), p. ?
question about Melissa in Dick Kleiner's      6 Aug 93  St. Louis newspaper(?),
   column                                               p. ?
"Star Melissa Joan Hart Explains All About   13 Aug 93  USA Today, p. 3D
   Clarissa" article
question about Melissa                       31 Mar 96  USA Weekend, p. 2
item about TV critics' preseason tour         9 Aug 96  Buffalo News, p. ?
Mini Page blurb about Melissa                14 Aug 96  Rocky Mountain News

Other articles about CEIA and/or Nickelodeon:

What                                   When       Where
-------------------------------------  ---------  ----------------------------
article about debut of Snick           15 Aug 92  San Jose Mercury News, p.?
article about on-line Nick audience    29 Mar 93  Wall Street Journal, p.B2

The full text of many Melissa-related articles and interviews may be found on Eric Last's Clarissa/Melissa articles and appearances page.

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