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CEIA: ``Clarissa Gets Arrested'' (#164)

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-- Information --

Airing Info

Production Date: [?]
Dec 93
Broadcast Date: [?]
23 Jul 94
Running Time: [?]
10:56 + 13:12 = 24:08
AKA: [?]
``Doing Something about It''

Episode Content

Plot Synopsis: [?]
Clarissa and Sam stage a sit-in to protest the use of animal testing by local cosmetics company Woolcott Industries -- and manage to get arrested in the process.
Subplots: [?]
Janet lends moral support; Marshall lends his official protest jacket; Sam really gets into the protest spirit; Ferguson takes up golf (the preferred sport of Fortune 500 executives).
Opening Scene: [?]
``I think it was Mark Twain -- or was it Willard Scott? -- who said, `Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it!' '' / Doing something.
Closing Line: [?]
``Come on, Sam. What's the worst that can happen?''
Spoofs: [?]
``Dames Behind Bars'' (``women in prison'' flicks ???)
Other Cut-away Segments: [?]
Computer Stuff: [?]
Sam's Entrances: [?]
``Hi, Sam.'' ``Hey, Clarissa.''
Names for Ferguson: [?]
Marshall's Designs: [?]
Janet's Work: [?]


Writer: [?]
Doug Petrie
Director: [?]
Liz Plonka
Guest Players: [?]
Christian Truelsen as Mr. Woolcott [see also ``Marshall's Mid-Life Crisis'' (#135)]; Mark Lainer as Martin Pennymaker; many others, uncredited
Opening Credits: [?]
Closing Credits: [?]

Other Info

Character Names: [?]
Stinky Stancotti, used class budget on uniforms for the rocket club [see also ``Don't I Know You''(#150)]
Mimsy Dimsdale, always organizes school dances (with fuzzy unicorn theme)
Haverford B. Woolcott III, president of Woolcott Industries
Obadiah, Sam's uncle (was in a production of ``Evita'')
Mr. Gravelbocker (-bacher??), had a yard sale
Lenny Lesterlink, marcher at the first protest
Jennifer Guff, same
Bobo Beefnick, likewise
Maggie Marple, ditto
Real-World References: [?]
Quotes: [?]
Lyrics and Poetry: [?]
Clothes: [?]
Food: [?]
Pics: [?]

-- Opinions --

Favorite Lines: [?]
Favorite Scenes: [?]
Woolcott visits (especially Clarissa's reactions to Woolcott)
Other good stuff: [?]
Weak Points and Mistakes: [?]

-- DYNs --



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