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Melissa's resume

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This is Melissa's official resume (as of around mid-Mar 96, at least) and a short ``blurb'' about her from Hartbreak Films, the production company run by her and her mother, Paula.

I changed the formatting of the resume slightly when I converted it to HTML. See the ``footnotes'' below for clarification on some things.









Some things to note:

Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart has a list of credits far beyond her nineteen years. At the age of four, Melissa shot her first national television commercial, and she hasn't stopped working since.

A veteran of T.V., film and stage, Melissa's continues to be a shining star on Television. Her newest deal is with ABC to star in a new series based on her movie for SHOWTIME, ``Sabrina the Teen Age Witch.'' Thirteen episodes have been ordered by the network. Her most recent work is the lead role in a NBC Movie of the Week, ``Twisted Desire.'' This is Melissa's first bad girl role, slated to air this spring. Other recent work includes the title role in the SHOWTIME original feature, ``Sabrina the Teenage Witch.'' ``Sabrina'' wrapped principal photography in September,1995 with an air date of April 7, 1996. Watch for Melissa as Nickelodeon's Nick News correspondent during this election year. Melissa will attend and report on the National Conventions, interview the candidates for the Presidency, and attend the

[Due to FAX problems, I'm missing some text here!]

Melissa has a feature currently in development with Nickelodeon Movies and several other projects on the horizon with her production company, HARTBREAK FILMS including the new ``Sabrina'' series for ABC.

[It's not clear whether there's any missing text at this point.]

Melissa is also kept busy supporting ``Clarissa'' related projects including the popular Putnam book, ``Clarissa's All-In-One Perfect Complete Book of Everything Important (Until I Change My Mind), a series of ``Clarissa'' home videos, a ``Clarissa'' board game and several albums recorded for Sony Wonder.

Melissa is a Freshman at NYU and lives at home where she is the oldest of six acting siblings. She is the 1995-96 spokesperson for the CDC Hepatitis B Immunization Program, including a nationwide press campaign with Dr. Ruth Westheimer. She is also a spokesperson for Starlight Foundation, Audrey Hepburns Hollywood for Children Fund,Pediatric Aids/Kids for Kids and the Co-chair for The Children's Museum of Manhattan.She cohosted ``The Big Help'' helpathon on Nickelodeon in October.She enjoys snowboarding, and collecting Shirley Temple memorabilia. Melissa currently authors a monthly advice column in TEENBEAT magazine.


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