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CEIA: ``Sick Days'' (#113)

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[Clarissa in bed] [Dr. Festerspoon visits] [Renegade virus]

-- Information --

Airing Info

Production Date: [?]
Jun 91
Broadcast Date: [?]
?? ??? 91
Running Time: [?]
12:58 + 12:45 = 25:43
AKA: [?]

Episode Content

Plot Synopsis: [?]
Clarissa desperately wants to get sick in time to miss Ancient Greece Day at school.
Subplots: [?]
Marshall is trying to lose weight for a ``Come as You Were'' high school reunion [pic]; against her will, Janet becomes his diet coach; Ferguson is letting his upcoming role as Zeus in the school pageant go to his head [pic]; Sam's role is Pan and Clarissa's is a Parthenon pillar; Clarissa is watching Sam's fish while his house is being fumigated.
Opening Scene: [?]
``Some days you zip out of bed with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.'' / Rise and shine! (Some ways of getting out of having to go to school.)
Closing Line: [?]
``Well, you may not be king of the gods, but you can still be king of the Kleenex tissues.'' [Then Ferguson sneezes.]
Spoofs: [?]
``As the Tank Turns'' (As The World Turns)
Other Cut-away Segments: [?]
Computer Stuff: [?]
Sam's Entrances: [?]
  1. ``Hey, Clarissa, give me a hand.'' ``Urgh... What is this, Sam?''
  2. ``Hi, Sam.'' ``Hey. How are you and the three fishketeers?''
  3. ``Okay, are you sure you want to do this?'' ``Of course I'm sure, Sam.''
Names for Ferguson: [?]
little brother
Marshall's Designs: [?]
Janet's Work: [?]


Writer: [?]
Patty March, Alexa Junge, Neena Beber
Director: [?]
Chuck Vinson
Guest Players: [?]
Opening Credits: [?]
Closing Credits: [?]

Other Info

Character Names: [?]
Mrs. Engleberger, teacher in charge of school pageants each year [see ``Brain Drain'' (#109)]
Dr. Festerspoon, family physician [pic]
Mr. Futtstein, Clarissa's history teacher
Doris Datz, works with Janet at the Children's Museum
Babe, one of Sam's goldfish [pic]
Mookie, ditto [pic]
Willy, ditto [pic]
Angel, ditto [pic]
Real-World References: [?]
Quotes: [?]
Lyrics and Poetry: [?]
Clothes: [?]
Food: [?]
Pics: [?]

-- Opinions --

Favorite Lines: [?]
Favorite Scenes: [?]
Other good stuff: [?]
Weak Points and Mistakes: [?]

-- DYNs --


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