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MJHTV: Clarissa: ``Clarissa, Now'' (pilot)

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Airing Info

Special: one-time
Sun, 01 Oct 1995
1:30-2pm ET
Running time
30 min, with commercials
once on Nickelodeon

For specific dates that this has been repeated in the past, if known, see U.S. airings of Melissa and/or Non-U.S. airings of Melissa.


Clarissa was to be a follow-up series on CBS dealing with Clarissa's life in New York, going to college and working for a newspaper. Two pilots were shot (circa Dec 94) and edited into a single pilot episode, which has been shown on Nickelodeon twice. (The first time was during the Second Annual Big Help-A-Thon.)

Neither CBS nor Nickelodeon have plans to pick up the series.

The storyline:
Clarissa tries to survive her first day on the job at the ``New York Star Chronicle'' newspaper, working as an assistant to the cranky columnist Hugh Hamilton. She gets caught in the middle of the on-going feud between her boss and the paper's publisher, Mrs. Banion. Meanwhile, a newly-employed but long-suffering reporter trainee isn't buying her ``nice act''.
Some of my favorite lines:
Character names:
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Opening credits

Clarissa Darling     Melissa Joan Hart
Hugh Hamilton        Robert Klein
Porter Russell       Lisa Gay Hamilton
Spencer Hamilton     Chris Coburn
Mrs. Lillian Banion  Marian Seldes
Closing credits

I need to check the spelling of the ones marked with a ``(?)''. People (and companies) marked with a ``(*)'' worked on CEIA.

Executive Producer              Mitchell Kriegman (*)
Co-Executive Producer           Terri Minsky
Producer                        George Barimo
Story By                        Mitchell Kriegman (*)
                                Terri Minsky
Teleplay By                     Terri Minsky
Directed By                     John Whitesell
Associate Producer              David A. Roofthooft (*)
Casting By                      Marcia Shulman
Production Designer             Cabot McMullen (?)
Costume Designer                Lisa Lederer (*)
Music Composed By               Rachel Sweet (*)
                                Anthony Battaglia (*)
                                Willa Bassen (*)
Production Manager              Zoya Kachadurian
Production Coordinator          Gina Garan
Production Accountant           Christy Susskind
Associate Director              Nancy Cohen
Stage Managers                  Art Lewis
                                Bruce Greenfield
Script Supervisor               Patricia Renelli (?)
Script PA                       Lisa Kaseff
Lighting Designer               Alan Adelman
Set Decorator                   Diana White
Assistant Art Director          Mark Coelho
Set Construction Coordinator    Steve Nallan
Scenic Artist                   Jill Sternberg
Supervising Editor              Rick Fernandez (*)
Editor                          Scott Silva
Audio Mixer                     Grant Maxwell (*)
Audio Post Supervisor           Nondas Voll (*)
Wardrobe Supervisor             Gail Fitzgibbons
Hair                            Milton Buras
Makeup                          Janet Flora
Assistant To Costume Designer   Ellen Glasston
Wardrobe Assistant              Michele Martinez Roofthooft (*)
Location Manager                Johnathan Manzo (?)
Audience Coordinator            Barbara Biziou
Assistants To The Producers     Todd W. Beeton
                                Chris Uettwiller
Production Assistants           Paul Cohen
                                Lauren Fischer
                                Ann FitzSimmons (?)
                                Liz Gardener (?)
                                Eileen Hoy
                                Matthew Kelty
                                Rafael Soto
                                Paul William
Technical Director              Richie Wirth
Audio                           Roger Stauss
Video                           Matty Randazzo
Camera Operators                Miguel Armstrong
                                Manny Gutierrez (?)
                                Alain Onesto
                                Larry Solomon (?)
Technical Crew Provided By      Baerhands Theater and Television
Interns                         George Herrera, Jr. (?)
                                Avram Mandell
                                Debbie Weinstein
Technical Crew Provided By      All Mobile Video
Post Production Facility        Rutt Video, Inc.
Audio Post Facility             Sync Sound (*)
Melissa Joan Hart's Wardrobe
  Provided By                   Finis
Facility                        Silver Cup Studios
Based On Characters Created By  Mitchell Kriegman (*)

Thunder Pictures (*)


Copyright (C) 1995 Viacom Productions, Inc.

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