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What is Sabrina, the Teenage Witch?

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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch is Melissa's latest TV series, airing on ABC, Fridays at 8pm ET.

But the Sabrina character has a long history that goes back to the early 1960's.

Here's a brief history of the character, provided by Paul Castiglia, promotional director for Archie Comics.

A Sabrina time-line

Broomsticks Flying Through Hourglasses

A spine-tingling Sabrina the Teenage Witch time-line compiled by Archie Comics archivist Paul Castiglia!

October, 1962
Sabrina The Teenage Witch makes her first appearance in ARCHIE'S MADHOUSE #22.
December, 1969
Sabrina is one of the leading characters in ARCHIE'S TV LAUGH OUT #1, a new comic series where she interacts with Archie and the whole teenage crew from Riverdale High.
September, 1971
SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH -- the Saturday morning animated series -- premieres on the CBS network. Simultaneously, she makes frequent ``guest appearances'' on another popular animated series, THE GROOVIE GHOULIES.
April, 1971
Sabrina graduates to her own comic series when SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH #1 debuts.
January, 1972
The first appearance of ``Sabrina's Christmas Magic,'' a recurring feature of the ARCHIE GIANT SERIES anthology.
September, 1972
Sabrina gives The Cryptkeeper a run for her money as CHILLING ADVENTURES IN SORCERY AS TOLD BY SABRINA #1 puts her in the ghost's... er... host's seat!
September, 1977
SABRINA, SUPERWITCH, a new Saturday morning cartoon series, premieres on the NBC network. Later that year, Sabrina episodes are combined with Archie episodes to create THE NEW ARCHIES/SABRINA HOUR.
September, 1993
Sabrina gets her very own series of 48-page annual specials, originally called SABRINA'S HALLOWEEN SPOOOKTACULAR. The title is changed the following year to SABRINA'S HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR.
April, 1996
SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH, the live-action TV movie, premieres on the SHOWTIME cable network to great reviews and terrific ratings. The movie features Melissa Joan Hart, known to millions as the title character in Nickelodeon's hit show, ``Clarissa Explains It All'', as Sabrina.
September, 1996
The ABC network spins off the live-action SHOWTIME movie into a prime-time SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH sitcom for it's ``TGIF'' Friday night line-up of family-oriented programming. Once again, the popular Melissa Hart is on board portraying Sabrina.
September, 1996
SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH #1, an all-new comic featuring a photo cover of Melissa Hart is published by Archie Comics.

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