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CEIA: ``New Addition'' (#108)

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-- Information --

Airing Info

Production Date: [?]
May 91
Broadcast Date: [?]
?? ??? 91
Running Time: [?]
11:21 + 13:41 = 25:02
AKA: [?]
``Expectant Sisterhood''

Episode Content

Plot Synopsis: [?]
Marshall and Janet are showing sure signs that there will be a new addition to the Darling household.
Subplots: [?]
Ferguson, the new Vice President of the Dan Quale Fan Club (there is no President), doesn't react very well to the news; he and Clarissa try to discourage the idea; for his science fair project, Sam is trying to find that secret ingredient that will make rocket fuel out of ranch style ``Tastito'' chips and soda.
Opening Scene: [?]
``My history teacher, Mr. Futtstein, says a disaster is an unexpected event with unforseen, long-term, devastating consequences. You know, like the fall of the Roman Empire, the Black Plague, or the break-up of the Bangles.'' / Little-known disasters: Potato Chip Famine of 1989, Fondue Fire of Christmas 1990, Le Desastre Francais [a pop quiz in French class] of last Monday.
Closing Line: [?]
``I'm saving this for future blackmail.''
Spoofs: [?]
Other Cut-away Segments: [?]
Computer Stuff: [?]
``Baby Bomber'' computer game
Sam's Entrances: [?]
``Hi, Sam.'' ``Do correspondence schools accept junior high dropouts?''
Names for Ferguson: [?]
brown-nosing twerp
the mutant down the hall

The exchange at the table:

 Clarissa: Spazzoid!       Ferguson: Dink-brain!
 Clarissa: Wad-breath!     Ferguson: Bunion-head!
 Clarissa: Goiter-face!    Ferguson: Slug-head!
Marshall's Designs: [?]
Janet's Work: [?]


Writer: [?]
Becky Hartman
Director: [?]
John Feraro
Guest Players: [?]
Opening Credits: [?]
Closing Credits: [?]
Created By                         Mitchell Kriegman
Produced By                        Mitchell Kriegman
Story Editor                       Mitchell Kriegman
Written By                         Becky Hartman
Director                           John Ferraro
Line Producer                      Sarah Condon
Associate Producer                 Chris Gifford
Theme Song Performed By            Rachel Sweet
Music Composed By                  Rachel Sweet
                                   Anthony Battaglia
                                   Willa Bassen
Production Design                  Byron Taylor
Lighting Director                  Dick Weiss
Costume Designer                   Lisa Lederer
Staff Writers                      Neena Beber
                                   Alexa Junge
Production Manager                 Jim Moroney
Unit Manager                       Jeanne Simon
Art Director                       David Ellis
Associate Director                 Richard Steir
Casting                            Rich Ross
                                   Michael Koegal
                                   Jill Mendelson
Talent Coordinator                 Todd Denkin
Stage Manager                      Hank Neimark
Post Production Supervisor         Donick Cary
Technical Director                 John M. Lutz
Technical Manager                  Tim Rounds
Audio                              Mark Schultz
                                   Frank Rohrer
                                   Steph Eismann
                                   Kris Barnes
Video                              Pete McIntyre
Cameras                            Rudy Carames
                                   Barbara Drago
                                   David Kinney
                                   Ken Kraus
Boom Operators                     Mark Deadman
                                   Bob Van Dorn
Lighting Board Operator            Sean Mallon
Video Tape                         Lonnie Blackburn
Utility                            Steve Bunnell
                                   Bill Giglio
                                   Frank Vila
Paintbox Artist                    St. Mars
Editor                             Richard Anthony Fernandes
Offline Editor                     Keith Bozarth
Post Production Sound Mixer        Grant Maxwell
Post Production Coordinator        Cynthia Albanese
Chyron                             Francie Elikan
Electricians                       Ed Tindall
                                   Darrin Tindall
                                   Alf Zammit
Make Up                            Liz Spang
Hair                               Tish Simpson
Wardrobe Supervisor                Jackie Lafler
Wardrobe Assistant                 Megan Hart
Property Master                    Deborah Witt
Props                              Steve Clark
                                   Wayne Spoor
                                   Rich West
                                   Vickie Wilson
Stagehands                         Ed McMillan
                                   Andy Curaney
Production Coordinators            Randy Koshinskie
                                   Karen Wald
Continuity                         Margo Kent
Production Assistants              Beth Cooze Baggett
                                   Josh Braun
                                   Margo Comport
                                   Pam Ginsburg
                                   Bobby Lory
                                   Nanette Marosi
                                   Scott Stevenson
Video Game Created By              Tim Burns
Additional Music By                Dan Vitco
Incidental Music                   Roma Baran
                                   Bob Kinkel
Children's Education Provided By   On Location Education
                                     Orlando, Florida
Special Thanks To                  Jen Mac Industries
                                   Herb Scannell
Exectuive In Charge Of Production  Bill Aiken
Executive Producers                Brown Johnson
                                   Andy Bamberger

Thunder Pictures
(C) 1991 MTV Networks

Other Info

Character Names: [?]
Ohio, Sam's dog
Wally Butterman
Dunkin Dworkin
Werner von Flowscheim, rocket scientist
Real-World References: [?]
Quotes: [?]
``When the moon is full and bright, only a fool would light a candle.'' - Samuel Adams? [Ferguson]

Closest thing I could come up with:

`` 'Tis not necessary to light a candle to the sun.'' - Algernon Sidney (1622-1683), Discourses Concerning Government, 1698.
Lyrics and Poetry: [?]
Clothes: [?]
Food: [?]
Pics: [?]

-- Opinions --

Favorite Lines: [?]
Favorite Scenes: [?]
Clarissa and Ferguson act like babies at the kitchen table
Other good stuff: [?]
Weak Points and Mistakes: [?]

-- DYNs --


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