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CEIA episode pages

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These are my so-called ``episode pages'' for Clarissa Explains It All: One page for each episode of the series, as well as the pilot, which was never aired.

For infomation about the follow-up-series-that-wasn't, Clarissa, please see MJHTV: Clarissa pilot: ``Clarissa, Now''.

Note: Episodes are listed in order of production, by episode number. This generally differs from the order in which the shows were originally aired. (For this info, see the Summary of episode info in my CEIA Episode Guide.)

There are various other things to note at the bottom of this page.

List of episodes

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A note about images

Pages marked with ``[i]'' have images on them. I've had to temporarily remove the versions with all images displayed; right now, these pages have only a few images at the top, the rest of them being ``hidden'' as links (denoted by ``[pic]''). Eventually I will deal with images in a more convenient way -- providing high- and low-bandwidth versions, for example -- but I haven't gotten around to this yet.

All of the images are GIFs and are usually reduced from their original size. In the future I may link the images to full-size JPEGs, or maybe not. I'm not sure.

A note about the text info

The text information on the pages marked ``[a]'' is ``almost complete'', meaning I have at least 95% of the information I want to collect for the episode on the page. The rest of the pages are at various stages of completion -- usually about 20% to 50% complete, I'd say.

See the Sample episode page for a description of the information listed on each page. You can access the description of each field on the individual episode pages by following the ``[?]'' link after the field name. (You'll figure it out...)

A note about the titles

Until now, I have always used the CEIA episode titles that were posted to the ``clarissa'' mailing list by a CEIA editor (``urien'') back in Mar 94. As I overhaul this site over the next few weeks (or probably months), I will be changing all CEIA episode titles to the ones used by Nickelodeon on AOL and their web-site. (There are differences in 16 of the 65 titles.) Since this conversion process is still in progress, you may note some discrepancies between the titles given in links to the episode pages and the titles on the pages themselves. Just please be patient and all of these problems should be taken care of shortly...

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