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STTW: ``Bundt Friday'' (#002)

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Airing Info <p< >p> <b< >b>

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Original Air Date
4 Oct 96, 8:30pm ET / 7:30pm CT (2nd aired episode; 2nd week)

Production Date

Running Time
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Also Shown
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In order to stop the school gossip, Libby, from spreading lies around the school, Sabrina places magic ``truth'' sprinkles on a home economics cake. However, when several unsuspecting students and faculty mistakenly sample the cake, Sabrina learns that honesty isn't always the best policy. (from ABC's AOL folder)

Opening Scene
Sabrina complains about having to study her magic book, then pulls a rabbit out of a hat. [Sabrina, Zelda and Hilda in Sabrina's room]

Closing Scene
Sabrina says goodbye to all the rabbits she's conjured up. [Sabrina and a bunch of rabbits in her room]


``I'll miss you, Trisha! See ya soon, Samantha! Take care, Brian! Goodbye, Bernadette! Adios, Colleen!''


Fourth Outfit

Character Names
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Credits <p< >p> <b< >b>

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same as ``Pilot'' (#001)


Opening Titles
same as ``Pilot'' (#001)

Opening Credits
Based on Characters Appearing in Archie Comics

Developed By           Johnathan Schmock
Co-Producer            Jon Sherman
Co-Producer            Rachel Lipman
Produced By            Kenneth R. Koch
Supervising Producers  Carrie Honigblum
                       Renee Phillips
Co-Executive Producer  Norma Safford Vela
Executive Producer     Nell Scovell
Executive Producer     Paula Hart
Written By             Norma Safford Vela
Directed By            Gary Halvorson

Closing Credits
Finishing the Hat Productions
Hartbreak Films, Inc.


Guest Star         Ella Joyce

  Melissa Murray   as Cee Cee
  Bridget Flanery  as Jill
  Eddie Allen      as Guidance Counselor
  Ariel Felix      as Teacher

  Tom McGowan      as Principal Larue
  Curtis Anderson  as Student #1
  Phillip Glasser  as Student #2

Coordinating Producer         Ron Martinez
Story Editor                  Nick Bakay
Story Editor                  Frank Coniff
Story Editors                 Neal Boushell
                              Sam O'Neal
Executive Consultants         Barney Cohen
                              Kathryn Wallack
Executive Consultants         Michael Silberkleit
                              Richard Goldwater
Associate Producer            James Hilton
Director of Photography       Ron Vargas
Production Designer           David Sackeroff
Edited by                     Stuart Bass, A.C.E.
Original Casting by           Ellie Kanner, C.S.A.
Casting by                    Cathy Henderson, C.S.A.
                              Dori Zuckerman
Music by                      Gary Stockdale
Unit Production Manager       Ron Martinez
First Assistant Director      Victor Hsu
Second Assistant Director     Brian Fong
Costume Designer              Dianne Kennedy
Set Decorator                 Julie Fanton ?
Technical Coordinator         Jeanne Sagal
Camera Operators              Ron Francis
                              Bill Layton
                              Pat McGinness
Animatronics                  Jim Boulden
Magic Consultant              Joel Hodgson
Special Effects               Art Brewer
Production Coordinator        Mathew Goodman (*)
Transportation Coordinator    Larry Market
Production Assistance         Bernice B.? Moschini ?
Gaffer                        Lon Massey
Key Grip                      Phil Rose
Sound Mixer                   John Salcedo
Script Supervisor             Grace Carter ?
Property Master               Michael Ross
Make-Up Artists               Eryn Krueger
                              Jill Cady
Hair Stylists                 Ralph Abelos ?
                              Colleen Labaff (!)
Production Consultant         Abby Singer
Post Production Executive     Hal Harrison
Assitant Editor               Alexandra Komisarah ?
Music Editor                  Stan Jones
Post Production Coordinator   Shannon Calder ?
Salem Animatronic Puppets by  Animal Makers, Inc.
Camera Systems by             Clairmount (*)
Rerecorded at                 Modern Sound Facilities
Main Title Designs by         Production Resource Center

Copyright (C) MCMXCVI

All Rights Reserved

The persons and events
portrayed in this
production are ficticious.
No similarity to actual
persons living or dead is
intended or should be

First Publication U.S.A.
Viacom Productions, Inc.
Is the author of this
program. For purposes of
Article 15 (2) of the Berne
Convention and all National
laws giving effects thereto.

Paul Mason
Executive in Charge of Production
 ?  = I may have gotten this wrong (hard to read!)
(*) = name is spelled differently in different episodes (not my mistake!)
(!) = worked on 'Clarissa Explains It All'

Other Info <p< >p> <b< >b>

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33rd, 9.6 rating, 9.3 million homes. 9th highest-rated ABC show. 3rd highest-rated new ABC series, after Spin City (8th, 15.8 rating) and Life's Work (17th, 12.5). For more info, see Friday night Nielsen ratings.

20 Dec 96 repeat: Tied with Coach for 33rd, 9.2 rating, 8.9 million homes. For more info, see Friday night Nielsen ratings.

(as shown in College Station, TX, on Waco affiliate KXXV)

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