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Los Angeles Times episode descriptions

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These are short CEIA episode descriptions used in the Los Angeles Times weekly ``TV Times'' television listings. Thanks to a certain list member for providing these.

Accompanying the descriptions below are the episode numbers and titles as provided to the ``clarissa'' mailing list by ``urien'', a CEIA editor. No titles or numbers actually appeared in the LA Times. (The episode titles are linked to my ``episode pages''.)

The ``urien'' titles differ from those used by Nickelodeon at their AOL site. (See Nickelodeon On-Line episode descriptions for those titles.) Some of the differences are very small, but it's still important for me to know exactly what the official titles are. If you have some official connection to Nickelodeon or Thunder Pictures and could find this out, please drop me a note.

``Revenge'' (#101)
Clarissa plots revenge on her little brother.
``School Picture'' (#102)
Clarissa wants a new outfit for class photos.
``No T.V.'' (#103)
Clarissa seeks a way to watch forbidden television.
``Urge to Drive'' (#104)
Clarissa wants a car.
``CNN'' (#105)
Clarissa aspires to journalism.
``Haunted House'' (#106)
Clarissa and Ferguson try to scare Aunt Mafalda.
``Bully'' (#107)
Clarissa defends her brother from a bully.
``New Addition'' (#108)
Clarissa deduces her parents are having a baby.
``Brain Drain'' (#109)
Ferguson thinks he is a genius.
``Bake a Cake'' (#110)
Clarissa bakes a cake for her parents' anniversary.
``Parents Who Say No'' (#111)
Clarissa yearns for an adult job.
``Cool Dad'' (#112)
Clarissa's father speaks at career night.
``Sick Days'' (#113)
Clarissa is grounded for feigning illness.
``Crush'' (#114)
Clarissa has a crush on a local weatherman.
``She Drives Me Crazy'' (#115)
Clarissa enters an essay contest to win a car.
``Sam.....Darling'' (#116)
Sam stays with the Darlings while his father is away.
``President Ferguson'' (#117)
Ferguson runs for school president.
``The Return of Mafalda'' (#118)
Aunt Mafalda's visit threatens Clarissa's slumber party.
``The Great Debate'' (#119)
Marshall plans a video store; Janet protests.
``ME 101'' (#120)
Janet wants to know Clarissa better.
``The Understudy'' (#121)
Understudy Clarissa must go on.
``Can't Buy Love'' (#122)
Clarissa has a secret admirer.
``Misguidance Counselor'' (#123)
Clarissa takes home ec to become 'normal.'
``Sam In Love'' (#124)
Sam cancels plans with Clarissa to go out with a girlfriend.
``A New Look'' (#125)
Marshall gains a spot in a commercial.
``Total TV'' (#126)
Clarissa spends a weekend watching television.
``Janet's Boyfriend'' (#127)
Janet's former flame comes to dinner.
``The Darling Wars'' (#128)
Home alone, Clarissa and Ferguson hear noises, find footprints and see a man in the kitchen.
``Poetic Justice'' (#129)
Clarissa wins recognition for a poem composed by a computer.
``Sam's Swan Song'' (#130)
Sam's roller-derby mom returns for him.
``Punch the Clocks'' (#131)
Clarissa has too many jobs.
``The Silent Treatment'' (#132)
Clarissa's plan to gross out Ferguson backfires.
``Involunteering'' (#133)
Volunteer Day comes to the Darling household.
``Take My Advice...Please'' (#134)
Ferguson follows Clarissa's romantic advice.
``Marshall's Mid-Life Crisis'' (#135)
A birthday gets Marshall down.
``Football Fever'' (#136)
Ferguson tries out for varsity football.
``Life of Crime'' (#137)
Clarissa inadvertently takes a garment.
``Marshall's Parents Visit'' (#138)
Clarissa's grandparents change their style.
``Blind Date'' (#139)
Clarissa fears her blind date will be a geek.
``The Flu'' (#140)
When their parents get the flu, Clarissa and Ferguson are in charge.
``ESP R US'' (#141)
Olivia believes she has psychic power.
``Commitment'' (#142)
Clarissa is not ready to go steady with Clifford.
``Road Trip'' (#143)
The family goes to the Grand Canyon.
``The Bicycle Thief'' (#144)
Clarissa's bike is stolen.
``Boy Thoughts'' (#145)
Clifford stars in a cable-access show.
``Hero Worship'' (#146)
A new girl copies Clarissa's style.
``A Little Romance'' (#147)
Sam and Clarissa go out on a date.
``The Zone'' (#148)
Clarissa is nervous about a flute solo.
``Tale of Two Moms'' (#149)
Sam's mom is in town for roller derby playoffs.
``Don't I Know You'' (#150)
When Olivia gets sick Clarissa must dance solo in a talent show.
``Babysitting'' (#151)
Clarissa babysits a little monster.
``Educating Janet'' (#152)
Janet is offered a permanent position at Clarissa's school.
``The Cycle'' (#153)
Clarissa's parents say no to a car but do not mention motorcycles.
``A New Mom'' (#154)
Clarissa reinvents her mom for a school project.
``Editor-In-Chief'' (#155)
Editor-in-chief Clarissa must learn to delegate work.
``Piper Comes to Visit'' (#156)
Janet's college roommate comes with her daughter for a visit.
``Alter Ego'' (#157)
Clarissa dons an outrageous costume and personality.
``Sam's Dad'' (#158)
Interns Sam and Clarissa work for each other's father.
``The Firm'' (#159)
Clarissa needs help with a scolarship application.
``Janet & Clarissa, Inc.'' (#160)
Janet's edible bouncy balls are a hit.
``Ferguson Explains It All'' (#161)
Ferguson orders mind-control glasses.
``Dear Clarissa'' (#162)
Clarissa writes an advice column for the school paper.
``UFO'' (#163)
Clarissa explores the UFO phenomenon.
``Clarissa Gets Arrested'' (#164)
Clarissa and Sam protest animal testing at a local plant.
``The Final Episode'' (#165)
Clarissa predicts the future.

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