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MJHTV: Christmas Snow

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Airing Info

TV Movie: network
Dec 1996 (?)
Running time
1 hour, with commercials
almost every year around Christmas on Lifetime

For specific dates that this has been repeated in the past, if known, see U.S. airings of Melissa and/or Non-U.S. airings of Melissa.


This movie stars Katherine Helmond and Sid Caesar as widowed candy store owner Gertrude Mutterance and landlord Mr. Snyder. Melissa and a young actor named Kimble Joyner play Mrs. Mutterance's two children, Amy and Wallace, who were separately orphaned and adopted by her.

The story takes place in a small town, just before Christmas, circa 1954. Mrs. Mutterance is told by Mr. Snyder that she must vacate her store and home to make way for a coin-operated ``automatic laundriette''. The next morning he goes missing. Wallace and Amy celebrate, but Mrs. Mutterance tries to convince them that Mr. Snyder must be found or the spirit of Christmas will be lost forever.

You can get pics from this at:




Opening credits
Christmas Snow

Starring                 Katherine Helmond
                         Sid Caesar
With                     Melissa Hart
                         Kimble Joyner
Edited By                Marilyn Madderom
Director of Photography  Philip Lathrop, A.S.C.
Executive Producers      Marian Rees
                         Constance L. Stone
Produced By              Robert Huddleston
Teleplay By              Suzanne Clauser
Based On The Novella     `London Snow' By Paul Theroux
Directed By              Gus Trikonis

The main characters: (not shown on-screen)

Gertrude Mutterance    Katherine Helmond
Mr. (Reginald) Snyder  Sid Caesar
Amy                    Melissa Hart
Wallace                Kimble Joyner
Closing credits

I got these credits from the 1995 airing of the movie. Unfortunately, a few screens of the credits were squeezed horizontally to about 30% of the screen, so they were nearly impossible to read. When it was replayed in 1996, the credits were left full-screen, so I should be able to read everything I couldn't before. I just haven't gotten around to doing this. Full credits coming soon.


Mrs. Wilmott     Lillian Carlson
Harry Bannerman  Don MacKay
Mrs. Armstrong   Frances Cooper
Franchiseman     Ken Camroux
Policeman        Howard Storey
Bill             Bob Hughes
Jack             Ian Sullivan

Casting By                    Marcia Kleinman & Associates
                              John Levey
New York Casting By           David Tochterman
Vancouver Casting By          Sid Kozak
Associate Producers           Anne Hopkins
                              Stefanie Masters
Music By                      Michael Convertino (?)
Art Director                  Ian D. Thomas
Production Manager            Justis Greene
Assistant Production Manager  Lorraine Baird
Assistant Director            Gordon Robinson
Second Assistant Director     Sandra Mayo
Assistant Editor              Carol Ann Jackson
Supervising Sound Editor      Joseph Melody (?)
Sound Mixer                   Eric J. Batut (?)
Music Editor                  Else Havisted (???)

(next two screens were impossible to read!)

Negative Cutter (???)           ???
?? Production Coordinator (??)  Katherine Hurt (???)
Technical (??) ???              Richard Hoffman
???                             Kate (???) Netter-Fort (???)
Production Assistant (??)       Gary Zembo (???)
???                             Kathryn D...???
Production Accountant (??)      Gene Mill...???
???                             ???
Makeup                          ???
Hair Stylist                    Janet Ulma (???)
Script Supervisor               Pattie (???) Robertson
Property Master (??)            Anne (????) ???
Post Production Supervisor      ??? Brandy ??? B...???
Location Manager (???)          ???...een Nyste...???

(at this point, they finally went back to full-screen credits!)

Camera Operator                 Peter Woeste
First Assistant Cameraman       Theo Egleseder
Key Grip                        Bernard Pornin
Gaffer                          Duncan MacGregor
Special Effects Coordinator     John Thomas
Construction Coordinator        Craig Henderson
Transportation Coordinator      Brian Boyer
Snow Equipment Operators        Richard Thibault
                                Pierre LaRoche
Research                        De Forest Research
Color, Titles & Opticals        CFI
Sound Editing                   Echo Film Services
Re-recording Services           Glen Glenn Studios
Dialogue Mixer                  Gary Bourgeois
Music Mixer                     Dean Okrand
Effects Mixer                   Gary Alexander
Cameras & Lenses By             Panavision
Filmed Entirely On Location In  Vancouver, B.C., Canada

(C) 1986  Marian Rees Associates, Inc.

The Alexander Group Productions, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

Marian Rees Associates, Inc.

In Association With
The Alexander Group Productions, Inc.

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