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CEIA: ``The Misguidance Counselor'' (#123)

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[Cheesebrow Report] [Boom, boom, boom] [Clarissa, the cheerleader]

-- Information --

Airing Info

Production Date: [?]
Apr 92
Broadcast Date: [?]
14 Jun 92
Running Time: [?]
12:16 + 12:01 = 24:17
AKA: [?]

Episode Content

Plot Synopsis: [?]
The school guidance counselor, Mrs. Cheesebrow, wants Clarissa to follow her ``three F's'' (Focus, Fusion, Follow-through) in order to fit in.
Subplots: [?]
Ferguson is taking advantage of his new position as restaurant critic for the school paper; Marshall and Janet are working on an undersea exhibit for the children's museum.
Opening Scene: [?]
``Okay. Time for another normal start of another normal day in the ever-normal Darling household.'' / The normal meter. [pic]
Closing Line: [?]
``One man's normal is another man's... yuck!''
Spoofs: [?]
``Oh! Those Darlings'' (1950's TV sitcom) [pic]
Other Cut-away Segments: [?]
untitled segment in which Clarissa is jailed for not fitting in [pic]
Computer Stuff: [?]
Sam's Entrances: [?]
  1. ``Hi, Sam.'' ``Hi, Clarissa.'' [pic]
  2. ``Hi, Sam.'' ``Hey, Clarissa.''
Names for Ferguson: [?]
my darling little brother [in ``Oh! Those Darlings'' segment]
Marshall's Designs: [?]
Janet's Work: [?]


Writer: [?]
Neena Beber
Director: [?]
Chuck Vinson
Guest Players: [?]
Nancy Youngblut as Mrs. Cheesebrow; Sara Burkhardt as Hillary
Opening Credits: [?]
Closing Credits: [?]

Other Info

Character Names: [?]
Mrs. Cheesebrow, school guidance counselor
Real-World References: [?]
Quotes: [?]
``One man's normal is another man's yuck!'' - the great ancient philosopher, Anonymous [pic]
Lyrics and Poetry: [?]
Clothes: [?]
Food: [?]
Pics: [?]

-- Opinions --

Favorite Lines: [?]
Favorite Scenes: [?]
Clarissa's (51st) meeting with Mrs. Cheesebrow
Other good stuff: [?]
Weak Points and Mistakes: [?]

-- DYNs --



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