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MJHTV: The Equalizer: ``Torn''

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Airing Info

Series: guest player
Wed, 12 Feb 1986
Running time
1 hour, with commercials (Melissa's part: several scenes throughout)
every few months on A&E

For specific dates that this has been repeated in the past, if known, see U.S. airings of Melissa and/or Non-U.S. airings of Melissa.


In this first-season episode -- the 17th one aired -- Melissa played ``Laura'', the daughter of a woman whose abusive husband is being paroled from prison. Laura calls McCall (the Equalizer) for protection.

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Opening credits
The Equalizer

Starring        Edward Woodward


Guest Starring  Ron O'Neal
                Yvonne Wilder
                Zohra Lampert
                Caitlin Clarke
And             Saul Rubinek as Jason

Co-Executive Producer             Joel Surnow
Music By                          Stewart Copeland
Co-Producer                       Coleman Luck
Supervising Producer              Maurice Hurley
Supervising Producer in New York  Stuart Cohen
Created By                        Michael Sloan
  And                             Richard Lindheim
Teleplay By                       Carl Eastlake
Story By                          Joel Surnow 
  And                             Maurice Hurley
Directed By                       Russ Mayberry
Closing credits
Executive Producer          James McAdams
Co-Producers in New York    Daniel Lieberstein
                            Peter A. Runfolo
Casting By                  Lois Planco, C.S.A.
Executive Story Consultant  Scott Shepherd

Charles Knox Robinson  as Bryan
Richard Grusin         as Shumway
Robert Burke           as O'Toole
Melissa Hart           as Laura
Kenneth Ryan           as Mike Moore
Patricia Richardson    as Woman

Unit Production Manager        Diane Foti
First Assistant Director       Robert E. Warren
Second Assistant Director      Ellen H. Schwartz
Edited By                      Robert O. Lovett
                               Geoffrey Wolf
                               Norman Hollyn
Assistant Film Editors         Beriau Picard
                               Suzanne Pillsbury
                               Valerie Schwartz
Director of Photography        Goeffrey Erb
                               Jeffrey Beecroft
Costume Designer               Linda Wayne
Extras Casting                 Sylvia Fay
Color By                       Technicolor, N.Y.
Opticals By                    The Optical House, N.Y.
Assistant to the Executive
  Producer                     Kim Nielsen
Scenic Artist                  Elouise Meyer
Script Supervisor              Sheila Paige
Editorial Coordinator          Lisa Delgrosso
Make-up                        Joe Cuervo
Hairstylist                    Masarone
Production Office Coordinator  Soomi Marano
Music Coordinated By           Derek Power & Mike Gormley & Seth Kaplan
                                 for OSS
Sound Editing                  Hastings Sound Editorial, Inc.
Music Editing                  Thomas Drescher
Stunt Coordinator              Harry Madsen

This motion picture is protected under the laws of
the United States and other countries, and its
unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition
may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

Copyright (C) MCMLXXXVI by Universal City Studios, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

The events, characters, and certain firms depicted in this
photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons,
living or dead, or to certain firms is purely coincidental.

Universal (R)
An MCA Company

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